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The Writing on the Wall

I found this just as we were getting ready to go to bed. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Here are some of my thoughts (in no particular order): 211 more words


Love Without Fences

The world tells us a lot of things about love. It tells us that it makes the world go round, is a many splendored thing, means never having to say you’re sorry, conquers all, and is blind. 1,321 more words

General Thoughts

Tips for Parents

Please view the tips for Parents a great resource for to be informed of special research, interesting articles and upcoming events. Please check these links. The best way to communicate with me is via email prekwbcc@yahoo.com… 36 more words



At this point Nico’s main objective is to grab, reach or stretch for ALL the things in ALL of the places. While it can be quite tiresome trying to control every aspect of her teething frenzy, from cleaning every object to moving every remote from her path, I try to take it lightly. 33 more words


My complicated relationship with my father

I never had the best relationship with my dad. He was -is- very traditional. Coming from your average Chinese immigrant family, he was very untrustworthy of everyone and everything. 472 more words


I Can't Tell My Parents Anything


As a sixteen year old, I’ve found myself becoming increasingly… frustrated with my parents. It seems like they don’t understand anything. 480 more words

Don't Let Your Kids Watch PG-13 Movies: Let Them Watch Rated R Movies

People who let their kids see rated “R” movies are often considered to be “bad” parents who aren’t paying enough attention to what their children are exposed to. 692 more words