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Searching for Treasure in The Seychelles

A holiday in The Seychelles suggests languid white beaches, lapping blue seas and nothing more taxing than an airport novella to occupy you.

But life on this tiny stretch of paradise hasn’t always been plain sailing. 1,199 more words

The Yorkshire Post

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I am very careful in everything I think, I do and say. Practice is a lifetime learning, I practiced and still practicing to talk less but I do observe enormously But of course I still know when to open my mouth….. 435 more words

Mommy Confessions

Tonight was girls night with sons of the girls from work. We went to happy hour and ate and drank.

It was great. It’s so weird comparing what girls night looked like prior to having a child. 152 more words


Everyone Chill Out About Other People's Parenting

Parenting is scrupulosity hell, and I don’t even have a kid yet.

Like, effective altruism gets a bad rap, but at least most effective altruists are aware that excessive guilt is an issue and try to combat it. 2,090 more words

Ozy Blog Post

Sensor Mandiri Dimulai Dari Orang Tua

“Ih, itu ada adegan orang gedenya. Ayo Beb, tutup matanya!”

“Iya udah, mas”.

“Itu masih ngintip ya? Tutup matanya, Bebeb!”

“Mas Ade enggak tutup mata, kok Bebeb disuruh tutup?” 476 more words


Lebaran Seru Menikmati Alam di Kampung

Lebaran di kampung, tempat lahir suami saya, di Desa Jeketro, kabupaten Gubug, Semarang, memang jadi acara rutin kami sekeluarga setiap lebaran. Biasanya kami berangkat di hari kedua lebaran pagi hari dengan membawa mobil dan supir. 479 more words