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Parents Evening

Hey Happy Bookworms!

How are you guys doing?

It was parents evening yesterday and in this blog I’m going to talk a bit about what happened! 160 more words


Down the Corridor

My office wound down for Christmas over the last few days. The busy floor had emptied out as people had gone away for the holidays. Looking down the corridors, we could see the automatic lighting was switching off due to inactivity on the floor space below, and large portions of the building were settling down into seasonal darkness. 319 more words


Parents evenings

What is scarier than spiders, horror movies and clowns all rolled into one? Ask any NQT and they’ll tell you straight away. Parents evening. Dealing with children all day is one thing but dealing with parents? 278 more words


Parents Evening Win!

On Wednesday 22nd November we had our children’s parents evening, expecting the worst like everyone does Mr S and I was pleasantly surprised to how wonderful K and A are progressing at school, they have friends and are gaining confidence which they didn’t have in the previous years. 411 more words

Mummy Blogger

The Writing Framework: How It Is Possible To Assess Writers And Not Just The Writing.

There has been a lot of talk around assessing children’s writing for a long time now.

Anxiety has been caused as a result of what constitutes independent writing. 459 more words

Perspective, Positivity and Procrastination 

Right now I’m sat writing this instead of doing a dozen other things but I need to write this; mainly because I am excellent at procrastinating and partly because I’m probably not the only one who’s had a rough week. 906 more words

Personal Blog

Not So Expensive Parents' Evening

Trying to break an expectation or a habit your children have got used to is not easy.  It was parents evening last night, and my children’s expectation was that we would go to the local take-away and come home with something to eat.   324 more words