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Hiding from Trouble

My eldest son is a graphic designer, and I saw it coming when he was a little boy.

He loved to pick up his crayons to color and draw…on the blank slate in the hallway. 389 more words

Spiritual Encouragement

Displaying Discipline

A couple of weeks ago, our character trait for school was discipline. Kids here that word so much, but I’m not sure they understand how important it is. 353 more words


The prospect of having kids still scares me rigid, even though I'm the 'right age' to have them

Alright, it’s not like I’ve watched Rosemary’s Baby one too many times and the idea of kids scares me in THAT way.

I’ve not completely lost the plot. 816 more words


New Mum & Loneliness

As a new parent or a parent to be, everyone is telling you how it would be worth it. They continue to tell you about the adventures that parenthood becomes, about how alive and sapped it makes you go – all in the same breath. 436 more words


Ways Forward...

A lot is being said right now about diagnosing autism in children. Primarily because it is election time…and because one London NHS trust is talking about limiting autism diagnosis to the ‘most severe’. 1,055 more words


gofundme, then!

My gorgeous friend started a fundraising page for my kids & me, to help us get through moving house and dealing with medical costs! What a legend. 14 more words


A Story from the Past

I was pacing around the pool deck at my future in-laws house. I held my cell phone to my ear. I was in shock. On the other end of the phone was my mother. 460 more words