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Walking with Plants

There are 2 things I do everyday.

It’s walking and plants.

Today, I walked around and saw beautiful plants. 298 more words

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Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh / 왕립 에딘버러 공원

A slightly long weekend in Edinburgh.

Three of us as a family, for the first time.

에딘버러에서 보낸 조금 긴 주말.

셋이서 가족으로, 처음으로.

We visited Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. 149 more words

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Up The Side of Delaware Gap (Rough & Soft in Autumn)

The leaves were just past peak, but the red trail leading up the side of Delaware Gap was magnificent this past weekend. Looking over the photos, what strikes me is not so much the play of color as much as the rough and soft textures of leaf, rock, trunk, water, and moss –and then bright afternoon sunlight falling onto the mountain across the way, but softly into the forest. 45 more words


Walking The Tightrope

** On Children **

Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,

308 more words

Ivy Road / 아이비 길

I love the name of this street already, Ivy Road.

아이비 길 이라는 이름부터 좋다. 268 more words

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Yew Berries / 주목 열매

Yew trees remind me of Christmas. It is probably because they are conifers.

When they have berries, it becomes even more obvious.

주목을 보면 성탄절이 떠오른다. 80 more words

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In The Greenhouse

There are some places you discover unintentionally, others guided by a friend willing to share their hidden spaces. Rikke, a friend and passionate architect, shared with me some time ago one of her own favorite places, tucked away off Copenhagen’s beaten track in the borough of Frederiksberg. 164 more words