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What is RSV?

Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus or RSV, is a respiratory virus that can cause problems in premature infants, very young infants, or in children with diseases that affect the heart lungs and immune systems. 110 more words

Teaching our Young

I am writing this in Canada, where my snow made family are enjoying the snow thanks to a prize my husband won from Mogul Travel. 656 more words


Kid Chef Red Lentil Stew

When kids make this stew, the spices and flavors fill the kitchen with wonderful aromas. Red lentils are high in protein, fiber, and Vitamin B. Kids can add a rainbow of veggies to this dish as each color is a different spectrum of phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. 183 more words


21 weeks pregnant and happy

Morning peeps, with all the new developments in my life I decided to make a vlog to talk about my experience with my wife’s pregnancy. Everyone is always there for the woman and rightfully so I just want an open forum for male support too. 62 more words


My first pregnancy

Hello everyone, I am back with some new content and ideas as I am a mother now and life has completely changed hence, my blog needs changing too,  just so I can reflect my true self. 986 more words

Oral History Project

The Invergordon Associated Schools Group are going to be working on a local history project and we need your help! Taking advantage of our Chromebook connectivity, P7 pupils from the feeder Primaries and S2 pupils from the Academy are going to be working together, asking their community for an oral history of the area. 35 more words

General Discussion

How to Help Kids Cope with Disappointment

Whether it’s a cancelled play date, an ice cream cone that falls on the ground, a scoreless soccer game, or a broken promise due to unforeseen circumstances, life is full of disappointments of varying sizes. 1,068 more words