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:: Green and Pink

The most popular Samba School in Rio de Janeiro – First Station of Mangueira – is known as “Green and Pink” because of its colors. Here are flowers of a Tabebuia fallen onto a kind of Myrtus or Murraya bush and on earth. 47 more words

:: Tabebuia Heptaphylla + Roystonea Oleraceae

Under a blue sky this morning, a Tabebuia that has already lost most of its flowers.

Sob um céu azul, esta manhã, uma Tabebuia que já perdeu a maior parte de suas flores.

:: Police Patrol :2:

If there they patrolled on bicycles, here they ride horses. At left, Niemeyer bldg by Oscar Niemeyer.

Se eles patrulhavam em bicicletas, aqui eles montam cavalos. 6 more words

:: Red Fence

Railing of a bridge over a brook that no longer exists at the Municipal Park, downtown. The stream bed was grounded and today the bridge became a path. 39 more words

:: Caterpillar Ride

It doesn’t seem to be very popular with kids at the Municipal Park in downtown, though it was Saturday morning and there were plenty of children everywhere. 31 more words

:: Tabebuia Heptaphylla :4:

Yesterday afternoon at Liberty Square.

Ontem à tarde na praça da Liberdade.

:: WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Symbol

This huge sculpture in corten steel by Amilcar de Castro is located in the gardens of the State Assembly and represents the symbol of Minas Gerais State. 62 more words