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The Dangers of Drug and Alcohol Addictions

By Youth Services Clinicians Kent G. Larson, L.C.S.W., and Joyce F. Robison L.C.M.H.C

Drug and Alcohol addictions, what are they? Are they myths? Do people really become addicted or can they just stop at any time? 522 more words

Parenting Tips

Positive Messages for a Homesick Camper

For the most part, kids who come to summer camp adjust within a few days and overcome sad feelings of missing home. But there are some campers for whom the intensity of the homesickness is much stronger, and the discomfort lasts longer. 774 more words

Parenting Tips

Introducing the "Book Nook" at Youth Services Christmas Box House

Authored by Maria Drummond, Youth Services Recreation Therapist

Coming into emergency shelter at the Christmas Box House or the Boys or Girls Group homes can be a tough transition to deal with. 378 more words


You Don't Tug on Superman's Cape. 

Or maybe you do. Maybe you have superpowers yourself. Maybe Superman shouldn’t be tugging on your cape. Maybe.

Let’s say your superpower has to do with crossing your eyes. 242 more words

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Can I Quit?

Being a mother is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world.  However, there are days when it feels like a JOB.  You know those days; the children are getting into everything they shouldn’t, everything has to be an argument (one they are determined to win), and you have no place to hide.   776 more words

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Have you tried empathy?

By Michael Cox, CSW, Youth Services Family Counselor

“I’m at my wits end! I’ve tried EVERYTHING and my kid still does whatever they want.”

“I took away their phone and they locked it with a password.  578 more words

Parenting Tips

How to Choose a Therapist for Your Child

By Michael Cox, Youth Services Family Therapist, CSW

You’ve tried everything. You’ve taken away their phone, called their school, even asked for your clergy to get involved and yet your teen is not themselves. 669 more words