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Review - Some Girls - Buckland Theater Company at Park Theater

I’ve been watching Neil LaBute plays since 2008, when I first saw one in the form of Fat Pig at the Comedy Theater. His use of naturalistic language and creation of characters that were fully believable – and extremely American – was a joy for me to see. 783 more words

TRH Review: Some Girl(s)

Originally published on The Reviews Hub

Awarded 3.5 stars – Cleverly interpreted

Men. Most of the time we are a fairly idiotic gender. We bumble through life, often not thinking about much other than the next girlfriend, the next beer, the next sports match. 588 more words


Too Little Too Late: A Cautionary Tale | Some Girl(s) by Neil Labute (Park Theatre)

Guy is about to get married, and he is doing the unthinkable: travelling around the country to visit his ex-girlfriends and ensure that his slate is wiped clean before he joins his life with another for the rest of his days. 1,309 more words


Drawing: Anne Archer in The Trial of Jane Fonda

THE TRIAL OF JANE FONDA is a one-act play inspired by a meeting between the Hollywood ‘wild-child’ of Henry Fonda and angry American war vets disgusted by her visit to Hanoi and photographed with North Vietnamese soldiers sixteen years earlier. 170 more words


Some Girl(s), Park Theatre

Neil LaBute’s exercise in self-flagellation, first seen in 2005 and adapted for film in 2013, offers his familiar misanthropic take on the battle of the sexes. 34 more words


Happy to Help

Following the sale of land to a new supermarket, Happy to Help looks at the lives of the shop assistants during the week that their Managing director is working undercover. 123 more words

A Battle of the Sexes | Q&A With "Some Girl(s)" Cast

‘Guy’ is desperate to clear his conscience before he gets married to his beautiful bride to be. But as he sets off on his psychological and physical journey across America, to make amends with four old flames, the question is: is there something – or someone – he’s missing? 651 more words