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Prayer for Parents

A friend of mine, a priest, his mother passed away recently. I was privileged to receive this prayer from him. His mother recited it daily. It is listed below and will be the sole topic for TheSteppingStones, today. 354 more words

Life's Actions

That moment.......

There was a moment for me this week………

It was one that I was grateful for my children’s diagnosis.


Because it has opened my eyes, enlightened me and allowed me to help others like my own children and their parents at an extremely scary time. 234 more words

Just a quick trip to the dentist.......


Anyone who lives with an aspie knows there is absolutely nothing quick and simple in their life. Am I right or am I right? 733 more words

Mum, just get over it......

As an autism parent there are so many things you have to reconcile with yourself first before you can deal with them properly as a parent. 772 more words

The Jesus Presence

I think if it wasn’t for my family, then I would forget that Jesus existed.

I definitely wouldn’t think about him as much. It’s not that I would… 169 more words

43. Parents Worry, Gerard Reve (1988)

Gerard Reve is one of the giants of post-War Dutch literature, but of course he’s barely known in the UK and hardly any of his work has been translated. 154 more words

My Top 100 Novels

Where are you lady?!

Hey lady, you’ve been in a flat now for 2 months whilst we’ve moved into our woodland adventure.

I knew you wouldn’t make much/any contact so it was good we got reconnected on Facebook as now at least I know you’re alive and what you’re getting up to. 103 more words