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Hug Your Kids Day

Authored by: Erin Dixon, Group Home Supervisor

There are snuggly wuggly benefits for hugging our kiddos!

Monday July 17th is recognized as Global Hug Your Kid Day!   255 more words


How to Avoid the Summer Slide

Authored By: Ricky Vigil, After-school Program Coordinator

Summer is every kid’s favorite time of the year. Warmer days mean more time spent outdoors or in a pool, more time with their friends, and maybe sometime at a summer camp or on a family vacation. 340 more words

Parenting Tips

(Not Quite) Ready for Takeoff, Batman

This little fella is on his way. Actually, he has been on his way for quite some time. An object in continuous motion. From the moment we first laid eyes on him in the hospital room nearly 16 years ago.   485 more words

Parenting Tips

The Monopolist in the Mirror

I pretty much despise board games. I think the genre is misspelled — “should be ‘bored’ games,” I’ve often smartassedly protested. Not at all sure from whence this aversion came. 552 more words

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Excuse Me, Adonis

So I’ve been offline for some time. Well over two months have staggered on by, it appears, since I contributed anything new in these here parts. 464 more words

Parenting Tips

Teach your child about good touch and bad touch.

Child sexual abuse is increasing everyday. While there is a risk to all children, those who are between ages 4 and 8 years are more vulnerable to sexual abuse. 148 more words

Parenting Tips

Transitions : Hard for children with Autism.

Transition occurs when there is any change in activities or routines or settings. Transition is a very normal thing in our everyday life. But children with autism feel uncomfortable with any type of transitions. 113 more words

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