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Sneaking Out and Back In.

Damn the paparazzi….permanently camped outside Wattmeister Towers in the hope of stealing a photograph of The Wattmeister in his brand new Paris-Brest-Paris jersey (short-sleeved).

Yesterday, he had to sneak out in disguise at the crack of dawn, wearing the polka dot top which he won in the Tour of Wanstead Flats (1981).   197 more words

Paris-Brest-Paris 2015. Final Phase 65 kms

Eschewing the opportunity to sleep in a bed for the last night….like Young SavilleRowAlex, Pistol and The Wattmeister opted for an al fresco patch of concrete near the entrance to the Dreux control, made a little more comfortable with the aid of a couple of mattresses preceded by a few bottles of beer. 571 more words

Paris-Brest-Paris 2015. Phase 5 Consolidation

If there was a category for snoring on Strava, then Muswell Hill Peloton would feature near the top of the leaderboard. Pistol, a Kiwi, emerged from his tent wearing a… 1,030 more words

Paris Brest Paris 2015 - stuff I didn't do in 2011 that I am glad I did!

I wrote what has become quite a popular post on the 2011 PBP experiences and whether they met with my expectations. That article was included in the PBP finishers magazine and seemed to resonate with quite a few people as to how PBP feels the first time around. 3,147 more words


Bon Courage, Bon route. Paris Brest Paris 2015. Exceeding the expectations ! ! !

Every four years from 1891 has been conducted one of the most prestigious cycling marathons in the world. Paris-Brest-Paris. 1200 km on a bicycle from the capital, to the furthest point west by the Atlantic Ocean, and back. 4,456 more words


Сбъдната мечта. Или какво е да караш 1230 км из Франция

Всеки 4 години от далечната 1891 година насам се провежда един от най престижните колоездачни маратони в света. Париж-Брест-Париж.  1200 км с колело от столицата до най западната точка до Атлантическия океан и обратно.  137 more words


Paris-Brest-Paris 2015 Phase 4, Commitment. Fougeres 310kms to Carhaix 526kms.

The road to Fougeres is dotted with reminders that Stage 7 of the 2015 Tour de France finished here in July.

Muswell Hill Peloton’s representatives, The Wattmeister, Pistol Pete and SavilleRowAlex had been on the road long enough for a bit of stubble to adorn their rugged chins. 840 more words