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Café's and Restaurants to visit in Paris

Although I can’t claim to be any kind of expert on the city, after five months living in Paris I’ve found some lovely little spots to while away the time sipping on an espresso with pals or treating yourself to a meal out when you really shouldn’t have. 633 more words

Terres de Café

Isn’t it wonderful when you stumble on something new and good by accident? Especially at the precise moment you ask for it?

Walking on a very chilly Tuesday morning down Rue Rambuteau, I was muttering to myself how annoying it is that one of my favorite cafes that I passed doesn’t open before 10:00 (which is the case to most cafes and places in Paris) and I almost shouted loudly in the street “I need coffee” ! 369 more words


Missed opportunities 

Some things slip through our fingers when we least expect them. It’s after the event we realise how much of a missed opportunity it really was. 201 more words

Living Life

Day 1: First Cafe Experience & Open Air Bus Tour

The dorm that I’m sharing with my classmate Trupte!

Our first cafe lunch as a group

View of the Arc de Triomph from the open air bus… 598 more words

A Walk Through Paris in Black & White

Paris is beautiful no matter how you view it. Through a monochrome lens, its true elegance and character impresses upon a fresh perspective. Simple, yet complex and always so lovely.

Three Days in Paris

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it’s charms are spellbinding. So much so that we have visited here several times and still love returning. 782 more words


O Coffeeshop

What used to be a two man team on a small wooden table with wheels serving excellent coffee and pastry as a POP-up coffee shop… 254 more words