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The straight lines of the ponds, bridges and boardwalks make it clear that this is an artificial wetland but the ducks and moorhens don’t mind.  The still water reflects buildings and cranes among the clouds but it’s the shoals of small fish that attract the attention of the children exploring the park (as well as a passing heron). 100 more words

Parks & Gardens

Autumn Gold

Old gold, lemon yellow, ruby red and dusky purple.  The avenues in Parc Martin Luther King have been well planned for autumn colour.

Maples just turning to yellow, copper and gold… 80 more words

Parks & Gardens

Heaven is simple

In the train flying
window glimpses like doors

open and close

light speed.


I had a glimpse that I loved.

Today, the darling glimpse again, 20 more words


Park Geometry 2

Solid, evergreen cones of clipped yew stand out against the autumn colour and twig tracery of deciduous trees.  Rectangular blocks of tightly pruned branches contrast with the irregularity of trees left to grow to their natural form.   184 more words

Parks & Gardens

Villages in Paris - Belleville

For me, Belleville is one of the most fascinating and charming parts of Paris. Spanning 4 arrondissements in the north east of the city, it’s home to a hugely diverse population and an eclectic mix of artist’s studios, Chinese supermarkets, excellent and reasonably priced restaurants, and hip new bars, along with the coffee roasting house that supplies many of the new wave of cafés currently reviving the coffee drinking scene in Paris. 368 more words

The Right Bank