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February 17.19 ethot

Matthew 12:39 (38–45) “An evil and adulterous generation craves for a sign;

What are you craving for?

After trying to prove that Jesus was a tool of the devil and failing (Matthew 12:25–37) they decided to try another tactic; they asked for a sign, a miracle. 564 more words



My new friends, who I love dearly, are pissing me off.

They are young. But that isn’t an excuse for being inconsiderate.

Several times we have made plans, and last minute they change the time by HOURS. 131 more words

Having A Working Mom Benefits Kids Later In Life

This article originally appeared on Moms by JOANNA MAZEWSKI

While there are many working moms that probably see more challenges than benefits to having to go to the office every day, research claims that their children will reap the rewards later in life. 380 more words


Pinkberry Nice Cream

Ok, so there is no such thing as Pinkberries.

But there should be according to this recipe.

I won’t comment much on the last 72 hours of my life, let alone the last year but I will serve you up a nice cool treat you can enjoy in this heat. 232 more words

Millenial Parenting

Hot Lunch

In which hot lunch days require equal doses of hand sanitizer and bravery

It’s been two and a half years since the sh** hit the fan. 564 more words


Why we wanted to start home-schooling our kids.

First, just let me say i’m trying to get away from the word homeschooling – not because of the crazy connotations (they don’t really worry me), but because i’m trying to get my kids to understand that learning and school are two different things. 762 more words


It's your choice

Do you ever have days when you’re not really sure who you’re supposed to be? When you feel out of your skin, unsure of which role you should or need to be taking on? 775 more words