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Is Your Child a Champion Reader and Writer?

What’s the best way to tell if your pre-school child is going to become a champion reader and writer?

by Mr Brian Caswell, MindChamps‘ Dean of Research & Program Development… 748 more words

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Can I Quit?

Being a mother is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world.  However, there are days when it feels like a JOB.  You know those days; the children are getting into everything they shouldn’t, everything has to be an argument (one they are determined to win), and you have no place to hide.   776 more words

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Is There a Consequence that is Too Big?

Over the last few days my family has been in our own little world.  We have been dealing with a small crisis, which I will not go into too many details in order to protect my children.   718 more words

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Yes Day!

So much of our time as parents involves telling our kids no to things. No, don’t touch the hot stove. No, you can’t play video games all day. 173 more words

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Reward Chart Backfire

So, in an effort to expand Super F’s responsibilities around the house (and to remind him of his current responsibilities), we decided to start using a reward chart for him. 171 more words


Summer Just Started and I'm Already Tired!

Today starts our official first week of summer break and I am already tired.  I think it has to do more with the fact we were up early due to doctor’s appointments and less to do with my attitude toward my sons.   598 more words

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Raising Individuals, Not The Same Child

When asked, siblings from the same family don’t usually have the same story about their home life as children. I used to think that was a false reality, how can siblings from the same household have different life experiences? 597 more words