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Lifebooks for parents

Parent lifebooks are a creative form of modeling, which is a core principle of connected parenting!

Katie and I attended lifebooks training at our adoption agency. 907 more words

Our Adoption Process

Building a bridge for transition

I was driving through the slushy Colorado mountain roads on the way to work, listening to a podcast episode about “preparing older children to be adopted.” And I was frustrated that the episode only talked about international adoptions with a passing remark about “if you’re adopting through foster care, your case worker will walk you through the process.” Well… that’s not enough info for ME as we begin the matching process and I consider our mindset/heartset and how to best transition our future child.  1,605 more words

Trauma-Informed Parenting

Co-Regulation: How's your engine running?

In a training class at our adoption agency last night, we talked about how humans are not born knowing how to self-regulate. Self-regulation means: I can monitor and control my behavior, emotions, or thoughts, and adjust them as situations change. 806 more words

Trauma-Informed Parenting

Teething sucks

My poor baby is teething AGAIN… She is crying and screaming all daaaay 😭. My heart breaks knowing that she is in pain and i know that every mom dread theething days (or weeks) so i would like to share my teething baby must haves… 287 more words


Things Parents say to Teens and Tweens

There was this list I once saw on Facebook.  It was something like “10 Things Every Mother Says Everyday to her Children”  (But don’t quote me, I can’t remember the name of the list and don’t have the time to really go searching for it).   691 more words


Introduction to "Evolution of Parenting" Series

With the New Year brings new ideas.  I have decided to start a new series called, “The Evolution of Parenting”.   This is where I will share parenting tips over years.   834 more words


We Need to STOP Cursing Our Children

When our children are getting on our nerves, we like to throw out an oldie, but goodie; “I hope you have children that are exactly like you.”  We think that it is an idle threat, but as many parents know it is not a threat, but a promise.   717 more words