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Paris 2014 - Volkswagen XL Sport - News and Photos

Volkswagen’s XL1 eco-car is already a thing of wonder. So, how could you make the lightweight, low-drag, special even better? By slotting a 200 PS Ducati motorbike engine into it; that’s how. 577 more words


Paris Motor Show preview: highlights so far

Quick round-up of the upcoming highlights (for me, anyway) at the Paris Motor Show, which opens 29th September. How cute is this? The Smart Forstars is a longer-wheelbase, wider-bodied concept based on the  Brabus electric-drive (60kW motor). 447 more words


Paris Motor Show: Lotus City Car

Here’s a standalone picture of the most relevant of all the Lotus prototypes, if not the most spectacular-looking. The City Car, one of the Proton EMAS trio… 109 more words


Paris Motor Show: Lotus Eterne

Pics of the six Lotus prototypes unveiled in Paris are all over the web by now (apologies for tardiness, but y’know, paid work takes precedence) and I’m not exactly convinced by all their eco-credentials,  so I’ll keep this brief: Eterne. 50 more words


Paris Motor Show: Venturi America EV Dune Buggy

Now this looks fun. French EV-maker, consultancy and aftermarket converter Venturi has built this two-seater Dune Buggy (a high-riding open sports car) with the specific aim of launching it in America – and it’s opened a Stateside HQ in Columbus, Ohio, to sell it. 29 more words

New Cars

Paris Motor Show: Venturi Fetish

Venturi has been doing the electric supercar thing longer than most, but has only made 10 examples of the Fetish, first seen in 2004. It’s planning to up production to ten a year now, however, and has lowered the price tag to a marginally more accessible E300,000 to entice buyers. 36 more words


Paris Motor Show: Renault DeZir

The first concept styled for Renault under new design boss Laurens van den Acker, the DeZir’s intended to preview future work from Renault’s studios. Buzzwords for its genesis were “simple”, “sensuous” and “warm”, and it’s certainly prettier than some of Patrick Le Quement’s creations. 31 more words