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4 Ways to Save Money on Private Tuition For Your Child

(Source: blog.moneysmart.sg)

The most expensive thing about raising a child is, for many parents in Singapore, not the milk powder or toys, but private tuition. 688 more words

Money Matters

Reasons for Mum hating my Name

I’ve not revealed my name on this blog but it means ‘Shining Light’. Light shines more brightly in darkness and I aspire to bring hope to those trapped in darkness. 309 more words

Poetry/ Reflections


Dear  Big C & Little C,

After today my heart felt ready to write you. My heart has been swelling beyond my body these 28 days since you came into my life at 11:50 on a Monday night screaming as I took you from your ill fitted booster.   1,126 more words

Pain perception in Pregnancy.

So we touched on Labour experiences last time, so now we are going to expand that subject a because it is important to know a little of what your Wife or partner is going to go through psychologically, emotionally and physically over the next few months and when she is in labour… 2,162 more words

Intro. Parenting


I have decided to start making videos about parenting.

Please, if you have any questions or if you want me to talk about a specific topic, send me an email on khmibrahim@hotmail.com


The Most Important Job

Fatherhood was never something I really aspired to. When thinking of my future, trying to imagine my successes ten years down the line, being a parent was not among them. 519 more words


You think your daughters have it hard…try turning on a tv and seeing 90% of the commercials geared towards encouraging girls…ONLY. Now, this exclusivity of gender has been reversed severly. 19 more words