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Shortly after dinosaurs ceased to roam the earth, and before cursive was just a font, lovely children would gather in classrooms to study penmanship.

If these students wanted to communicate something to a friend during class, they would use their newly acquired skill of penmanship to write a message on paper, fold it, and hand it to someone to pass to the person who the message was intended for. 376 more words


Living the slow homeschooling life

My homeschooling journey began 24 years ago, when my oldest daughter was attending public kindergarten. Like many parents, I was delighted that my little girl was growing up and entering school. 1,286 more words


I See Royalty

My most rewarding day as a mommy was when my daughter finally accepted that she’s a princess. Prior to that day, she’d been doubtful. “Mommy, I’m not a princess,” she’d say. 380 more words


Building Our Village

Author: Karen Copeland

It’s true. I remember growing up with close proximity to both sets of grandparents, as well as many opportunities to connect with uncles, aunts and cousins during holidays. 969 more words


Chicken Soup for the Goddamn Carpool

To be honest, I’ve never read a chicken soup book; I can’t get past the cloying font on the covers. But I could see how a volume dedicated to the carpool driver might be useful. 529 more words


Put your feet on the coffee table and throw a ball around in the dining room

We shop at thrift stores, craigslist and yard sales. My boys have tons of fun with 3 dollar purchases from Savers.

When you come over to visit you can take your shoes off. 223 more words


Friday at the library

The children’s corner at the library has moved to a brand new location in the newest part of the central library. This morning we braved the cold to check it out. 49 more words