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Our Son Michael Luc Etienne

I know it’s taboo in our society to make mention of early pregnancy in the event that we lose the baby. We have been taught by everyone around us that miscarriage shouldn’t be shared — it should be quiet and secret but I don’t think that’s healthy. 1,066 more words

Wife Life

So I've Been Asked, What is Parental Alienation?

So I’ve been asked, what is parental alienation?… Simple… It is my ex stopping me from being a parent.

What does she stop me doing? Everything a normal loving parent does. 352 more words

Battling Parental Alienation

Planned Parenthood Blasts “Separating Parents and Children.” But It Does That 876 Times a Day in Abortions

“On Father’s Day, Planned Parenthood blasted the Trump administration for separating immigrant families at the borders, while ignoring how its own practices permanently and violently separate children from their fathers and mothers. 7 more words

Right To Life

A Softer Approach to the Ultimate Goal to Reunite With Your Children

It is controversial. It divides opinions. Does it really exist? And ultimately, is it really about the children? I mean deep down really, or is it just spite? 1,385 more words

Battling Parental Alienation

"Children's Social Services have failed my children"

We were recently approached by an alienated father who asked for our help and support. He also offered to share his story in an attempt to raise awareness of parental alienation. 3,561 more words

Battling Parental Alienation

Please pray for a miracle for Alfie Evans

This little boy has been on life support for some time. As before with Charlie Gard, the doctors want him to die rather than go somewhere else for treatment (for his own good, obviously – can’t have anything to do with pride, can it?). 168 more words

This is Parent Alienation

It is Parent Alienation Awareness Day 2018.

The abuse of children and their alienated parent’s civil rights is happening in every town, every day.

But the fact that people still need to be educated to understand what it means, speaks volumes. 2,128 more words

Battling Parental Alienation