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Laxer: Premiers blowing hot air on climate change

Last week, Canada’s premiers agreed to a master energy and climate-change plan. It’s specific on fast-tracking pipelines, but aspirational on climate action. No wonder. Building more pipelines to export oil will gut any serious plans to cut greenhouse gases. 634 more words


Braid: Minimum wage and the NDP drive to uproot conservatism

Wildrose calls it radical. The NDP says it’s wonderful. Nothing shows Alberta’s power upheaval more vividly than the debate over raising the minimum wage.

On Monday, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean asked Premier Rachel Notley if the NDP “is committed to radical policy actions that will simply cost Albertans their jobs.” 630 more words

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Cut, Cut, and Cut Again: Five Comments on the Alberta Government's Choice to Cut Alberta Postsecondary Education

The Government of Alberta has brought down its budget for 2015-16. Five comments on its cuts to postsecondary education.

1.  Let’s remember that the postsecondary education system in Alberta is still reeling from the Government’s 2013 cuts, which took tens of millions of dollars away from the University of Alberta alone. 905 more words

Indira Samarasekera

Letters for Wednesday, March 11

Rezone whole city or leave it alone

Re: “How suite it would be,” Editorial, March 3.

I live in the south end of Ward 11 next to Anderson Road and I am against my community being designated R2. 1,144 more words


Breakenridge: Fears over Alberta's gender pay gap are overstated

Whatever taxation or public policy shortcomings might exist in Alberta, the notion that it’s an awful place to be a woman is preposterous — not to mention highly political. 640 more words


Acuna: Klein’s policies got us into this mess

By Ricardo Acuna

It’s curious how the proponents of the “cut first and ask questions later” approach to provincial budgeting continue trying to spread the myth that Ralph Klein’s cuts in the 1990s were necessary, and that somehow Alberta and Albertans are better off because of them. 748 more words


Lakritz: Tradition no reason to leave farm workers unprotected

Thank you, Ric McIver. At last, I know why Alberta will not include farm workers under occupational health and safety laws, employment standards regulations, or make it mandatory for farms to pay WCB premiums. 645 more words