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A dog for christmas

I know people say you shouldnt get a dog for christmas, but well, this year a dog just might come into my parents home!
My dad and mom lost their dog biggie in July, biggie was a bullstaff, and he was an incredible dog. 139 more words


Day 5 of gratitude

Today I am grateful to my parents, both adoptive and birth parents. Without them I wouldn’t exist. My father was my hero, still is and i love him even if he is still not here with us. 353 more words

Family Foundations

Badavath Ravi is a 2nd year student in the RDF VAPV Junior College. He is a sincere, obedient and intelligent student who passed his 1st year exams with distinction. 121 more words


Teaching Beauty

Another Beautiful Girl enjoying her Positive Character Book.

“This Is My Family” features 12 different families. All families are different, no two families are the same. 127 more words

5 December 2020

It’s been a roller coaster of a few months, in some ways and not others.

I’ve pretty much settled into my new job, which by now is 3 months old, though I still am amazed every time I’m having a conversation with Mark. 490 more words

New Beginnings

A new beginning.

We picked up the 10 head of bred heifers we bought a month ago yesterday, and surprised the girls by finally telling them the heifers are the start of their own herds. 141 more words


Free Winter Break Food Bundle

The Washington Elementary School District is offering a free food bundle for winter break for all children 18 & under—even if you don’t live in the district! 15 more words