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Bedtime; the longest part of the day for a mom.

I feel like a prisoner sometimes. The torture I must endure to get an hour to my self at the end of the day. The stall tactics really get to me. 162 more words


We now have Threenadoes- x2

Man- if I had to pick one age I could bypass- it would be three.  I know, I know… it sounds horrible and heartless, but seriously, like overnight they have taken over my sweet (yet rambunctious two year olds) and replaced them with these beings that appear cute on the outside and full of sass and stubbornness on the inside (I blame Jeremy).  1,503 more words

Eerie is the water

Daydreams, sweep me out to sea.

The tide rolls up, nothingness beyond the shore. Flat, vast horizons, let me drift away. Everything is both soft and harsh. 65 more words


Parenting advice from a low-energy father

In my latest at article at MercatorNet I share the merits of assertive communication in raising kids:

instead of using aggressive or passive-aggressive behaviours to coerce others into doing what you want, you can learn to 

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Why Wooden Toys for Kids? What are the benefits?

Wooden toys have been present for the longest time but not all parents are convinced to buy wooden toys. They would rather let their children play with those flashy toys, electronics or plastic ones. 548 more words


True colors

The picture perfect moments are just that-moments. A second in time. Everything falling into place for one glorious second and BAM! A picture perfect moment. 690 more words