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Welcome to a place where we will explore the world of being an older parent. Whether you became a parent through a natural miracle, fertility, adoption, marriage, fostering, surrogate, or any other magical method, congratulations! 226 more words

Advanced Maternal Age

Mondays @ the Museum Behind-the-Scenes

Week 1 Intro to the Museum

Week 2 Gallery/Topic Exploration: Reading ART

Week 3 Gallery/ Topic Exploration: looking through a Social Studies lens

Week 4 Gallery/ Topic Exploration: looking through a S.T.E.M. 537 more words



A is back at school (much to her disgust), T has started working part-time at Sainsburys whilst waiting for his application to progress with the police, K and I are working as usual with me at home and him out at the office most days. 565 more words

The other "c" word

Sometimes, it can be really helpful to talk about your problems.

My husband recently discussed our daughter’s cancer with the gas company and wouldn’t you know it, the next day a crew came out and fixed the gaping hole they had left in our yard a year ago. 1,548 more words


The ambush predator lies in wait.

It disguises itself, or hides itself, under bushes or in crevices in rocks, blending in with its surroundings. It lurks. 456 more words


Space The Final Frontier

One of the major issues in a household with four kids is the lack of space and the issue has only gotten worse as they have gotten bigger and they need more, for want of a better word, “stuff”. 959 more words


Nostalgia and the Circe of Life

How many times have you heard your parents say ‘in our times things were so good’ or the ‘good old days! When they reminisced about the simplicity of life and how wholesome and uncomplicated life generally was. 361 more words