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Good night.

I hold her close,
Up to my nose,
Breathe her in,
Feel her warmth on my skin,
Hug her tight,
Kiss her goodnight,
Let the stress of the day, 32 more words

Mommy Monday

There was a time in my life when I absolutely loved winter. I loved the clothes, the cold, and yes, even the inclement weather. I loved bundling up in scarves, coats, and hats and walking around in a winter wonderland. 287 more words

Trudeau drops hint about dedicated paternity leave as budget looms

OTTAWA – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the federal government is looking at creating a use-it-or-lose-it funded leave for new dads.

Trudeau says making it easier for non-birthing parents, like fathers, to take time off to care for a newborn would help remove barriers women face in the workforce related to expectations that they be primarily responsible for child-rearing. 142 more words


Down to Work

Here it is!  One of the busiest weeks of my artistic career.  I’m preparing for the largest event I’ve ever done and, to make things really exciting, on Thursday I’ll be presenting the oil painting I made for the conference president. 126 more words


The Crisis in Morality, from a Teacher's Persective

As a middle school teacher in an American public school, and with over twenty-five years experience working with students from all walks of life, I can say that America is in a moral and social crisis. 438 more words

Our Culture of Violence

As a parent of a newly school-aged child, I used to be opposed to homeschooling. But with the developing trends of weekly school shootings and other violence, sending my kid to public school seems more and more likely to be a literal death sentence. 1,355 more words

Toxic Masculinity


Another Monday with Matthew. It’s been quite the week, full of very….very interesting conversations and phrases from this threenager. He is continuing to be full of sass and keep us on our toes. 300 more words