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When 'treat yo self' becomes evil kermit: self-care vs. self-sabotage

‘Treat Yourself’ or as I was first introduced to it in Season Four of Parks and Recreation, ‘Treat Yo Self’, is the idea that you should do or buy things – often things you don’t need – that bring you the maximum happiness in the moment, regardless of the consequences (usually to your bank account). 840 more words


Girl, Take Care (of Yourself)

Ever since I watched the episode on Parks and Recreation where Tom and Donna have their yearly “Treat Yo Self” day, my life has changed (for what seems to be the better). 548 more words


The 110% Girl

It’s hard being the girl who is 110%. The girl who would move heaven and earth and anything in between to make her friends happy. The girl who chases after friendships and pours her all into them. 554 more words

Ms. Jean's spirit lives on through Dream Works Conference

By Cheletia Johnson, Lincoln Recreation Center Assistant Supervisor

 “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.”   — Gen. Colin Powell, Former Secretary of State… 450 more words

Public Communications

Oh, god...2017

Let’s just say, “he who cannot be named” is taking office very soon and has made the future of the U.S. uncertain. Somehow, through ignorance alone, “they” elected a loony. 111 more words


New Year, New Series: My TV Watchlist 2017

With a new fresh year come the New Year’s resolutions. From the traditional ones, like getting fitter, to the bizarre ones, like shaving your head for every lie, there are tons of different ones out there. 869 more words


Parks and Rec (Andy Dwyer)

So i’m going in for round two, and I figured I may as well stick with the comedy fellows. Which brings me to another love of mine, Andy Dwyer. 165 more words