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How Parents Can Prevent Underage Drinking

Authored by: Patrick Holman-Hart, Youth Leader, Matheson Jr. High

In the effort to raise healthy and productive children, there are many risks and behaviors to be aware of. 427 more words

Parenting Tips

This Is Major Tom to Ground Control....

The Russians are among us.  I’m sure of it.  We are overrun.  It’s too late.  That Russian spy ship lurking off the East Coast? A harbinger of things to come.   335 more words

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Under My Skin

I’ve been awake for fewer than 90 minutes, but I’ve already managed to accomplish a ton, running at a fever pitch. And this is probably not a good thing. 861 more words

Parenting Tips

Say no to Vaping, it's not safe

Authored by: Steve Hanson, ‎Program Manager at Salt Lake County Health Department

February is National Heart Month. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States  and, sadly, our hearts have a new threat: vaping. 836 more words

Parenting Tips

Errata Mondata (More Than We Can Chew)

Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream. I have a theory. His was and is way more important, obviously. Mine doesn’t even merit being mentioned in a sentence immediately following a sentence in which his dream is referenced. 650 more words

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The 600 Club. 

What do you get by combining a glass vase packed with 600 jelly beans, a folding card table, and three 5th graders posted on a busy street corner? 566 more words

Parenting Tips

How do we sleep while our benches are burning?

Happy Friday, good people. Despite the headline, this blog post will be bereft of current events of the political variety. Or at least I plan to write this post with the clear intention of steering clear of that high glycemic index stuff. 312 more words

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