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The Table Acronym

  • T ~ talking-Statistics have shown that a family who eats and spends time together around the table lowers their children’s chances of getting into trouble and making poor choices.
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Linda Svacha

Use The Proper Bathroom. (And I don't meant gender)

THIS is what’s wrong with easily offended**, entitled Americans:

I’m sitting in first class. No tears for me, I know. I fly A LOT, hence the miles and the occasional upgrade. 643 more words

Young Adult

Homemade (With Love, Felt Pens, and Desperation).

Here’s another of our ‘Heath Robinson’ handmade (in other words, crappy) resources. I wanted to demonstrate to Freddie, in visual form, exactly how long the school summer holidays are, and to reinforce the idea that he will be going back to school in September. 387 more words

Allowing Frustration to Touch You, Your Partner, and Your Children

Our tendency to shield our children from frustration isn’t helping them–quite the contrary. The case is made for allow frustration into their lives.

Source: Allowing Frustration to Touch You, Your Partner, and Your Children

Sahar's Blog

End Of Year Thoughts

Another school year has come to an end. Over the past couple of weeks my newsfeed has been full of posts about Sports Days, leavers’ assemblies and prom nights, and end-of-year reports and concerts. 1,081 more words

Let kids ride in the front seat?

When do you let your kids ride in the front seat? Well, hopefully never. Maybe when they are old enough to drive. Once they make that move from the back to front they will try to control the A/C and Sirius settings. 56 more words


Doubt thou the stars are fire,

Doubt that the sun doth move,

Doubt truth to be a liar,

But never doubt an experienced Montessori teacher telling you that your kid is ready for toilet training.