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Ninth month of pregnancy :-)

Been a long time since I posted anything but I have my hands full…(which is why my fingers can’t type, silly!). Ninth month ….AAAhhhh! where do I start?? 406 more words

Her Pain

her soul cried out

it hurt so much

I tried to listen


you can never understand my pain

don’t EVER say you can ! 27 more words


Konsep Keluarga Idaman : Sebuah Perjalanan Menggapai Surga

Setiap zaman memiliki tantangan, setiap generasi memiliki masalah spesifik tersendiri. Adalah sebuah hal yang jamak di zaman sekarang ketika kita menemui para pemuda maupun pemudi yang banyak bermasalah dengan hal-hal yang terkait dengan pernikahan . 2,921 more words


Been away for awhile so how bout a blogging party to get me back in the swing of it?

So how do the party work? Leave your links to Facebook pages, blogs, Twitter, social media etc in the comments. Check out others links so we are all supporting each other. 149 more words


Instagram Basics for Newbies

I really don’t feel that old, but when it comes to social media… I am!!!  Somehow, I got on Facebook “relatively” early, in 2008, thanks to my neighbor who was 10 years younger than me and convinced me to join.  520 more words


5 myths about unconditional love

We talk a lot about “unconditional love” but most of us use it quite casually and without a lot of thinking. Maybe, we all have our own definitions of what unconditional love is and is not. 592 more words

Exam fever

Do you have kids who have had their exams recently?

I did. And he was definitely not coping well. Isaac did not know when he was gonna have his Math, Science, English and Mother Tongue papers… all he knew was… “one of these days”. 332 more words