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Finding STEM in Everyday Life

By Ricky Vigil, Youth Services Afterschool Program Coordinator

Growing up, I didn’t like science… at least, I didn’t think I liked science. I spent more time trying to find the silliest-named elements on the periodic table than memorizing atomic weights and numbers, and the darkest days of my academic career occurred during a 10th grade honors Biology class—I stuck to non-honors chemistry the next year and didn’t even take science during my senior year. 624 more words

Parenting Tips

Youth Justice Awareness Month Honorees

By JD Green, Youth Services Crisis Services Manager

On October 27, 2015, Salt Lake County Youth Services was honored to be invited to the  Youth Advocates of the Year… 391 more words


Big League Dreams

I’m up. The still chilly morning air delivers the distinctive scent of slaughterhouses in the vicinity. Hourly freight trains rumbling under my motel bed springs punctuated a typically sleepless night. 427 more words

Parenting Tips

We Need to STOP Cursing Our Children

When our children are getting on our nerves, we like to throw out an oldie, but goodie; “I hope you have children that are exactly like you.”  We think that it is an idle threat, but as many parents know it is not a threat, but a promise.   717 more words


Who am I ?

I am I. Monae. I use the blog ParentTConference in order to connect with the world. I have a few objectives with this blog.

#1 To Build a bridge between parent and teacher with practical information from the teacher’s perspective. 148 more words

Why Can't I Have a Normal Life?

A friend of mine recently asked this question to a group of us that have special needs children.  Some of the comments were; “I’ve been there too”, “Can you define normal?”, “I went to my room and cried over all the pain and heartache”, “It’s overwhelming”, “It’s hard to admit these feelings…you certainly aren’t alone”, “I have virtually no support network”, and “I wonder that all the time”. 637 more words


What are the Right Ages?

Things have really changed since I was a teenager.  With today’s youth we, as parents, have a lot more things to consider than our parents did when we were growing up.   532 more words