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The American Friend (1977)

Directed by Wim Wenders

The American Friend is an arthouse take on the fish out of water criminal story, if that’s a thing.  It seems like it is.  2,029 more words

You're worn with every face

“Haunt” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Wordless Wednesday


U.S. Regions on Film and TV


The South

The Northeast



Pacific Northwest


Section Two: Nations

Redemption in Paris, Texas

Our conflicted and silent protagonist Travis (Harry Dean Stanton) emerges from the desert like a mirage. Dressed in an old suit that hangs loose on him and a red trucker hat, an outfit only Stanton could don with such earnest, he reenters civilization in a trance. 627 more words

Paris, Texas (1984)

“And for the first time, he wished he were far away. Lost in a deep, vast country where nobody knew him. Somewhere without language or streets. 588 more words


I'd rather go to Paris, Texas, than Paris, France, anyway

There’s a commercial from the folks at Signet Jewelers that has been making its rounds lately, and it features a young couple—the woman is blindfolded and wearing a necklace from what I assume is Signet’s Interwoven jewelry line—throwing a dart at a map to decide where to go on a trip. 317 more words