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Anxiety Sucks

I had a huge meeting this weekend that I spent months preparing for. Truth be told it wasn’t that the content was dramatically different than what I had done before. 665 more words


On Waiting and Letting Go

By Catherine DiMercurio

I woke on Sunday morning to the sound of raindrops pelting the window and the scrape of an ice-laden tree branch on the roof above my bedroom. 1,029 more words

Learning from Memory: The Parable of the Kite

By Catherine DiMercurio

As a mother, I find myself coming back to the lessons my own parents taught me. Rarely though do these lessons filter through my consciousness in verbal form. 1,246 more words

Never knew what tired really means until I became a mom

Here’s the truth, before getting married I was a spoiled little brat. I would throw away the words “I’m tired” the way you throw petals in church after a wedding. 594 more words


The Single Life

I rarely mention my dating life in this space. Elihu and I split last year after over three years together.

It was, and is, sad. E is an amazing man; our time together will be a highlight of my life. 849 more words


A mistake made, a lesson learned, and a teapot salvaged

Today was not my best day as a parent. There are days when I feel accomplished and proud, and those that are ordinary and monotonous and then there are days where I say things I should never, ever have said, behave in ways that make me cry with regret and shame later and act like those thousand books I feverishly devour and the gazillion articles I peruse through on conscious and positive parenting have just slipped through the sieve that is my brain. 1,057 more words


Are You Pushing Your Kids Too Hard: Why Extracurriculars Don't Matter THAT Much

A few weeks ago parents were invited to watch the last 10 minutes of dance class. A rare treat. I sat on the floor as my sweet 7 year old performed with her friends. 538 more words