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Have You Loved You Today?

I was scrolling through my old photos today on my phone because I have been seeking inspiration for new designs for my clothing store. As I was looking through, I was beginning to feel nostalgic, as if the life I had previously was so long ago – as if the person prior to becoming a mother, was someone far, far away. 1,245 more words

a paternal shade

oh, my sea lion son,
and clever deer light

what do you make of  speck
figment father?

comforts whispered from
confines of calm shade, … 54 more words

In Search Of Gratitude

Hello friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and a reaction-free week thus far. If you follow me on instagram (@chunkythighsandfpies) you know far too well what a long two weeks we’ve had, but I’m hoping we’ve turned a corner. 1,118 more words

The "joy" of parenting

Me “why do you have to be so rude all the time?”

Her “because I’m just mischief” then blows a raspberry at me.


Today is rough

Today has been a really rough day.

The rainy days always are. Not because they are depressing, but when you have SEVERE tinnitus you learn EVERYTHING effects it. 1,741 more words

Jared Kushner's Smart

Netanyahu inviting the new Ukrainian Comedian President to Israel.
Trump armed the Ukraine, so you’re cool in my book. Got any good Huma Licker jokes for me? 646 more words