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Look Who’s Babbling: Jace is 8 Months Old

Hi family, friends, and blog lovers! Today is Tuesday, and I’m so grateful for this beautiful day! It’s autumn! I love this season as much as I love summer. 514 more words

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An Unforeseen Tragedy and a Girl Who Won't Stop Smiling

In this post, learn how to help children cope with stress, disappointment, and setbacks. I also give several tips on how you can promote emotional and psychological well-being in children.  1,064 more words

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On using my children to learn new things

I knew when I had children that I would learn lots of things about myself, but I’ve learnt far more than I could have ever imagined. 873 more words


Communication tips for Parents-- AK Mishra's Art of Success for Parenting

Kids develop their sense of self as babies when they see themselves through their parents’ eyes. Kids observe Your Body language, tone of voice and each expression. 81 more words

AK Mishra's Art Of Success

Giving the Right to Decide to the Child

On parenting, translated…

My daughter, from her infancy stages, she’d started showing self-control, she’d never cried endlessly for no reasons at all.  Only once as my husband came home late, she’d refused to go to bed, kept asking me for her bedtime stories; I’d lost patience, and I’d grabbed the duster, and smacked her tiny hands, as I was about to smack her again, my daughter frowned and told me, “Hurt, mommy, don’t hit, I behave.”  All of a sudden, I got knocked off my chair and came to understand, that because I was in a foul mood, that, was why I’d lost patience with my child; ever since, I’d never hit her again, my husband had never even yelled at, let alone, hit her. 327 more words

Properties Of Life

A Hug from His Mom, the Autistic Son Stopped Throwing His Temper Tantrums

From the Newspapers, translated…

With the coming of Mother’s Day, the district offices yesterday hosted a celebration, to commend twenty-five mothers who are role models.  Of them, Liu, who once worked for the banking industries quit her job many years ago, so she could focus wholeheartedly, on caring for her autistic son, Rich. 174 more words


The Start of a New Era: Using Gospel Principles to Fulfill the Motherhood Calling

“Keeping divine commandments brings blessings every time” –Elder Russell M. Nelson

Recommitting to the stay-at-home lifestyle has been fun, and I enjoy using parenting strategies that were once foreign to me when my eldest was a newborn. 848 more words

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