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Understanding Parenting.....

Continuing the discussion from the previous post, Is it necessary to understand parenting?……

I often ask to myself, if parents can be perfect beings at all times?

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Why be an eternal student?

Many people think that once you earn a degree by finishing college, you stop studying.

I also thought it was that way.

But after landing work after work, I would still find myself in orientations and training and refreshers year after year. 485 more words

Parenting Lessons

5 Parenting Lessons I've Learned After Losing my Mother

Losing a parent changes one’s perspective about life, love, and parenting. I have learned so many life lessons from my late mom, a widow, who spent her life molding and shaping the person I am now. 805 more words


Do the difficult things first

Dear boys,

We are human beings, and as an organic instruments of nature, we need to make sure we master the more difficult humanistic skills first. 616 more words

Everything Else In Between

Freedom from poverty

I believe that from the very beginning, people were destined to be free from poverty. Until one day our original parents exercised wrongly their gift of free will. 275 more words

Parenting Lessons

Are you able to let go?

Does Aikido defines you? Gives you a sense of meaning? Purpose? Responsibility? Makes you a nicer person? Give you character? And all the other nice things? 497 more words

Everything Else In Between

Is it necessary to understand Parenting?

My dad often used to say, “We didn’t raise you both. We were just there. You both grew up all by yourselves.”

When something in my everyday life pinpoints to the fuss of today’s parenting, I get reminded of these words of my dad.

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