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10 Days in Korea / 한국에서의 10일

10 days in Korea, it had been 2 years.

2년만에, 한국에서의 10일 89 more words

Parks / Gardens

Luxembourg Flowers

The summer bedding in the Jardin du Luxembourg seems to be planned to come into its own in September, timed for la rentrée when Parisians return from their long summer holidays. 62 more words


Sun on Autumn Leaves

A seat in the sun and a couple in dappled shade.  Subtly coloured benches blend with the gravel paths in the Jardin de Plantes.  The seats have clearly been chosen for their robustness and understated good looks not their comfort. 6 more words


On the Edge at Versailles

Grand design at the Chateau de Versailles is a matter of clear boundaries and crisp edges.

Some boundaries are strongly practical.

Others are symbolic and almost theoretical. 83 more words

Parks & Gardens

Topiary at Versailles

In the vast parterres of the Chateau de Versailles the neatly clipped yew trees stand at precisely spaced intervals.  Impressive at a distance, sometimes comical from close up. 169 more words

Parks & Gardens