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Yes, you have one

Before you read any further, this has nothing to do with Oprah, or a plethora of free items, insuring that those selected will get a big ticket item she can’t live without, and they can never afford. 891 more words


First Night.

After spending the night away from Meg and Rowan, we were able to bring him home the following day. It was a relief because the newborn baby ward is literally hotter than the sun’s core. 429 more words



It’s been way to long since I last wrote; that’s because so much has happened.


Rowan Edmond Bettis graced us with his presence at 11:52 on the 2nd of May. 819 more words


what dreams may come

Stupid dreams. I had a crazy dream about camping with my mom, sister, dad and an old friend. Dad wasn’t there much but the other 3 figured prominently. 762 more words

A Wonderful Childhood - My Life: Part 1

I’ve decided to write about my story, piece by piece. I’ll begin with my childhood and work my way up. I’m doing this because my memory is horrible and I’m trying to remember my life; I thought that writing out my story could help. 477 more words