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REVIEW: The Princess' Man

After watching Arang and the Magistrate, I decided to watch other similar sageuks that I didn’t get the chance to watch. The Princess’ Man was definitely listed next. 1,045 more words


Neighborhood Hero/Local Hero (Series Review)

One of our favorite guest writer has returned! Fishyflakes is back – reviewing a full drama this time! Is this drama a local hero or a local zero? 563 more words


Neighbourhood's Hero (eps4/5): Weecaps

Hero gets shelved to the backburner cos imo, I don’t find it as exciting as OCN’s usual spy/ police thrillers. And there’s a certain heaviness to… 1,783 more words


Sexy spies, betrayal, and revenge in “Neighbourhood Hero”

If you like the stories with spies, you will have a great experience by seeing the “Neighborhood Hero.” Scary characters depict the dark hidden world of espionage. 253 more words


Neighbourhood's Hero: Ffwd Weecaps

kooriyuki has kindly helped in my absence to push out the First Impression and ep1 weecap for Hero. Since this is an OCN show, I will be weecapping it. 1,084 more words