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My Perfect Girl (Chapter 2) by Choi Yura

Author: Choi Yura │ Cast: Oh Sehun, Park Jang Mi (OC) │Other Cast: Park Chanyeol, Kim Jong In, Lu Han │Genre: Romance, Drama │ 4,073 more words


MR BALCONY |Chapter 5

Tittle       : Mr  Balcony ( Chapter 5 )

Author    : PJ

Cast         :

  • Kim Hana (OC)
  • Byun Baekhyun
  • Oh Sehun
  • Park Chanyeol
  • Other member of EXO…
  • 2,284 more words

If only...

When the words “I do” flowed out of Kim June’s mouth, Park Chanyeol knew that his life was now connected to her.

He could finally see her captivating smile and entrancing gaze every single day now and gosh, he could see her beside her every morning. 1,543 more words

From Seoul to Busan (I met a stranger named Kim...)

They met on the train. On December 22nd, when the sun begins to pile up for Christmas and New Year. When the kids begin to drink hot chocolate mug after mug and when couples become forget their worries just for a little while. 3,966 more words


“I want this.” He pointed at his favorite ice cream flavor.

“What?” The vendor asked.

“I said, I want this.”

“Kid, if you wanna say it, then say it properly, don’t just point your finger cause I ain’t no genius to guess which one you want.” 3,176 more words

I'm Better Off Blind

Do Kyungsoo and Byun Baekhyun, best friends since middle-school, would give their life for each other, live with each other and vowed to be each other’s side forever. 3,285 more words

Don't Wake Me Up

4:00 am.

“Kyungsoo-ah, wake up. It’s time for you to go to work.”

“Let me sleep Chanyeol…”

“But you have to go don’t you, you will get your salary plus, if you don’t go, he might scold you again, worse, might even fire you.” 3,018 more words