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This post is by way of a public response to two blog posts that I have recently encountered. I am writing this because in… 581 more words

Beach Fun and Games.

Although it may seem as if summer is slipping away, thee is still plenty of time left to enjoy the lazy days of summer.  If you and your family are headed to the beach, here are a few sites for games you can bring along to entertain the kids throughout the day. 132 more words


Easy To Make Father's Day Treats

Whether you’ll be having a barbeque or take out pizza for Dad’s big day, homemade desserts are always a great way for kids to show dad their love.  256 more words


The 7 Most Cringe-Worthy Pregnancy Terms

About a week before my first son was born, I Googled mucus plug — and then cringed at what appeared on my computer screen…

Read the article at Parents.com.


Pizza Subs + Seven Days to Better Behaved Kids - The End

Last week the Om Nom Family just had an amazing trip to Oregon to see Purl and Pianoman, JimBob’s parents. Unfortunately, JimBob had to work and he left on Sunday. 540 more words

Seven Days to Better Behaved Kids - Day Three

And on we go with the parents.com One Week Fix For Bad Behavior article. Day Three is Walk the Walk. This step seems a bit unnecessary. 212 more words

Seven Days to Better Behaved Kids

Hi all! Sorry for the radio silence. Thursday and Friday the Om Nom Family and I drove up to foggy Newberg, OR to visit and help my in-laws, Purl and Pianoman, settle into their new home. 462 more words