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Can David Cameron call a second election? How does that fit with the Fixed Term Parliaments Act?

Robert Hazell outlines how the Fixed Term Parliaments Act restricts the new government from calling a second election. He writes that if Cameron wanted to take a gamble to boost his slender majority, he would have to work within the confines of the Act given the likely complexities of any attempt to repeal it. 1,047 more words


Little's budget speech

Andrew Little’s budget speech has been slammed by opponents, not surprisingly,

John Key “That was singularly the worst reply speech by a Leader of the Opposition this Parliament has heard.” 3,539 more words


Budget 2015

The budget will be presented in Parliament today at 2 pm.

I’ll be otherwise occupied so will miss all the excitement – but it usually takes the pundits a day or so to properly dissect it and give in depth analysis. 10 more words


Iain Lees-Galloway unhappy in Parliament

Labour MP Iain Lees-Galloway wasn’t happy with the Speaker David Carter nor a number of Government MPs  yesterday in Question Time.

Iain Lees-Galloway @IainLG  

Disgusting display of arrogance from Bill English in the house.

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Winston Peters

Winston Peters' honour "is beyond question"

Winston Peters claimed during Question Time in Parliament yesterday in an odd exchange with John Key that “he is doubting my honour, and that is the real issue here, because, as you know, it is beyond question”. 509 more words

John Key

The budget phony war

The process used for the release of the budget is bizarre.

Details have been drip fed and hinted on over the past month or so. 161 more words


Cameron’s parliamentary challenge #2: Managing the Lords

As the fallout from the general election is dissected, some commentators have noted the challenges facing Cameron’s new government in managing the House of Commons with such small majority. 1,904 more words