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A New Yorker deconstructs everyday life in Paris

Once you’ve gotten used to seeing the Eiffel Tower on your commute every day, and living among centuries-old buildings, what is daily life actually like in Paris? 675 more words


The Normalization of Buffoonery

A friend who recently visited Paris for the first time in forty years – he was just a kid back then – said he immediately felt relieved. 3,728 more words

Paris to the moon

Author: Adam Gopnik

Language: English

Summary: Paris. The name alone conjures images of chestnut-lined boulevards, sidewalk cafés, breathtaking façades around every corner–in short, an exquisite romanticism that has captured the American imagination for as long as there have been Americans.   360 more words


Book Club: Paris to the Moon, by Adam Gopnik

My favorite book written about Paris from the expat perspective is the series of essays written for The New Yorker by Adam Gopnik that was later compiled into a book called  303 more words