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Mom about what you said before, I get it now.

Can I be honest with you guys for a second? I thought coming into motherhood would cause me to have a mental breakdown. As time goes on I see from the long sleepless nights to feeling like I’m running a full time circus, I can honestly say I wouldn’t change a thing. 194 more words


I'm Still Here

Hey guys. This is going to be a very serious blogpost, and one that I honestly debated  writing for a long time. I’ve been praying for a while that God would give me a story to tell about something amazing He did in my life. 4,464 more words


Americans Must Take Responsibility for the Election of Donald Trump

We did it.  Americans allowed Donald Trump to be elected in November of 2016.  Voter turnout in 2016 dipped to nearly its lowest point in twenty years.   551 more words

He's Definitely University Material

“Miss Jeffers told me that he was definitely university material. She reckons he might even get into Cambridge or Oxford. His latest test results were the best in the class.   1,029 more words

Flash Fiction

The Moments in Between

I’ve come to develop a new appreciation for the moments in between. You know- the moments where you are waiting. Whether you are at the doctor’s office waiting for your name to be called, at the mechanics waiting for your tires to be changed, or waiting outside in the car for your child to finish a piano lesson. 155 more words

Lesson #33: Crisis? What Crisis?

I’m not good in a crisis. In my dreams, I’m this incredibly courageous woman who leaps tall buildings, laughing and bubbling with confidence. In my fantasies, I am an orator of note; able to express myself elegantly with witty wisdoms that make everyone shake their head in awe and agreement. 691 more words