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Finding Strength on the “I Can’t Do It Anymore” days

I can’t do this anymore”. It’s a phrase I find myself muttering at least a hundred times a day.

At 3:15am, when I’m standing alone in the darkness, patting, patting, patting the warm back of my tiny human. 639 more words

What Would They Say about Us?

I am overwhelmed with grief and anger. My mini getaway was marred by Black and blue death. My heart actually aches.

Hope is away at band camp; she hasn’t been online in a couple of days now. 594 more words


Own a business for only 1k

Maraming negosyo ang nasimulan sa halagang isang libo.

Ito ang isang halimbawa: 359 more words


"Save" more from "Spend"?

Si Ate pala ay may savings pa rin taken from the supposed “Spend” envelop?

Confession n’ya yan while we were on #JFC ice cream and value meal date the other day – matapos makabili ng (a) ibang school supplies (world map, etc) for her school project, (b) some stuffs (small chunks of nuggets, ham and hotdog) from #PGOLD, and (c) a…

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Let Humanity Win (My thoughts on Disney Gator Attack)

I have been at a complete loss for words since hearing about the 2 year old who was dragged away from his parents by an alligator at Disney, Florida. 634 more words

25 Daily Thoughts a Mom of a Toddler might have.

  1. So much to do, so little time
  1. Why won’t she eat her cereal? She loved it yesterday! Why? Why? WHY?
  1. Her laugh makes my heart sing.
  2. 241 more words

Open Letter to Father of Brock Turner

There is nothing like a heart-breaking case of sexual assault to make me immediately want to hold my daughters close and never let them go. Don’t get me wrong, there isn’t a single case of violence against women that… 854 more words