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3 things I’m teaching my son about peer pressure

Scripture tells us that life is like a “mist” – here today and gone tomorrow – but nothing captures this like childrearing.

My oldest son is now nine, but it seems just yesterday he was saying his first sentence (“I see lights”), taking his first steps (on a porch of a Cracker Barrel), and spelling his first word (“P-O-L-I-C-E” – he was infatuated with law enforcement). 786 more words

Parents Of Young Children

Not Able Call Parents Affect How?

So, I guess this is the sequel to my other blog post, “Just Call Your Mom.” I was thinking more about how not using traditional calling growing up affects my life today, and I came up with three ways. 435 more words


1 Week Before Surgery

I have heard that some people have to be on a liquid diet for a week or two before surgery – that sounds awful!  I know that Barix Clinics has more of a factory feel and probably does things in a way that makes them more efficient and less likely to have people not comply but still, I am glad that I did not have to go through that, it will be bad enough after the surgery! 1,028 more words


one day i'll be okay

But that day is not today.

I am no longer welcome at home.

According to the woman who birthed and raised me, I am a “drunk fag.” If I ever get married, she has told me she will not attend. 203 more words

Family Stuff!!!


I look at young children and they’re so tiny. I feel like I have to protect them. I can’t fathom how my father had the gall to hit us. 27 more words

Meatloaf Pharaohs Looking Audacious: Parents

“The elephants are dancing on the graves of squeeling mice.” Cream, Anyone for Tennis

we just want what”s best for us,
the best classes, the best facilities, 54 more words