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Fitbit Considering Smartwatch for Kids

Rumor’s of Fitbit exploring a smartwatch for kids, have people talking.  Companies like Garmin, and Xiaomi are already competing for this very niche market. While, Fitbit looks to take a on today’s tech driven youth, the task may be a little more difficult than most expect. 648 more words

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Do You Regret Your Baby's Name?

Oh, my goodness! Are you here because you think, maybe, you kind of regret giving your baby the name you did?

See, every once and a while, I check the statistics on my blog. 739 more words

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Birthday Cake

My son turns 2 years old today. Two on the second! A golden birthday! He was born unexpectedly early–while we were out of town on an annual family weekend trip. 535 more words

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This Tracker Aims to Reduce Sexual Assault

Technology has flattened the world, while crossing borders and in many ways made life easier for many of us.  However, for many women, it has also brought to light the dark reality of sexual assault and abuse, women all over the globe experience day in and day out. 306 more words

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Protect Your Family from Harmful Exposure with a UV Detecting Wearable

It’s officially summertime and we all know that means vacation time, and lots of outdoor activities.  At fitjewels, we want your family to make the most of their vacation time, without sacrificing your Health and Safety. 540 more words

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A Wearable That Helps You Stay Safe

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to find a way to carry a panic button with you? For, those moments in life when you may find yourself in a situation where you don’t feel very secure? 248 more words


How to Monitor Your Sleep Habits

The fitness market is full of fitness trackers, offering to monitor many important aspects of our daily lives, while inundating us with useful tips that’s are supposed to help improve the quality of our lives. 265 more words

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