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Healing The Father Wound

This post is for men who, like me, have been harboring what psychologists commonly call a “Father Wound.”

What is a father wound? Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons, a Catholic a Catholic psychiatrist who heads the  2,038 more words


My Daily Observation - How Will I Raise My Children?: 2/25/18

I wrote yesterday about bullying and how it is dangerous for everything to be viewed as such.  It led one reader to email me and ask me how I planned to raise my children once Evelina and I start a family.  441 more words


Why Telling Your Toddler "It's OK" Doesn't Work (And What To Do Instead)

In a few months I will be doing another lecture on managing difficult toddler behaviors, and I can’t wait.  I love teaching parents, therapists and caregivers how to help young children manage their most difficult behaviors.   698 more words


When sense is senseless

Says to tear-stained face

momma’s in an astral place

reason isn’t reason


Holi- The Best Time to Teach About Colors

This Holi, teach your toddler kids how to identify beautiful colours!

Holi is right around the corner, March 2nd to be exact, and with the arrival of another holiday comes another round of questions from the kids.  952 more words


This time, baby, I’ll be bulletproof (coffee...)

Coffee and yoga get mixed reviews. Myself, I prefer to wait until after my practice to sip my morning good stuff. But when I visited Stockholm last year, my Airbnb host, an Ashtanga devotee, kombucha brewer and all round amazing soul, told me that her teacher at the shalla she regularly visits in India has a personal motto of ‘no coffee, no prana’, and there’s coffee ritually served before morning practice. 195 more words


Selecting Experiences from the Past

As I moved into adulthood and especially motherhood, I began to consider my upbringing. I thought back to my fondest memories and also the more painful ones. 589 more words