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#Blogtober2019 - Day 17: That One App

Like a fair chunk of the population, I rarely tend to be without my phone. It’s my means of staying in contact with friends and family, I use it to share updates on Laurie, search for information, and take photos too. 415 more words


Kids Making a Difference: Grace Callwood, Founder of The We Cancerve Movement

Grace Callwood founded The We Cancerve Movement, a non-profit that creates ways for youth to help other children who are homeless, sick, and in foster care. 543 more words


Pregnancy & Motherhood: Things I Will Do Differently Next Time

17 October, 2019

If I have learned anything about being a parent, it’s that no matter how hard you try to plan things – your birth plan, if you plan to breastfeed or bottle-feed, if you plan to co-sleep or not, if you plan to go back to work before maternity leave ends or if you plan not to return to work at all, right down to even planning the day ahead – it’s that putting too much pressure on yourself to live up to any ideals you might have about being a perfect parent can lead you straight into a brick wall, and you’re better off giving yourself a break from the beginning and just going with the flow.  2,962 more words

Breaking away

It’s been nearly nine weeks since we dropped our son off at college. And the house doesn’t feel much like home without him. I miss his smile and his stupid jokes, the sound of him running up and down the stairs, and the way he’d always call out “love you” before turning in for the night. 427 more words



Here is a fascinating article about the seeking of advice by parents. Tim Challies makes two recommendation for parents:

  1. Find a couple who have parented children and their children are now into their twenties.
  2. 274 more words
Christian Life

77 - Proving

I’ve been playing Path of Exile for a good while now – since, ah… Talisman league, so about four years. I’ve spent a lot of time on it, Steam tells me I’m just shy of 2000 hours, plus some on the game’s own client before I discovered it was on Steam, but in all that time I haven’t really “gotten good,” or not so’s you’d notice. 1,062 more words


Day 16: A Letter To You

I debated how to do this post, whether I should write a new letter to my first baby or if it would be more fitting to share the one that I wrote while I was miscarrying. 592 more words