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Guaranteed minimum income would cost Ottawa $76 billion a year, budget watchdog says

OTTAWA — A federal spending watchdog says it could cost federal coffers more than $76 billion a year to provide a national, guaranteed minimum income similar to the one being tested in Ontario. 141 more words


Ottawa's infrastructure program falls far behind schedule with $7.2 billion still unspent, says PBO

OTTAWA — The federal government’s massive infrastructure spending program continues to lag well behind schedule, with half of planned spending in 2016 alone still not designated toward specific projects, according to a new report. 496 more words


Shrinking the Size of Government is No Longer an Option - It’s Required

Atlantic Canada is facing serious challenges and we no longer have the option of kicking the can down the road. The demographic tsunami is upon us, and there is a looming financial crisis in that wave. 605 more words

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Liberals, Tories continue to refuse to start national pharmacare program

It’s easy to assume that a proposal which is both popular and demonstrably effective should be readily implemented as policy. But this week’s vote in Parliament on a national pharmacare program highlights a glaring gap between the wishes and the interests of the public, and the political choices of both the Liberal and Conservative parties. 582 more words


Alberta's current fiscal policy 'not sustainable' in the long term: report

A new report says Alberta will pile on debt for decades to come unless the government takes serious action.

The Parliamentary Budget Office says Alberta’s fiscal gap stands at $14 billion per year and major changes need to happen to get back on solid footing. 307 more words


Notley dismisses bad-news budget report by federal watchdog

Premier Rachel Notley is dismissing a report from the Parliamentary Budget Office that raises the alarm over the state of Alberta’s finances.

In a review of the federal government’s and each of the provinces’ books, … 455 more words


Varcoe: Federal budget watchdog says Alberta's fiscal policy unsustainable

News flash: Alberta’s financial policies are “not sustainable” over the long term.

That blunt assessment doesn’t come from partisan opposition critics, number-crunching economists or opinionated busybodies like myself who have warned the Notley government of a budget snowball headed toward the province. 877 more words