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Korean Kelloggs

I’ve fallen in to old habits. After two days I can no longer handle having cold soup for breakfast as is typical here. Instead I decided to buy some cereal so that I can eat breakfast in the comfort of the room without having to get dressed before breakfast – a phenomenon I very much enjoy. 155 more words

Park Guen-Hye presidency - a wind of change for the Korean Peninsula?

Her father, Park Chung-Hee, ruled South Korea with an iron fist for eighteen years (1961 – 1979). 34 years later, Park Geun-Hye won democratic elections and became… 1,001 more words


The President's Last Bang (그때 그사람들) - ★★★★☆

The date is October 26th, 1979 – the day of ‘strongman’ Park Chung-hee’s assassination. Following almost 18 years of brutal military rule and with a growing call for democracy by Korean citizens, Park, and those in his regime, are concerned. 809 more words


Dawn's Early Light

Back at the turn of the (solar) year, Lunghu provided his customary analysis of Kim Jong-un‘s New Year’s message and its attendant media coverage.  To offer a bit of graphical balance in the composition of that post, he included an image from ROK President… 1,193 more words

Mountains and Seas of Gold: 2015's New Years Message

Mountains and Seas of Gold: 2015 New Year’s Message

by Robert Winstanley-Chesters

Forecasting the genuinely new in an annual message from North Korea’s Supreme Leader is to anticipate category failure and disappointment. 1,752 more words


How the Singapore, South Korea and Malaysia became a successful countries in Asia?

It’s about that, Singapore, South Korea and Malaysia become the successful stories in Asia it’s all because of its Filipino strongman, Ferdinand E. Marcos. Just like the Philippines, Marcos thought Lee Kuan Yew, Park Chung-hee, and Mahathir Mohammad on how to successfully develop the 3 Asian countries that mention. 1,399 more words

Ferdinand Marcos

The dangerous appeal of the benevolent dictator

Two weeks ago, Alan Knott-Craig Jnr, South African entrepreneur and IT whiz, tweeted the following to his more than 12000 followers:

Young countries are like startups.

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