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Oreo Moon Phases

I feel excited to teach Phases of the Moon to my sixth graders every year. It was an activity designed by my ex-colleague before. Today we got to eat Oreos and do science activity at the same time. 12 more words


Birthmark Is Not a Disease

“Ye kya hua hai isey?”, “Theek se dekh paati?”, “Ye chala toh Jaaeyga” are some questions I have become habitual to; and the questions are then followed by some more questions and finally taking away other kids from my daughter. 772 more words

Should we tame our kids' screen time?

  • Who is this post for? Parents of children
  • What does it discuss? The merits or purpose of limiting screen time
  • How does it benefit you?
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Solar system song

As you may know, my son is very interested in planets.  Yesterday, we found the Planets Song for Kids on You Tube.  If you like this sort of thing (or have small children), I do recommend it – my son keeps singing it to me at random times. 22 more words


Mengantongi Ijin "Me Time" dari Suami

Kalimat di belakang laki-laki hebat ada wanita hebat, pun sebaliknya berulang kali saya dengar. Saya pun termasuk yang mengamini hal tersebut. Setiap kali melihat sosok figur keren dan hebat, saya percaya pasti di belakangnya ada support team entah dari suami, istri ataupun sosok yang dikirim oleh Allah untuk membantu. 238 more words

Me And The Famz

First holiday without them. 

Two years ago today my stepdaughter and stepson came down for a week for thanksgiving. It was our first holiday as a family. We had such a great week. 327 more words


Coloured pasta necklaces

Little A has recently fallen in love with beading, however her fine motor skills are not yet developed enough to manipulate tiny beads. After a few frustrated attempt, I suggested using pasta instead of beads. 93 more words