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:: March CDP Theme Day: Play

On a hot morning, kids spread a wet plastic tarp near a water fountain and enjoy sliding down with a little boost of an adult. It doesn’t take much to have fun. 114 more words


:: WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Tour Guide

First, my favorite: Liberty Square and its central alley of palm trees. Surrounded by cultural centers in buildings erected in the origin of the city. Second, part of downtown skyline seen from a bridge over the train tracks. 209 more words

:: Skywatch Friday: Corral Ridge

Seen against a cloudless sky which in Brazil is called ‘brigadier’s sky’. In Brazilian air forces, brigadier is the highest rank and he is supposed to fly only when sky presents favorable conditions. 53 more words


:: 120th anniversary

One more anniversay of the city and the view from the belvedere on the top of Mangabeiras district Park.

Mais um aniversário da cidade e a vista do mirante no topo do parque no Mangabeiras.

SNAPSHOT: Savannah, GA

I first visited the charming city of Savannah with my group of Girl Scouts. Our main purpose was to visit the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low, founder and first president of the Girl Guides, which would become… 273 more words

United States

:: WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflecting

For my camera delight, I stood just behind the tuba at the open air presentation of the band.
This week, the WordPress photo challenge is ‘Reflecting’. 41 more words


:: April CDP Theme Day: (More Than) Wet

The waters of March close the summer usually with heavy rains. So much, that around the St. Joseph’s day (03/19) there are floods named ‘the flood of St. 362 more words