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This week in Parliament

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meetings of the house

Publication of This week in Parliament will resume at the next sitting of the House

The sitting programme for the year was cut short by the dissolution of the 51st Parliament on 22 August. 1,148 more words


Do we need government formation rules?

While I think that many voters care little if at all that we don’t have a new government yet, but the political limbo has given the media a chance to fill the vacuum with calls for a different, quicker or more definite way of forming governments. 849 more words


Options for an English Parliament: policy powers and financial arrangements

Ongoing Constitution Unit research is exploring options for an English Parliament. Two of the most fundamental questions concern what policy powers such a body would have and financial arrangements. 1,608 more words


Reality strikes Winston's timeline

It isn’t surprising to see Winston Peters changing his tune on when a new government will be announced. He seems to be shifting from ‘Yes on Thursday’ to ‘don’t know and it doesn’t matter when’. 782 more words


Standing up for parliament: how non-elected officials represent parliament as an institution

In a new article David Judge and Cristina Leston-Bandeira identify non-elected officials rather than elected members as those who ‘speak for’ and ‘act for’ parliaments as institutions most often. 1,251 more words


Peters warns of "disappointment and anguish", deadline softens.

Winston Peters appears to be preparing supporters for disappointment over his decision on who to govern with and what policies will be agreed on. Via his Facebook page: 349 more words


Shoddy treatment of the Greens

The Greens have put themselves in a weak negotiating position by choice, but that still doesn’t excuse the treatment of them by Winston Peters. A 7.2% party leader is treating a 6.3% party with contempt. 1,000 more words