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:: Mental Health Week

An interesting way to support a temporary sign much more appealing than that painted on fabric like the one on the right was seen at the UFMG campus. 119 more words


:: Popcorn Seller

Typical popcorn seller cart in Liberty Square.

Típico carrinho de pipoqueiro na Praça da Liberdade.

:: Caesalpinea Ferrea

A symbiosis or maybe a parasitic plant that grows on the trunk of this ‘Iron Wood’ (as it is popularly called) at the main avenue at the UFMG campus. 24 more words

:: WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

Only in a photo, the drops of the water can defy the gravity and stop in the air. Here, at the Park of the Mangabeiras, the jets of the water were also frozen while ‘dancing’ according to the will of the wind. 61 more words

WP Weekly Photo Challenge

:: Open-Air Gym

The city administration has spread more than 240 ‘Open-Air Gyms’ around the town (Sep 2014 data). There are some simple equipments with instructions for use – no weight lifting. 64 more words

Place des Vosges, or winter withdrawal

I’ve been in Paris for five months now, and seen an indian summer turn to an unusually mild autumn, seen the Christmas lights go up to mark the beginning of winter, and experienced a cold snap that had me running to buy jumpers, scarves and slippers. 196 more words