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Introducing a behaviour star chart to a toddler

Our eldest Oliver is two in April, meaning that the toddler tantrums have started to sneak in. In the hope of managing them somewhat we decided to start a behaviour star chart. 592 more words


I Inadvertently Became A Parenting Blog

Something dawned on me this week as I embarked on the Blogging 101 journey – I started my blog page with no real idea of who my audience would be. 1,161 more words


Nintendo Dads!

We’ve had a sort of ‘cross-over’ event this month by featuring the Nintendo Dads in our Gamer Spotlight and also being guest hosts on the… 89 more words

Video Games

Party Politics

A children’s birthday party can be a harsh cruel place.

It’s a common sight. A lone, sad, solitary figure stood apart from the others who are busy enjoying one another’s company; seemingly oblivious to the hurt their ambivalence is causing the excluded party guest. 543 more words


It Was Complicated...

I make light about my choice of being techno free, such an in vogue term, as most of the world is unnaturally attached to social media of some form. 967 more words


What Did You Say?

Wife:          “I said, the test came out positive.”

Husband:  “Positive?”

Wife:          “The home pregnancy test I got at the grocery store.”

Husband:  “What?”

Wife:           “I told you about it.” 822 more words


We need to banish the phrase "That's what you signed up for when you became a parent"

If you’re spent any time on the “mommy internet” (forums, blogs, etc.), you’re bound to have come across the self-righteous mother.  You know, the one who made all the “best” choices in pregnancy and birth and parenting and can’t imagine that— 737 more words