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Things I Never Imagined I'd Have to Say to my Children, but Have...

Things I never imagined I’d have to say to my children, but have…

Sometimes I get the feeling that the current generation raising children really thinks that the previous generation doesn’t have a clue about what raising children today is like. 820 more words

An Open Letter To My 4-Year-Old, Who Almost Made Me Lose It

Dear C,

I won’t mince words. You made me angry today.

I hadn’t been home for five minutes after a frustrating day at work when you started whining. 853 more words

Help your kid understand the sense of expressing gratitude

Stop making your child realize how strenuousness you have faced while bringing up the child, rather feel and share that happiness with your child of having him/her in life in order to instinct a sense of love ang gratitude in your child

AK Mishra's Art Of Success

The making it up as you go along parenting manual

When eldest baby was born I literally parented by the book. I had no parents and was the first person in my friendship group to have babies so I was stuck for people to ask for advice in the main. 851 more words


Look Who’s Babbling: Jace is 8 Months Old

Hi family, friends, and blog lovers! Today is Tuesday, and I’m so grateful for this beautiful day! It’s autumn! I love this season as much as I love summer. 514 more words

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An Unforeseen Tragedy and a Girl Who Won't Stop Smiling

In this post, learn how to help children cope with stress, disappointment, and setbacks. I also give several tips on how you can promote emotional and psychological well-being in children.  1,064 more words

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On using my children to learn new things

I knew when I had children that I would learn lots of things about myself, but I’ve learnt far more than I could have ever imagined. 873 more words