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Visiting Tree People - Nature Photography

How often do you take time to observe and enjoy nature? Today my camera and I went on a small stroll through the park.


The To Do List: 8 & 23

Because I’m in the middle of finals, here’s some pictures of the recent Earth Day / Global Citizen Concert on the Mall near the Washington Monument. 176 more words


One-Day Red Cactus Flowers

I found these beautiful cactus flowers today on our walk around the park. I think these are the kind that are open for only one day, but I will check tomorrow to be sure. 91 more words


Heddle Park

Heddle Park is a narrow park with Douglas fir and Garry oak trees in View Royal, B.C.  A chainlink fence lies along the ridge that overlooks the fire station. 143 more words


Springtime Cherry Blossoms

Take a walk through a nearby park or garden, and welcome Spring! The Cherry Blossom flowers have started to bloom all over the world including in the… 39 more words