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Going Outside In Winter Won’t Kill Your Kids. But Staying Inside Might.

We live in a time when kids are more overweight than ever, more disconnected than ever, more immobile than ever, and more depressed than ever. This problem isn’t coming from the public schools. 52 more words


Finally, the final month

The day has officially come- it is the start of my ninth month of pregnancy.

I know I complain a LOT, but I just want to say that I am so so blessed with the ability to carry this baby until he’s strong enough to live in the real world. 84 more words

Measure of Intelligence

Being innate hunters and gatherers for the purpose of survival, man doesn’t limit this action to his physical existence alone, but also to enhance his mental, emotional and spiritual thirst for life. 425 more words


The Invisible Tasks of Food Allergy Parents

The often invisible cognitive load of food allergy families involves both time and heartache.


It’s needing to educate staff at childcare or schooling facilities that although lunchbox items may look similar to what other kids eat that varied allergies and intolerances haven’t magically gone away. 539 more words

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Hey fella

Hey fella-

When you were in 2nd grade you came home and announced, “I HAVE TO WEAR COLLARED SHIRTS TO SCHOOL!” (everything you said at that age was said in excitement hence the capitalization). 992 more words

What Does Your Teen Need?

A parent shared this podcast between two Christian moms who have raised teenagers. They give some tremendous lessons, and ones you will want to hear as you either help parents teenagers, or raise teenagers on your own! 8 more words


DIY Galvanized Sheet Dry Erase Board

There’s the Pinterest Mom and the Amazon Prime Mom, but as it is with all things; I think a happy medium is best. Meet the Pinterest/Prime Mom. 529 more words