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Legal Maternity at Issue in Jackson, TN Surrogacy Case: In re Amadi A.

Facts: Mr. and Mrs. A. entered into a surrogacy contract with Surrogate and her husband, whereby Surrogate would serve as the gestational carrier of a child for Mr. 1,515 more words

Family Law

Go Big or Go Home (Part 2 of 2)

Go Big or Go Home, Part 2

I cannot explain what happened next. All I remember thinking as I listened to those who spoke against was that they were talking about another NBI entirely. 520 more words


Excuse me? Why do you think that's okay to do?

Many times I’ve heard men and women alike make claims that they would interfere if they witnessed domestic violence. And when they say domestic violence they mean a man hitting a woman. 708 more words


They're Gonna Make Me Say it Again!

Government, Get your Filthy Paws off our Kids!  There is no reason for this. None.  Whatsoever!  When will enough be enough!  Wake up America!

Government, Get your Filthy Paws off our Kids! 40 more words


Letter from Local School Board Member to State School Board

This letter is reposted with permission from its author, Wendy Hart of Alpine School Board, of Utah’s largest school district.

Wendy Hart is sitting on the left in this photo. 1,634 more words

It's Not Too Late To Reclaim Educational Sovereignty For Utah

What is a "Motion" and How Do You File One in the Family Court?

The question was put to me: What do I say on the motion form provided by the court when it asks “Motion For ______________”?

I’m going to assume you are a layperson (nonlawyer) trying to file something in court “pro se”–that is, on your own and without a lawyer.   684 more words


An Orwellian future for Ireland too?

If it happened there, why do we think it will not happen in Ireland as well? What happened?

Freedom of speech, press, religion, and association have suffered greatly due to government pressure. 2,041 more words

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