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Momming in a pandemic

I have nothing especially poignant to write about.

Like many others, I’ve struggled some days more than others.

I tried to remind myself in the hard moments how lucky I am. 496 more words

Down Syndrome

Winkies and Whoo-Whoos

I had a moment last night. A moment of “pinch me am I delirious or is this really happening?”. Felt like it could have been out of an SNL sketch. 728 more words


6 Weeks Postpartum: Back to the Gym?

Ever since I stopped formally working out during pregnancy, I wondered what my relationship with fitness would look like postpartum. Would my passion for fitness disappear? 750 more words

Sleep Changes

We’re definitely in some weird sleep funk right now. Getting him to fall asleep for naps and bed is a real struggle. For the past few months this kid has been passing out at 6:45 pm every night after a bath and bottle. 408 more words

Celebrating My Bisexual Daughter... and reflecting on how I could have supported her better.

In honor of Celebrate Bisexuality Day today, I published this piece on Medium. Wanted to share it here as well…

When I became a parent almost 19 years ago, I took one look at my daughter’s perfect little face and knew that my goal was to avoid messing things up. 814 more words

Family and permanence

Here’s another useful piece from the Atlantic on the longing people have for a family-based sense of community:

David Jay is the oldest of 12 cousins on one side of his family and the third-oldest of 24 cousins on the other.

244 more words

What Being a Mom and Student Looks Like

Sometimes, this is what being a mom and student looks like. Playing the piano while studying because the little one doesn’t want to drum alone. He thinks it is more fun to have a musical session with me…So, I had one hand on the piano and the other on my computer. 228 more words