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Sketchbook Sunday: Self-Portrait; Tasty Candy Sticks

Other than Candy Corn, Popeye’s Candy Sticks were my favourite treat growing up. It could be due to the fact that I appreciated the blunt and honest names, but it was mostly because of the sugar. 259 more words

Writerly Fun with Bill and Audrey

Writers…we often cast ourselves in the lead of our own internal dramas, but rarely does one of our number actually make it to the big screen in a leading role. 624 more words


Paris: When it Sizzles

Dr. Pepper, meet Audrey Hepburn.  Are we all good and introduced?  Perfect, then we can commence.  For everyone’s information, THIS MOVIE IS A SATIRE OF THE FILM INDUSTRY.   734 more words


Screenwriting Resources

Chapters 3 and 7 (Sound and Image and From Page to Screen) are the sections of Moving Images that deal most explicitly and directly with screenwriting.   202 more words

Chapter 3

Paris when it sizzles

12th film is Paris when it sizzles.

This movie is about a film writer played by William Holden and his secretary played by Audrey Hepburn writing a movie script together and how it comes to life on screen,they go through many changes in this film both with the film and how they feel towards each other. 172 more words