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Reward Chart Backfire

So, in an effort to expand Super F’s responsibilities around the house (and to remind him of his current responsibilities), we decided to start using a reward chart for him. 171 more words


Summer Just Started and I'm Already Tired!

Today starts our official first week of summer break and I am already tired.  I think it has to do more with the fact we were up early due to doctor’s appointments and less to do with my attitude toward my sons.   598 more words

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Raising Individuals, Not The Same Child

When asked, siblings from the same family don’t usually have the same story about their home life as children. I used to think that was a false reality, how can siblings from the same household have different life experiences? 597 more words


Put the Kids to Work

As working moms, our time is valuable, and limited. There are only so many hours in the day to get everything accomplished, and household chores take up a big chunk of that time. 199 more words

Working Moms

Ready, Set, Vaca!

Getting ready for a family vacation is no small task especially if you are a mom working outside of the home. With so few hours in the day you have to really project manage your preparation for any trip. 597 more words

Working Moms

Parent Tip: Saving on Diaper Wipes!

My previous post was about diaper-changing hacks. Something related to it is one thing I learned from my Mother-in-Law: cutting wipes in half!

I pull them out of the tub and rip them in half — which is quite easy to do and it’s always a straight line! 67 more words