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Jalan-Jalan Asyik Sambil Belajar Sejarah

Sewaktu sekolah dulu, saya menganggap pelajaran sejarah termasuk salah satu pelajaran yang saya benci. Kenapa? Karena membosankan, berbelit-belit dan banyak hafalan. Menghafal nama tokoh, tempat, tahun dan peristiwa. 1,037 more words


Menikmati Masa Sekolah dengan Bahagia

Zaman semakin modern, persaingan semakin susah di semua bidang kehidupan. Begitu sering kalimat ini kita dengar. Saking seringnya, kadang tanpa kita sadari, ini menjadi semacam ‘ideologi’ baru bagi kita. 1,090 more words


Things Moms Never Hear

The other day I was at Starbucks getting Amy her morning latte.  It was Monday.  Start of a long week.  And of course, Alex woke us up at 5am because he saw a ghost in his room and was scared, and needed some water, and his tooth hurt, and he needed to watch eagles grabbing snakes on YouTube (I highly recommend… 1,519 more words


Science Backed Reasons to Get Out and Stay Out

I have waxed ad nauseum about all the reasons why PLAY is so essential to your children. I don’t just mean the power of playing games on your phone or playing with Lego. 294 more words


A Soli Deo Gloria Homecoming

For the last three years, I’ve gone to work on snow days. The boys stayed home. Little enough time to make Blue Cotton Hot Chocolate… 564 more words


NAA Music (yet again)!

Being the huge music consumer that I am, I can state with near absolute certainty that you rarely hear songs about the love parents have for their children. 20 more words

Christian Music

Talking to Walls

Have you ever been wrong? Do you have faults? Of course you do! Well, hopefully you do. If not, then you may want to stop reading here because this is about people like you. 347 more words