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GALAH (Cacatua roseicapilla)

While killing some time before an appointment on the west side of Melbourne yesterday, I was lucky enough to spot an enormous flock of Galahs… 733 more words


Fredericton support group helps shine light on what it's like for people living with dementia

Friends and family members of people living with dementia are better understanding the disease through a support group in Fredericton.

The support group is open to the public and aims to provide insight into the complexities of Alzheimer’s and dementia so people can better understand some of the challenges encountered by those experiencing physical, sensory and cognitive impairment. 319 more words


Frugals vs. Lucky's: The Ultimate Parkland Burger Showdown

With dreams of one day being paid to eat great food, two girls stepped into a foray of burger, fries, and drive-ins. The premise: compare two Parkland burger joints on their fries, burgers and shakes to find the best. 961 more words


The Danish Rental Dilemma

If you plan to rent a car in a foreign country, it’s best to do your research ahead of time, particularly if you have any sort of driving restrictions. 1,179 more words


JFK: na zijn dood de autopsie

Op 22 november 1963 12.30h werd er een aanslag gepleegd op het leven van John F. Kennedy in Dallas, in een auto op Dealey Plaza. Hierop is John F. 925 more words


Broward Democrat Lawyer Gets 10 Years In Prison For Stealing $1.5 Million

Broward Democrat lawyer Nicholas Steffens was sentenced to 10 years in prison for stealing $1.5 million dollars from more than 50 clients. Steffens, a former candidate for Broward School Board, worked as an operative/lawyer for several local campaigns. 44 more words


South Bank: Brisbane's ultimate inner city getaway

South Bank is one of Brisbanes biggest attractions, featured along the Brisbane River overlooking the CBD Skyline; you can swim, play, eat and relax under the giant Figs. 591 more words