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They start complaining as soon as their children reach adolescents. It gets even worst when the children gets their first job and receive an income. They start complaining about the money they had invested in their children and how we should be grateful. 516 more words


Our journey as papa and mama F

Everyone has their own pregnancy story and here’s ours:

We got married on 28 Mar 2015 but we didn’t try getting pregnant immediately. We wanted a little bit of “us time” first. 555 more words


Growing Up and Growing Old.

While growing up all I thought of was what I will do when I reach a particular age. At the age of 3 I thought of 13 and at the age of 13 I thought of 23. 608 more words

"We're laughing with you, not at you."

Here’s the thing though… I’m not laughing.

Hi, I’m Lea.

I have a bit of a complex about my sense of humor.  When I was growing up, the worst insult I could hear from my three siblings was that I had our mother’s sense of humor.   380 more words


Parents, Television, Social Media: The Eras That Formed My Contact Lens

“My mother did drugs, hard liquor, cigarettes, and speed,
The baby came out – disfigured, ligaments indeed.
It was a seed who would grow up just as crazy as she, 2,912 more words

On Life

I came away from Facebook for a few weeks. I logged back in a few times not because I wanted to, but because I had to log in to some other damn this or that I had linked to (Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) at one time or another. 1,079 more words

25 Years

So,this was supposed to be a gift for my parents’ 25th anniversary last year. But due to some unforeseen problems, we (me and my sister) didn’t manage to actually make a song out of this and present it to my parents. 258 more words

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