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Spring 2014 Vacation – The Grand Canyon

Remembering back to my childhood, I have a few, select memories of vacations that were great fun. One vacation stands out tall above the rest when my grandparents took me and my cousin on a two week trip in a motor home from southern Arkansas up to Edmonton Canada, to the biggest mall in the world, then through the Canadian Rockies and back down through Washington, Oregon, Colorado, eventually ending up back in Arkansas. 3,600 more words

Carslbad Caverns

Dead in Arizona: Part 1

There has always been something alluring to me about the desert.

Growing up on Maui, where nothing’s ever farther than an hour away, it makes sense that I always have dreamed about escaping to a barren expanse of land, at times without any signs of life. 230 more words


Six Tear-jerking Films You can Rent From Hornbake

Full Disclosure: I am a student employee at Library Media Services in Hornbake. However, I am not writing this as a library employee; I am writing this as a film lover. 782 more words

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Wim Wenders: Painter, Filmmaker, Photographer - YouTube

The German filmmaker Wim Wenders is a master image maker and storyteller. I’ve been reviewing his work this week, especially his 1984 movie ‘Paris, Texas’, and have marvelled at his use of photography to give the movie its power by creating a profound sense of place. 137 more words


How to dress to be very satisfied of your outfit. In Milano

Yes, today I am very satisfied about my outfit. Do I look like it? I will be sincere with you, and tell you that yesterday I wasn’t. 295 more words

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Fried Green Tomatoes

I have a customer who comes in our shop; often on a Friday, sporadically on a Thursday. No matter where the conversation drifts, as it often does in our “philanthropic” business, she always speaks about her favourite movie “Fried Green Tomatoes” as a point of reference to everything. 317 more words