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Winter Sonata - Episode 17

We have had a few moments of cute. Joon-sang and Yoo-jin have finally found each other. But outside forces are already gathering to challenge their love. 2,811 more words


Winter Sonata - Episode 16

Our couple shares some quiet happy time together. But already, the actions of the previous generation are casting a cloud over their relationship. 2,252 more words


Han Jae Seok dan Park Sol Mi Nantikan Kelahiran Anak Kedua

Han Jae Seok dan Park Sol Mi tengah menantikan anak kedua mereka. Anak pertama mereka lahir tahun lalu.

Saat ini, keduanya sedang bahagia dan kemungkinan besar, anak kedua mereka akan lahir pada bulan November 2015. 47 more words


Winter Sonata - Episode 15

A trickle of memories gives Joon-sang a chance to reevaluate his younger self, while those around still reel from the revelation of who he really is. 1,889 more words


Winter Sonata - Episode 14

Out from under all the machinations of the people around her, Yoo-jin manages to find the one boy she has always dreamed about. But he is no longer a boy, and no longer quite the person she used to love. 2,085 more words


Winter Sonata - Episode 13

Poor Lee Min-hyung. After all assertions to the contrary, can he convince anyone he is really Kang Joon-sang? Does he even believe it himself? 2,284 more words


Winter Sonata - Episode 12

Our guy finally finds out who he is, but raises a big conundrum: Is he a childhood name with no memories?  Or an adult name with fake memories?   2,481 more words