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Our cheap weekend break

I’m on a fabulous break at Woolecombe Bay in Devon. We are at Twitchen House which is one of the 4 parks that make up Woolecombe bay. 363 more words


Dealing with co-parenting problems

Sharing the care of your child isn’t always easy. It’s often difficult for parents to communicate let alone work together amicably for the sake of the children. 328 more words


Recently I’ve been thinking about what quality time meant for me and my children and how I’d implement more of it.
Is the time we spend with our child really quality time? 356 more words


Take care of yourself

I can’t stress enough to moms and friends having children, take care of yourself. It’s become somewhat taboo in today’s society for mothers to do things that make them happy, which is absolutely ridiculous. 105 more words



“That was my point exactly!” Shankar shouted into his phone as he vehemently pushed the lift door open, “I am so fed up with this guy, he is bloody weak on the fundamentals and tries to play politics in every situation” moving towards his flat and ringing the bell. 667 more words


My kids having to see their dad every weekend just isn't fair! 

My break up journey

Almost 3 years on, it’s been a roller coaster journey of emotions, change and learning. Without writing and discussing everything I think I may have gone crazy (no exaggeration) It’s been an emotional drain at times but also a huge learning process. 387 more words