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The real Prime Minister's statement

It turns out that what was supposed to be the Prime Minister’s statement in Parliament on Tuesday was mostly John Key ad libbing a string of petty attack lines. 99 more words


Peters back to barrel scraping

Winston Peters came across as the most sensible MP when speaking on the Te Tii Marae issues last week. But back in Parliament he has quickly returned to scraping the bottom of an attention seeking barrel. 1,024 more words


Why MPs behave poorly in Parliament

One of the primary reasons why MPs behave poorly in Parliament is because political journalists feed the frenzy by giving the worst of parliament the most attention. 369 more words


Leader's opening speeches

I’ve posted John Key’s and Andrew Little’s opening speeches in Parliament separately:

Here are the rest of the party leaders’ speeches with opening and closing lines from the draft transcript: 1,678 more words


Little's reply to Prime Minister's Statement

I think that the leader/s of the Opposition get a copy of the Prime Minister’s Statement in advance so they can prepare their response.

Labour leader Andrew Little began: 3,315 more words


Prime Minister's Statement

John Key kicked off debate in Parliament for the year with the Prime Minister’s Statement.

As usual Key sets out a modest programme for the year and put more effort into getting a few digs in at Andrew Little and Labour. 3,128 more words


Parliament resumes today

Most of those who have Christmas holidays have been back at work for a few weeks.

Members of Parliament resume today in Parliament (ok, some of them have being doing other stuff before now). 103 more words