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Suicide...Signs and Resources to Help

Authored by Chris Berishnyi, Youth Services Crisis Counselor

Suicide…  It’s a word that’s been in the news much too often lately. Almost everyone has been impacted by it and or knows someone who has attempted it, whether it’s a family member, close friend, or a classmate. 367 more words


Coping with School Stress

Authored by Kent Larsen, Therapist/Counseling Services

As we approach the starting of school many of our children and teens have mixed emotions as being in school adds a lot of stress that didn’t exist in the same way during the summer.  1,160 more words


Summer Youth Technology Use

Authored by Sally Hannon
Afterschool Program Coordinator, Lake Run Elementary

The weeks prior to children returning to the school year are among the least structured and least supervised span of time, and thus present unlimited entertainment and… 279 more words


The Woodchuck Revolt (Day 2)

He’s strategic. Executing a sophisticated plot to cut us off from the outside world. Pit us against one another. Pick us off, one by one. The woodchuck has not shown his face today, at least not yet. 435 more words

Parenting Tips

I'm alright (don't nobody worry 'bout me)

Wise words, Messr. Loggins. May I call you “Kenny”? No? Well, nevermind, then. Your lyrics will do the trick all by their lonesome.

Vermin. Grammie’s Gazebo has vermin. 262 more words

Parenting Tips

Fresh Produce Provided by Community Partnerships

Authored by Caitlyn Adams, Salt Lake County Youth Services Milestone Coordinator and Dwight Rasmussen, Independent Aging Program Manager

In partnership with Utah State Extension Services… 379 more words