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Like the confusion about light years

Just like the confusion over light years-

Unit of time? Unit of distance?

Grief is more than ordinary synonyms

Loss, sorrow, mourning.

No, grief is a place you go sometimes… 130 more words

Child Advocacy

Friday Five: 5 Things Students Taught Me About Raising Children

Oh my goodness, the lessons I learned. My husband and I taught school for several years. We are not perfect parents, and we were not perfect teachers (Jeff was), but WOW did teaching give us so many tools and trial runs for our own family. 1,836 more words


Musings on Parenting and Vampires

Love is in the air. I know because by 4:00 am the turkeys are already out making their gobbling love calls all over the neighborhood. They’re in the park, in front yards, in side yards, in driveways, on the sidewalks, and in the streets. 483 more words


Cinta Sedekah - Family Project part II

Family Project


Saya ingin mengajarkan anak- anak supaya rajin bersedekah.

Dan hal ini telah saya sampaikan pada suami dan mendapat apresiasi positif. Kebaikan harus dimulai segera, harus dikenalkan dan dibiasakan seperti dulu Ayah saya mengajarkan pada saya sewaktu kecil. 510 more words


An excerpt from Just me, the Sink & the Pot

Things got more complicated in the ninth standard, when our hormones started acting up. Suddenly, holding hands just wasn’t enough. A school in India wouldn’t allow much room for experimentation. 47 more words


…on the question within the quiet

“Where are my keys at?”  

Today it was keys.  Last week it was a hat.  Tomorrow it could be a book, a calculator, a… anything.  Those with us who have a homing device for lost items (called a uterus in some circles) are used to these types of questions. 

1,140 more words

Bye Bye Baby Days...

Jet lag lasts a couple of days usually if you’ve crossed 3-5 time zones. So, in theory, by the 10th March, I definitely should have been back to ‘normal’. 696 more words