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Toddler Meals 9/24/2015

Dinner time!

Tonight dinner is chicken, purple hull peas, and mashed potatoes. The peas were her favorite.  Genevieve normally loves chicken, but I guess she loves purple hull peas more, because she ate the peas first!


October 9th. Not just another day.

Tomorrow it will be close to three decades since my Dad’s final curtain call. I suspect he will be my first thought tomorrow morning and my last tomorrow night. 506 more words


Saliva bread paste and other messes

My phone is starting to crash under the epic influx of a new kind of baby photo. The weaning photo. Such an amazing insight into the eyes of discovery. 732 more words


Ebola Mom, Part 44

(Part of the Ebola Mom series)

First time tutoring Ebola Mom’s kid since last school year…

Me: “Hey kiddo! How was your trip to Europe?” 128 more words


TBT - Determination

I think my daughter was maybe 18 months old when this picture was taken but really it could just as well have been last week.  That look of concentration and curiosity is always just below the surface waiting to bust out.  439 more words


Toddler weight

I’ve always had dodgy skin, excess hair and been on the plump side but was only diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) when I had trouble getting pregnant.  97 more words


Salad Spinner

We had our first salad from the new, spring-planted lettuces yesterday—a carnival of colours and flavours!

It got me thinking about salad, and the preparation of salad. 258 more words

365 Days Of Food