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48% Dread, 52% Magic

I can’t stop staring at this photograph, though it fairly twists up my insides. Despite the vaguely unpleasant mix of light-headedness and fluttering heartbeats triggered by the rich memories conjured up, I am transfixed. 715 more words

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Shaken, Not Stirred

The tables have turned.

Yesterday morning saw me begrudgingly play the role of my wife’s stiff-legged running partner. Plucked from bed by the ankles in mid-slumber. 800 more words

Parenting Tips

It's Rainin' Men!


My arguably overly-competitive wife fairly dragged me out of bed this morning by my heels. Insisting I make good on my half-hearted, casually-issued “promise” last night to the effect that I would run with her in the morning.  744 more words

Parenting Tips

Parenting Tips for Discouraging Underage Drinking

Authored by Jodi Rushton, SSW, Case Manager, Substance Use Prevention & Outreach

Some things that we can be sure of this time of year is that the holidays will be filled with lots of presents, food, parties, and unfortunately, deadly myths about teenage drinking.  562 more words


Navigating Holiday Family Gatherings as an LGBTQ Person

Authored by Whitney Hardman, Milestone House Manager and Lorri Lake, Family Therapist

The holidays have a way of adding a little more food and a little more stress to each of our plates. 286 more words


This Is Not the Dad You're Looking For....

Another parenting milestone today.  One I absolutely saw coming.  Utterly predictable. Should have accepted it with grace.  Better yet, I could have avoided it altogether. Alas, I attempted one more “spandex-suited school lunch” with my second born than the universe would allow. 863 more words

Parenting Tips

Repost: Buried on a Motorcycle

In honor of Everett’s 12th birthday today, I figured I’d call up one of my favorite posts, featuring Ev’s unusual take on motorcycles and graveyards. Happy Birthday, my boy.

via Buried on a Motorcycle.

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