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:: Hot!

After some rainy days, when it rained 40% of the estimated rate for the month, we’re having a hot afternoon.

Depois de alguns dias de chuva, quando choveu 40% da taxa estimada para o mês, estamos tendo uma tarde quente.

:: Santa Lúcia Park

The lake in this park is actually a dam to collect rain water and a small brook to gradually disperse it through an underground canal. This grille protects the drain from branches and debris. 75 more words

:: WP Weekly Photo Challenge: This Time of the Year

When I was a kid and December approached, school year was over and the raining season started. It rained days in a row without any pause. 145 more words


:: Today, 3 PM :20:

City workers installing the Christmas decoration in Liberty Square.

Empregados da prefeitura instalando a decoração de Natal na praça da Liberdade.


:: Absence :31:

“One, two, three! Here I go.” The girls were playing hide-and-seek and how long will it take to find them?

“Um, dois, três! Lá vou eu.” As meninas estavam brincando de esconde-esconde e quanto tempo vai levar para encontrá-las?

:: Absence :29:

The TV reporter is probably out in search to get someone to comment about the latest facts.

O reporter da TV provavelmente saiu em busca de alguém para comentar sobre os últimos acontecimentos.

:: Absence :28:

It seems everybody came in the morning. Midafternoon and nobody here.

Parece que todo mundo veio de manhã. Meio da tarde e ninguém aqui.