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National Post View: Correcting a tax injustice

No sooner had the Conservative government delivered its budget Tuesday, including the promised higher annual limit on contributions to Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSA) and the “Family Tax Cut,” otherwise known as income splitting for families with children, than critics struck up the same dour refrain we’ve been hearing for months: that these measures “mostly benefit the rich.” 627 more words

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Federal budget is now balanced, but billions in future surpluses wiped out, PBO says

The federal budget watchdog says the books are already balanced but that tens of billions of dollars in expected surpluses will be largely wiped out by new tax breaks, lower oil prices and reduced EI premiums — possibly leading to small deficits within two years. 835 more words


Committees told to use their powers to help budget watchdog

A joint parliamentary committee wants MPs and Senators to use their sweeping powers to help Canada’s budget watchdog get access to economic and financial data from stonewalling federal departments. 461 more words


Balanced budget legislation – more common than balanced budgets

Finance Minister Joe Oliver told a business audience in Toronto Wednesday that the government plans to introduce balanced budget legislation – something that was promised back in 2013. 527 more words


No teen left behind

Out of the goodness of its vote-conscious heart, the federal Conservative government has made child care a sturdy plank in its election platform this year. Noting that mum and dad are the “real experts” in raising a rug rat, the Tories have enhanced the Universal Child Care Benefit and Child Care Expense Deduction in 2015. 520 more words


Senator wants to change law after PBO fails to get 'tax gap' data

A senator wants to change the law so the Canada Revenue Agency is required to annually report how much money is lost to tax evasion, after a two-year battle with “stonewalling” bureaucrats to get that information. 717 more words


Child care benefits shifting away from families with kids in daycare: PBO

WATCH: The Parliamentary Budget Office analyzed the plans for the family tax cut and found the biggest share doesn’t go to those who need it most. 532 more words