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The Wait

Is over. I woke up from a nightmare. Couldn’t find our son’s results in the papers . Then it turned out his results were miserable. What made it worse was his dad and him wanted to repeat year 12 again. 358 more words


Mom is Wow

When your kids are little they buy you mugs like this and make you construction paper cards brimming with love and misspellings.  These sorts of things make up for throwing themselves on the floor in Target because you wouldn’t buy them orange tic tacs.   621 more words


Dear Holly: Do You Realize We Have Different Sized Feet?

1 year, 7 months.

Dear Holly,

Throughout the day with you at the house, it is necessary for me to at least straighten up the house as we go along; from each activity you choose. 284 more words


Helicopter parents blamed for “failure to launch”

In an eye-opening article, helicopter parents are being blamed for the failure of their kids to launch. “Helicopter parents who put their children on ‘a pedestal’ are to blame for them still living at home at 25, according to an expert,” by Sarah Harris for the Daily Mail, explores how anthropologist David Lancy compares cultures to compare differences in how kids are raised. 742 more words


Good Reads 12.14.17 (on: parenting, angels, and more!)

Here is a collection of good reads gathered from across the internet this past week. Enjoy!

On parenting and Christmas: A Christmas Prayer for My Children… 654 more words


Dear Jack: Carving the Halloween Jack-o'-lantern for the Thanksgiving/Hike at DeSoto Falls with Uncle Joe and Aunt Rebecca

7 years.

Dear Jack,

After having ventured to Gentry’s Farm to get our family’s pumpkin to carve for Halloween, we just didn’t get around to actually carving it in time. 290 more words



It was one of those morning were I found myself feeling really tired. I woke up early to send my little daughter to school and I stayed at home with my older son Jonathan who was sick. 280 more words