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Little Black Dress (2011) : Movie Review


“Little Black Dress” depicts the friendships, jealousies, hopes and failures of four 24-year-old girls. The girls first met as first year students in college. They seem to be enjoying their 20’s, but inside they all have worries. 1,068 more words


Drama Review - I Have a Lover (SBS, 2015)

Ugh. In the end Show went into a mess of bland storytelling and the last episode was just fanservice to fans of the OTP. That’s the trouble of long dramas – too much airtime and too little to tell. 513 more words


Tonton Program Baru Maret 2016 di One Channel!


I Have A Lover (Pertama & Eksklusif)

Jadwal Tayang: Perdana 8 Maret 2016, Setiap Selasa – Jumat, pukul 18.40 WIB

Pemain: Kim Hyun Joo… 300 more words


I Have a Lover - 3/4-times Comments

This is super overdue, but hey, actually not much transpired in the past 12 episodes or so. Some more (age old) secrets get revealed, some relationships mend (okay, one relationship only), more noble idiocy onboard. 510 more words


I Have a Lover - Half-time Comments

Ok this half-time comments post is slightly overdue, but better late than never, yes? Episode 13 to Episode 30 covered quite alot of grounds, from Hae Kang/Yong-gi falling in love with Jin-eon all over again, to the real Yong-gi being back to Korea with her young daughter, and to Hae Kang regaining her memory fully BUT seemingly forgot everything that happened to her in the past four years. 479 more words


Park Han Byul Bantah Rumor Tentang Kencan

Perwakilan menjawab  rumor kencan Park Han Byul  dan menyatakan kepada Newsen pada tanggal 14 Desember, “Setelah melihat laporan dan mengecek dengannya langsung, rumor kencan tidak beralasan. 70 more words

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