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Jesus Christ the King has come and he will come again. Mom and Dad, what steps are you taking to direct your family towards Christ this holiday season? 381 more words

Thank God for friends who can write

A dear friend wrote this and it’s so damn appropriate for the holiday season that I wanted to share.

By John Shore, “For Us, Too” 59 more words


All By Myself

Hey guys!

I really want this post to speak to someone today. I want this post to uplift you all and let you know it’s ALWAYS gonna be okay. 319 more words

A Lesson for a Blockhead

After our usual fare of Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy last evening, I was excited to see  A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving was on TV.

As I flipped the channel, Lucy was promising Charlie Brown she wouldn’t pull the football away. 324 more words


Major Family (Gambaly) Meeting

Me with my entire family were to be waiting on them and then the jury arrived.

Yeah!  Jury. It was as if I was awaiting a death penalty. 337 more words


Gifted Ones: Scarcely Human

Hey there! Just wondering?? Are you trying to finish your manuscript? Having a hard time staying motivated? Honing in on your craft? Wondering how to let the beasts (your characters) unleash? 2,771 more words

Victory for Opt Out Parents! Cuomo Backs Down on Tying Tests to Teacher Evaluations!

In a major story today in the New York Times, Governor Cuomo of New York is said to be backing down from his rigid stance on evaluating teachers by test scores. 406 more words

Standardized Testing