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Is Hitler taking over the PTA?

Dear PTA,

I’m all for bribery. It is how shit gets done in my house.

You want a friend over? Sure, go clean your room. 275 more words


Everyone has faith- in someone or something.

We have faith in our parents. When we are young we trust them and believe they are the wisest people around and can work miracles. 512 more words

Parents appeal for information on 20-year-old daughter missing for more than a month

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

SINGAPORE – The parents of a woman who has been missing for more than a month are appealing for information.

Ms Ong Hwee Ting left home on July 12 and has not been seen since. 267 more words

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A mother's approval

After months of trying, I finally manage my first steps! I look up to my mummy. She’s smiling proudly down at me so I grin back. 394 more words


How Parents Can Stay Organized & Grandparents Can Stay in Touch During the School Year

The end of August is here, which means summer is over for many kids in the area. As students head back to school, parents are preparing for the responsibilities and events that go along with having a child in school. 758 more words


Guy's Mom Tries To Describe Overwatch Characters Without Knowing Overwatch

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The “parents don’t know but they’ll talk about it anyway” gag is not a new one, but it remains a sweet one when the parents do a good job (and aren’t treated like idiots by exploitative kids). 112 more words


A Picture of Loss

A friend asked me if I ever plan on writing anything deeper than what I usually write. Aside from the fact that I prefer to make people laugh, and that I strongly believe that continuously pointing out the problems in the world without endeavoring to offer a solution (which I don’t exactly have) only adds to those problems, I usually just write about whatever’s going on in my life and the thoughts that come of that. 652 more words