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A Hug from His Mom, the Autistic Son Stopped Throwing His Temper Tantrums

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With the coming of Mother’s Day, the district offices yesterday hosted a celebration, to commend twenty-five mothers who are role models.  Of them, Liu, who once worked for the banking industries quit her job many years ago, so she could focus wholeheartedly, on caring for her autistic son, Rich. 174 more words


The Start of a New Era: Using Gospel Principles to Fulfill the Motherhood Calling

“Keeping divine commandments brings blessings every time” –Elder Russell M. Nelson

Recommitting to the stay-at-home lifestyle has been fun, and I enjoy using parenting strategies that were once foreign to me when my eldest was a newborn. 848 more words

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When is it okay to hit my child?

Countless people are circulating the viral video of Toya Graham beating her sixteen year old son during the Baltimore riots. They are applauding her and cheering her on. 1,280 more words

Deranged, psychopathic or blessed?

Am I a psychopath?

I’ve always found myself unable to connect with people on a deep level, there are only a rare few with whom that connection was made (my husband and son being two of them). 209 more words


The Donkey Of Happiness And Other Techniques Super Nanny Failed to Mention

Like many parents trying to promote good behaviour or stop poor behaviour I have tried many traditional methods such as reward charts, naughty steps, threats (you won’t get your pocket money if you don’t stop that) and bribery (you’ll get extra pocket money if you stop that) with varying degrees of success. 416 more words

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The Heart Of Parenting

It’s a truism we don’t really pay as much attention to as we might: Effective therapy is not only about children and their relationship with themselves, but is also about their relationship with their parents (and vice versa.) 523 more words


Sleep Training: A Look at Both Sides of the Argument

Caring for a newborn can be exhausting. Tired parents often struggle to find ways to get their newborns to sleep through the night. There is fierce debate over whether you should sleep train your baby or let him learn to sleep on his own. 308 more words