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Mallard versus Smith again

Trevor Mallard as Assistant Speaker has clashed with Nick Smith in Parliament before, with Smith being sent from the House – see Trevor Mallard versus Nick Smith. 463 more words


Debate on Healthy Homes bill

Andrew Little’s Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill passed it’s first vote in parliament last night 61 to 60, thanks to the deciding vote of Peter Dunne. 859 more words


Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill introduced

Andrew Little’s introduction of his Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill in Parliament yesterday. It passed it’s first vote 61 to 60 thanks to the deciding vote of Peter Dunne. 1,384 more words


Seymour's End of Life Choice Bill

Act MP David Seymour unsuccessfully tried to introduce his End of Life Choice Bill “to be debated as members’ order of the day No. 1 on the first members’ day after the Health Committee reports back to the House on its inquiry into the petition of Maryan Street and 8,974 others”. 763 more words


Little versus Key on Overseas Trusts

Labour leader Andrew Little questioned Prime Minister John Key in Parliament today on Overseas Trusts, the first opportunity in Parliament since recent claims and revelations. 1,094 more words


NZ First versus Parliament again

Parliament resumed today with Question Time and it didn’t take long for New Zealand First MPs to get offside with the Speaker and get thrown out, with Denis O’Rourke being ejected early during Question 8. 1,005 more words

Winston Peters

In the event of a Leave vote Brexit would dominate Westminster for years

The Constitution Unit, together with the UCL European Institute, is holding a special series of seminars on the implications and consequences of Brexit. The first, on 21 April, focused on the consequences for Westminster and Whitehall. 937 more words