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The weather has warmed up again on the estate and all signs of the brief snow a couple of weekends ago have quickly evaporated.

A winter as mild as this would have made the household pretty miserable 100 or so years ago as ice played an important role on the estate. 313 more words

Meet the Children

The unsung heroes of the estate are perhaps our children and it is something we rarely talk about.

They are also of course the luckiest children in all of England and this we like to remind them of frequently. 399 more words

Red Skies

This week we’ve been blessed with some amazing sunrises and sunsets.

The sun rises in front of the mansion and the long view from the front of the house across the historic park to Cannock Chase is amazing. 209 more words

Love Yew

Twice this week I’ve been spooked by deer exiting our yew tree. The tree is the widest tree in the UK and probably Europe.

It has one central trunk and its branches spread outwards rooting in the ground as they grow. 310 more words


There’s something special about mist at Shugborough and the haze across the estate this morning was magical.

During the winter months, mists swirl across the wider park turning monuments into ghostly structures and adding a mystical air to Shugborough. 178 more words

Busy Day at the Farm

The overnight snowfall has meant it’s been a busy day at the farm. We’ve been out on the parkland breaking ice on water troughs and making sure the animals that stay outdoors in colder weather have extra feed. 276 more words

Snowy Days

Overnight we’ve had a light dusting of snow. Not much, but there may be more to come.

I’d argue that there is nowhere quite as magical as Shugborough when the estate is covered in snow. 241 more words