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Torture and Facebook

In my last post I informed all of you I’d be writing an essay on torture for my final in writing 122. As I was doing research for the topic I came across a great old article from the… 426 more words



just another night of crying myself to sleep fuck it today was horrible

I did it! And it was magical!

I have never felt anything like what I experienced last night!

Who knew what I was missing out on all this time.

It’s the ultimate escape, a chance to get away from all my problems and just float through life, happily in a daze. 94 more words

Sleeping Beauty

University Entrance Exam #3

Every generation of people is different in important ways.  How is your generation different from your parents’ generation?  Use specific reasons and examples to explain your reason. 789 more words


My ever so boring life...

Easter is suppose to be the day Jesus was resurrected right? So why have we commercialized it into this amazing day when a bunny shows up leaving eggs filled with money and candy? 180 more words


Life Lessons from College Students.

Once upon a time, I thought I understood life. Then one day, I began working in education and my entire understanding of life completely changed. I was… 526 more words



Well here is another update about More Parents, and Parents, Know what I’m Saying  from a very eventful Monday.

So it is official that my dad is going to take the issue of every other week rotation to court. 89 more words