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Roads On Her Face #40: All I Ever Wanted Was Room

My diary tells me all I wanted was my own room. A place that didn’t move. People who knew me, boys who looked at me and wanted me and asked for my number. 322 more words


One Fine Friday

It was Fashion Disaster day at school. The kids were encouraged to wear mismatched clothes.

This is really hard for my kids because they don’t have many outfits that don’t match. 1,125 more words


New Fountain Pen

Went out to an office supply store today and saw that they were selling Parker fountain pens. I just couldn’t help myself, so $50 later I had bought myself a new pen, 5 ink refills and 3 new Moleskine Cahiers journals. 54 more words


Blood Moon

A blood moon is a lunar tetrad or four total consecutive lunar eclipses. Apparently it’s a big deal to some religious observers. The fact that we had one just before Easter on April 4th was a very big deal. 897 more words


SLAYGROUND (1971) by Richard Stark

One of the very last of the original run of novels featuring ultra-hardboiled, single moniker criminal Parker, it begins with a getaway that goes awry. He and his occasional colleague, Grofield, soon part company. 1,514 more words

New York

I'll take 'Who Has Two Thumbs and Two New Kids' for 600, Alec.

Last night Husband and I were blessed with two wonderful children, they’re an absolute joy! D is a female, 12, and incredibly helpful. She is also a friend of my oldest daughter, they attend the same school and are in one of the same classes together. 549 more words

Man Arrested For 'Stolen Valor' Under Questionable Circumstances

A man faces extradition from Puerto Rico after he was accused in Texas of pretending to be an elite Navy SEAL.  It is reportedly a case of “stolen valor.” 373 more words