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:: WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience

These guys found a shady and pleasant spot in the Park to play ‘capoeira’.
This week, the WordPress photo challenge is ‘Ambience’. See more interpretations of it… 30 more words


:: Kickboxing

I usually see these two training in the square on Saturday mornings. Today, they must be intensifying the preparations or taking advantage of vacations.
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:: Pope’s Square :2:

View of the city.

Da Praça do Papa, esta é a vista da cidade.

:: Christmas Decoration :7:

This week, I finaly visited the Liberty Square decoration for Christmas. Less flashy than last year and prettier. Some people take the chance to make some money like the peddlers that sell balloons and toys with colorful lights or the fair of food trucks. 55 more words

:: WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Resilient

Traditional fests are preserved mainly by communities from small towns. They feel pride in presenting every year the songs and costumes that pass from generation to generation. 121 more words


:: Hot!

After some rainy days, when it rained 40% of the estimated rate for the month, we’re having a hot afternoon.

Depois de alguns dias de chuva, quando choveu 40% da taxa estimada para o mês, estamos tendo uma tarde quente.

:: Santa Lúcia Park

The lake in this park is actually a dam to collect rain water and a small brook to gradually disperse it through an underground canal. This grille protects the drain from branches and debris. 75 more words