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Is it necessary to understand Parenting?

My dad often used to say, “We didn’t raise you both. We were just there. You both grew up all by yourselves.”

When something in my everyday life pinpoints to the fuss of today’s parenting, I get reminded of these words of my dad.

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The arrival and the aftermath

So it’s taken a while to share this here, but our little bundle finally made an appearance!

Only 3 days late, little miss R arrived on 8 July after something of a tricky labour, by emergency C-section. 948 more words

Another First & Another Parenting Realization

It’s been a rather rough week.  And I am so ready for something positive to happen.

You see, I haven’t had time to write about it just yet, but in addition to the… 629 more words


I Used to be an ESTJ

Since I’ve been home recovering from my head injury, Hope and I have had a chance to spend some time together. Oddly, we haven’t gotten on each other’s nerves too much. 832 more words


The Purpose

…the world feeds us and we need to give back to the world.

Dear Boys,

We all wonder what is the purpose of our existence. This is the ultimate rocket science, and not many has figured this out, but those who do, live their lives in the greatest of wonder and splendor.

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Developing an Overflow Mentality

Why it’s important to have an overflow mentality?

It is because whatever you think most of the time, whatever you focuses on, whatever you set your mind to, eventually becomes your reality.

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Parenting Lessons


Reputation takes a lifetime to build and moments to destroy.

Dear Boys,

There is this fearsome thing that keeps me, me.


I’ve learned this from a long time back, Steven told me about it.

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