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News IV: Parents in town & wedding #2 + the road to Week 10!

So the festivities of our second wedding went phenomenal. Tons of friends made it out and we wore our country’s traditional wedding attire and went through a whole ceremony. 786 more words


La Petit Grocery

Food: 9.5/10 Drinks: 9/10 Vibes: 9/10

 Midwest Foodie: Wow wow wow. Great meal from start to finish! La Petite is a little pricey for a med student’s budget, but hey, my aunt was treating us tonight (thanks Juju!). 179 more words



Food: 9/10 Drinks: 9.5/10 Vibes: 10/10

Midwest Foodie: Old school New Orleans done right. We went here for a special occasion; this isn’t the usual level of restaurant that we frequent. 261 more words


Creole Creamery

Food: 8/10 Drinks: 10/10 Vibes: 9/10

Midwest Foodie: This is definitely the best ice cream shop in town. You might ask why I gave it only an 8/10? 196 more words

Date Spot


Food: 8/10 Drinks: 10/10 Vibes: 10/10

Midwest foodie: Let me be clear from the beginning about Shaya. This is not “my type” of restaurant: it has small plates with large price tags. 286 more words



Food: 8/10 Drinks: 9/10 Vibes: 10/10

Midwest foodie: The best cheese plate in the city. You pick out cheeses from the fridge and Bacchanal puts them on a legit cheese board with bread, olives, jam, and nuts. 315 more words


Port of Call

Food: 10/10 Drinks: 7.5/10 Vibes: 9/10

Midwest foodie: Best burger in New Orleans. Hands down. Huge patty that they cook to medium-rare perfection (you can get it any way you like, but c’mon, don’t ruin your burger by ordering it well-done). 225 more words