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School Shootings

In todays scary world its hard to even want to send our children and grandchildren to school, are they safe? Can this happen at our school? 626 more words

Where is the Justice?

A couple of days ago I went for a mediation session. I am what is known as an alienated parent. Following our separation in the summer of 2016, my ex has continuously denied me contact with my three young children. 1,374 more words

Battling Parental Alienation

When your blogger friend writes about your vaccine status. An open letter to our friend.

Hello Friend,

I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, ever since I found out you were a blogger. Totally cool, your post are always so real. You’re who inspired me to start blogging again! 674 more words

Free Choice

Parenting - the Ultimate Endurance Test

When I decided to have a child, never did I realize the extent of my Parental Responsibility and how many times it would push me to the limits of my endurance… 166 more words

Enlightened Parenting

Children must contribute

I’m often startled by how minimal our expectations are on children to give back and to make a contribution to the family.  In many families it’s just accepted that children are on the receiving end of parental effort, with very little expectation of the child’s effort in return. 210 more words

Enlightened Parenting

Do what needs to be done

I am a parent of 3 young boys, I need to  work to earn a living, and I above all am committed to nondual self knowledge. 180 more words

Parents Rights

The Rights of Parents

In the first few weeks of the school year, teachers often roll out the ‘Rights and Responsibilities’ teaching – wherein the class together explores and agrees the rights of all the people in the class, as well as the responsibilities that go along with that.  231 more words

Enlightened Parenting