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So you’re doing fine, you’re living your life when suddenly one day as you’re driving back from work you’re suddenly struck with the realization that you hate your job and should quit today and in this realization you lose focus and have a crash–which is terrible because you need to more alert, like seriously. 338 more words

Weekend Report, Newlywed Edition: An empty pool and a full bladder

Last week, I had my month-out post op appointment with the neurosurgeon who performed my microdiscetomy last month. I was granted the all clear to resume “light exercise” (swimming or an elliptical), PT and finally, after 4 very long weeks of going to splash parks and pool parties and not being allowed to get wet, permission to submerge my scar in a body of water of my choice. 305 more words


Nick Offerman Thinks Ron Swanson Is 'More Complex' Than Fans Give Him Credit For Being

Whether one wants to prove their manliness, tough-as-nails attitude, or both, Parks and Recreation‘s Ron Swanson is the go-to fictional character for all sorts of inspiring quotes and worldly guidance. 275 more words


How to: Treat Yourself in a Healthy Way

To quote Donna Meagle, sometimes, you have to treat yoself. Unfortunately, many people’s idea of treating themselves is unhealthy, expensive, or just a bad idea overall. 550 more words

How To

Presidential Cookie Poll

In attempts to try to lighten this mess of an election, Family Circle is bringing back the Presidential Cookie Poll. The concept is a simple one. 480 more words

An Ode to Mark Brendanawicz, or; Why Characters Leave a Show

When Parks and Recreation premiered in 2009, one of the main characters of the ensemble cast was Mark Brendanawicz (Paul Schneider), the City Planner in the fictional Pawnee, IN, and sometimes-love interest to our hero, Leslie Knope (the inexplicably-Emmy-less Amy Poeller). 2,263 more words


The Tick Gets An Amazon Exclusive Reboot

For new groundbreaking shows on subjects you never expected to see on your TV, laptop or tablet screens, it seems that streaming services are the way to go.

560 more words