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What are you doing for others?

Authored by: Gina Percival, Public Relations Coordinator at Salt Lake County Youth Services

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” 545 more words


Walking the Third of a Green Mile (No Rain, No Rainbows)

Last night marked the beginning of an auspicious new chapter in my 11 year-old son’s life: Day One on my, I mean his, journey to becoming a rockstar. 712 more words

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That's a lot of copies of the U.S. Constitution....

On the heels of an otherwise perfectly-choreographed PEOTUS press conference yesterday, there seems to be some question this morning regarding the folders.  More specifically, the folders jammed with reams of paper meant to underscore the steadfastness of Messr. 881 more words

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Parenting and Media Use

Authored by: Anne Schmidt, Prevention/Outreach Case Management Supervisor

One of the primary concerns that many parents have is how much “screen time” their children use.  Children of all ages spend lots of time in front of screens: television, phones, computers, tablets etc. 551 more words


A Tree Falls in the Forest

The Pioneer Cabin Tree fell this weekend.  Hollowed out in the 1880s,  the still-living giant sequoia succumbed to the heavy storms currently pounding California.  According to the… 303 more words

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Book-Writing Observation #1: I'm Gonna Leave You Out

Lots of hand-wringing going on here this morning.  I’m making solid progress at this phase of slapping small pieces of clay together so as to start from a big lumpy mess of stories ready for the carving. 366 more words

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Over My Skis in 2017: I'm Writing a Book

No doubt I’m “over my skis” on this one.  But I can’t remember a time when I haven’t been over my skis, in truth.  So here goes:  I’ve resolved to write and publish a book in 2017.   553 more words

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