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Liberals, Tories continue to refuse to start national pharmacare program

It’s easy to assume that a proposal which is both popular and demonstrably effective should be readily implemented as policy. But this week’s vote in Parliament on a national pharmacare program highlights a glaring gap between the wishes and the interests of the public, and the political choices of both the Liberal and Conservative parties. 582 more words


Alberta's current fiscal policy 'not sustainable' in the long term: report

A new report says Alberta will pile on debt for decades to come unless the government takes serious action.

The Parliamentary Budget Office says Alberta’s fiscal gap stands at $14 billion per year and major changes need to happen to get back on solid footing. 307 more words


Notley dismisses bad-news budget report by federal watchdog

Premier Rachel Notley is dismissing a report from the Parliamentary Budget Office that raises the alarm over the state of Alberta’s finances.

In a review of the federal government’s and each of the provinces’ books, … 455 more words


Marni Soupcoff: One promise the Liberals actually kept will make the next election much worse

The federal Liberals may have failed to deliver on many of their campaign promises, but they’ve done almost exactly as they said they would in at least one area: getting the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) involved in costing future election campaign promises — theirs and those of other political parties. 752 more words

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Canadians' love for debt headed into uncharted territory, PBO report warns

Sitemize “Canadians’ love for debt headed into uncharted territory, PBO report warns” konusu eklenmiştir. Detaylar için ziyaret ediniz. http://www.xjs.us/canadians-love-for-debt-headed-into-uncharted-territory-pbo-report-warns.html


Terence Corcoran: Watch out for these Top 5 Liberal budget spins on Wednesday

Here are the top five issues/subjects/spins to track when Finance Minister Bill Morneau produces the Liberals’ second budget in the House of Commons on Wednesday. 920 more words

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Chris Selley: An island of reason in the Sea of Trump: Imagine what a better-funded PBO could do for Canada

As I write this, the President of the United States has just declined to shake hands with the German Chancellor. A few hours earlier he had accused North Korea of “behaving very badly” and China of doing “little to help” — on his Twitter account, naturally, which he runs himself. 835 more words

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