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A Place of Patience

I am not patient…like at all.  Parenting has changed a lot of that since Hope and I can’t exactly exist in my angry, petty place forever while I’m waiting for her. 398 more words


Benefit of the Doubt

Dear Boys,

Sometimes the best things in life lies in the gray area we like to call ‘Benefit of the Doubt’ or for the sake of this discussion, ‘BOTD’. 451 more words

Everything Else In Between

Yesterday is always better/worse

Your future and my past is very different

Dear Boys,

In your lifetime, you will certainly hear this from other people, and it usually goes something like:

487 more words
Being A Dad

Tips from a Taxi Driver

Dear Boys,

Taxi rides can be some of the most interesting life lessons you can learn. Some of the Taxi Drivers are a chatty lot and they are most willing to catch up with you on what their life has been, their grapevines, nuggets of their taxi story. 876 more words

Everything Else In Between

The Choices We Make

Sometimes it’s just easier to go with the flow, choose your battles and not sweat the small stuff.

As parents, we have two options in some situation. 390 more words

The Day You were Born- 21st August, 2005, Sunday

Dear Ian,

This is rather belated, but I can still relate to this experience as if it only happened yesterday, The Day you were born, almost eight years ago. 388 more words

Everything Else In Between