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Opinion: Legalizing marijuana isn't apt to bring a windfall for governments

Several economic myths have surrounded the legalization of marijuana. This has maintained the illusion that it would be a bonanza for federal and provincial treasuries because of the supposed enormous tax revenues that legalization would generate. 599 more words


Competition from black market means legal marijuana won’t likely be tax cash cow: PBO

OTTAWA – Legal marijuana must be delicately taxed and competitively priced or consumers will retreat to the black market, negating a core rationale for legalization, the parliamentary budget officer said Tuesday. 773 more words


Ottawa expects 600,000 more people to smoke pot after it's legalized

Approximately 600,000 more Canadian may smoke marijuana – at least occasionally – when it’s legalized, a report published Tuesday by the Parliamentary Budget Officer predicts. 633 more words


John Ivison: Trudeau mulls plan to give budget watchdog teeth but it could come back to bite Liberals

Much of the legislative architecture built by the Harper government is being torn down by the Trudeau Liberals.

But there is one edifice the government has said it will not only preserve, but will actively enhance — the Parliamentary Budget Office. 705 more words

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Education tax credits were mostly used by top-earners: PBO

OTTAWA – The country’s highest-earning families benefited disproportionately from tax breaks and incentives designed to help people save and pay for post-secondary education, says a new report from the budget watchdog. 503 more words


Analysis: Don't expect Liberals to woo public service with spending

The Liberal government’s love affair with Canada’s public servants doesn’t seem to include spending money on them.

In fact, the recent federal budget has signalled that the Liberals could be as tightfisted as their Conservative predecessors with departmental business or operating expenses, of which salaries are the single biggest expense. 990 more words


Finance Department hands over missing budget data

The Finance Department formally gave up the missing five-year costs from the Liberal budget, avoiding a parliamentary showdown with Canada’s budget watchdog.

Finance Deputy Minister Paul Rochon turned over the numbers for the missing three years that Parliamentary Budget Officer Jean-Denis Fréchette requested in a letter last week. 622 more words