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:: WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was a Good Day

Sunny Saturday morning, lots of people enjoying the warm day at the Municipal Park.
This week, the challenge is ‘Today was a good day’. See more interpretations of it… 29 more words


:: August CDP Theme Day: Bicycle

I was strolling in the park when this little boy passed by me like an arrow. He parked his bicycle by a bench and ran to meet his friend a few meters away. 145 more words


:: Green and Pink

The most popular Samba School in Rio de Janeiro – First Station of Mangueira – is known as “Green and Pink” because of its colors. Here are flowers of a Tabebuia fallen onto a kind of Myrtus or Murraya bush and on earth. 47 more words

:: Tabebuia Heptaphylla + Roystonea Oleraceae

Under a blue sky this morning, a Tabebuia that has already lost most of its flowers.

Sob um céu azul, esta manhã, uma Tabebuia que já perdeu a maior parte de suas flores.

:: Police Patrol :2:

If there they patrolled on bicycles, here they ride horses. At left, Niemeyer bldg by Oscar Niemeyer.

Se eles patrulhavam em bicicletas, aqui eles montam cavalos. 6 more words

:: Red Fence

Railing of a bridge over a brook that no longer exists at the Municipal Park, downtown. The stream bed was grounded and today the bridge became a path. 39 more words