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क्या हो गया है हमारे बच्चों को??

मित्र !

ख़बर अच्छी नहीं है। रेयान इंटरनेशनल स्कूल, गुरुग्राम में एक किशोर बच्चे ने अपने स्कूल में होने वाली पेरेंट-टीचर मीटिंग और परीक्षा को टालने के लिए जो किया उसे जान कर भी अगर माताओं और पिताओं को अपने बच्चे में सिर्फ प्रद्युम्न (वह निरीह बच्चा जिसकी गला रेत कर स्कूल के बाथरूम में ह्त्या कर दी गई थी) ही दिखा हो तो कोई आश्चर्य नहीं होना चाहिए और फिर उनका खुद का बच्चा किसी का हत्यारा थोड़े ही हो सकता है। वो तो मासूम, भोला-भाला, संस्कारी और कोमल ह्रदय वाला ही होगा। आखिरकार बच्चे तो निरीह और मासूम ही होते हैं न? 40 more words

Master's Silence

10 positive techniques to discipline our sons

In the last article, we had seen the unique characteristics of boys (under the age of 5) and how they are different from girls. Equal but, yes, at the same time different. 724 more words


2017 XTERRA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP RACE REPORT: You can do whatever you put your mind to!

I was standing on DT Fleming beach in Maui, staring down at my feet, squeezing the cool sand in between my toes. All the while, I was trying to focus on what I could control, the temporary tattoos my feet were leaving as impressions in the sand. 2,686 more words

The Dichotomy of Parenting

Parenting is as crazy as circumnavigating the globe without a map … but oh, what a journey! – Anonymous

Last night during dinner, our daughter sat across the table with her gaze on the floor and told us about an unpleasant interaction she’d had with one of her friends at school.

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Richard Branson has a message for parents: work from home if you can

In this interview with CNN Billionaire founder of Virgin empire Richard Branson delivered a message for working parents: work from home if you can.

“I’m a great believer in people working from home. 279 more words


Understanding Parenting.....

Continuing the discussion from the previous post, Is it necessary to understand parenting?……

I often ask to myself, if parents can be perfect beings at all times?

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#1 Parenting & Kids

Why be an eternal student?

Many people think that once you earn a degree by finishing college, you stop studying.

I also thought it was that way.

But after landing work after work, I would still find myself in orientations and training and refreshers year after year. 486 more words

Parenting Lessons