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Raise Kids as Independent and Logical Thinkers

“Mamma, are Muslims bad?”

“Why? Why are you asking me this question? Who told you all this nonsense?”

“So-and-so told me that her mother has told her not to talk to this particular boy┬áin our class because he is a Muslim and they are not good.

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Parenting Lessons Learned

Child-led Parenting

Dear Boys,

Your mum and I were chatting in bed and we realised that a lot of kids with good grades are getting what they want. 774 more words

Everything Else In Between

The right lesson

This wonderful post is shared from Shail’s Nest. A must read for everyone, especially parents.


There is a woman hereabouts who makes a living by helping local ladies with their beauty requirements at their homes. 18 more words

Parenting Lessons Learned


Kung nakatulong yung videos na nagpaliwanag ng kahalagahan ng pagpili ng maayos na mga kasama, siguradong malaking tulong itong pinanggalingan na playlist sa ibaba.

Parenting Lessons

Corporate Parent

Dear Boys,

In Singapore, most couples/ parents are working class; thankfully for us, we are able to make do with our finances, enough to keep your mum at home, she do not have to work. 1,081 more words

Everything Else In Between

Everything is protected

Dear boys,

I saw this signage when I was hiking at Bukit Timah hills yesterday. “Everything is protected.”

It was an epiphany for me because, when you think about it, isn’t that obvious? 396 more words

Being A Dad