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Terence Corcoran: Watch out for these Top 5 Liberal budget spins on Wednesday

Here are the top five issues/subjects/spins to track when Finance Minister Bill Morneau produces the Liberals’ second budget in the House of Commons on Wednesday. 920 more words

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Chris Selley: An island of reason in the Sea of Trump: Imagine what a better-funded PBO could do for Canada

As I write this, the President of the United States has just declined to shake hands with the German Chancellor. A few hours earlier he had accused North Korea of “behaving very badly” and China of doing “little to help” — on his Twitter account, naturally, which he runs himself. 835 more words

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The federal Liberals turn ‘infrastructure spending’ into meaningless words

In their campaigning, and since coming into power, the Trudeau Liberals have talked a lot about wanting to grow the economy to better serve Canada’s middle class. 501 more words

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Liberals played politics during House of Commons break with blizzard of cheque handouts worth $1.25B

OTTAWA — It was a blizzard of cheque handouts from MPs the likes of which has never been seen in the nearly decade-old National Post database that tracks each and every federal government spending announcement. 772 more words


All eyes (soon to be) on Rideau Hall as shuffle speculation swirls

Even as rumours of an imminent cabinet restructuring race across the ice-encrusted precinct and through the hallways of the capital, there’s still no word – no official word, at least – on exactly… 363 more words


Let the frantic last-minute early adjournment negotiations begin!

Depending – as always – on how it unfolds, today could mark the final sitting before the Chamber shuts down for the holidays.

While the official Commons calendar would keep MPs on the clock until Friday, those same MPs could rise ahead of schedule, provided that every one of them – or, at least, every one who is within range to take part in a voice vote when and if a motion to do so is put to the House – agrees to close up shop tonight. 697 more words


Opinion: Legalizing marijuana isn't apt to bring a windfall for governments

Several economic myths have surrounded the legalization of marijuana. This has maintained the illusion that it would be a bonanza for federal and provincial treasuries because of the supposed enormous tax revenues that legalization would generate. 599 more words