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Kevin Page delivers a warning to the public service

Kevin Page was Canada’s first parliamentary budget officer, appointed by Stephen Harper. He served from March 2008 to March 2013. His new book, Unaccountable: Truth and Lies on Parliament Hill, recounts his tumultuous relationship with the federal government and departments that often stonewalled on sharing information with the PBO. 1,935 more words


Federal departments left $8.7 billion unspent last year

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper on Monday defended federal departments for holding on to billions of dollars last year. The unspent money was instead returned to the federal treasury, and played a huge role in the Conservative government posting a $1.9-billion budget surplus in the last fiscal year. 610 more words


Peter Hadekel: Tightening admission of foreign temporary workers to Canada could hurt Quebec

Once again, Quebec has a beef with federal policy — this time over Ottawa’s decision to tighten the admission of temporary foreign workers into Canada. 665 more words


National Post View: Correcting a tax injustice

No sooner had the Conservative government delivered its budget Tuesday, including the promised higher annual limit on contributions to Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSA) and the “Family Tax Cut,” otherwise known as income splitting for families with children, than critics struck up the same dour refrain we’ve been hearing for months: that these measures “mostly benefit the rich.” 627 more words

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Federal budget is now balanced, but billions in future surpluses wiped out, PBO says

The federal budget watchdog says the books are already balanced but that tens of billions of dollars in expected surpluses will be largely wiped out by new tax breaks, lower oil prices and reduced EI premiums — possibly leading to small deficits within two years. 835 more words


Committees told to use their powers to help budget watchdog

A joint parliamentary committee wants MPs and Senators to use their sweeping powers to help Canada’s budget watchdog get access to economic and financial data from stonewalling federal departments. 461 more words


Balanced budget legislation – more common than balanced budgets

Finance Minister Joe Oliver told a business audience in Toronto Wednesday that the government plans to introduce balanced budget legislation – something that was promised back in 2013. 527 more words