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The Alley

Rothschönberg, Germany, March 2015

It’s easy to imagine the alley to the little kiosk, guarded by the tall trees casting the shadow of their rich green crowns. 33 more words

Weasel's Pics

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top - Snowy Day

This past February I was at the park getting some ‘winter’ images for another little project I have going. I had just finished up with those when it began to snow. 75 more words


Body Modification For Squirrels

I was going to use a series of photos I took of this park squirrel to discuss a different point for this week’s Saturday Squirrel, but it was impossible for me to look at them and not notice something else that sticks out like a sore thumb… or maybe I should say sore ear.  200 more words


View from Kerry Park & Molly Moon's Ice Cream

My 2 favorite things in Queen Anne…

나의 사랑 케리팍과 스텀프타운 커피맛 몰리문 아이스크림 (뭐 얼그레이맛도 인정..싫어하는게 뭐냐하겠냐만은 ㅋㅋ)