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Plus ça change ...

… plus c’est la même chose.

It’s as though The Good Old Days – and These You Have ‘Loved’ – had never been away

Parliamentary Elections

Gruevski appeals for parliamentary elections to be held together with local elections

SKOPJE – The leader of VMRO-DPMNE Nikola Gruevski confirmed Tuesday that political parties had agreed that local elections will be held on October the 15th, this year, and once again urged for new early parliamentary elections to be held together with the local elections, Meta reports. 111 more words



Presidential Election Result coda

At 17:30 yesterday the President of the Conseil constitutionnel (ex-Foreign Minister Fabius) announced the Official Result (once they’d got rid of 0.05% of votes previously counted that didn’t cut the mustard): it’s… 1,969 more words

Le Pen

Day 3 - Memo to Self: Must try to understand how President, Government and Parliament interact when there's no majority for the President's Party

Sounds as if we should worry about Article 16 of the French Constitution

A question regularly posed: what happens if Macron wins, but fails to get a majority in June’s Parliamentary Elections. 388 more words

Opinion Polls

Britain fighting a lonely Brexit battle -- EU speaking friendship but possible torture lies ahead -- Theresa May rejects Brussels' hardline Brexit demands


The EU is speaking of friendship but has given the Britons an occasional glimpse of possible torture that lies in wait. The Brexit divorce could still hurt, but a compromise is possible, says DW’s Bernd Riegert. 900 more words

Day 10 - Blue is the colour of my ...

… candidates’ posters

Le Figaro has produced an enjoyable analysis of the Round 2 posters (non-francophones will enjoy the pictures … be patient to get past some annoying ads). 1,607 more words

Le Pen

Day 29 - 3 became 5 became 2 ... and NOW it's only going and becoming 4

The numbers game

An utterly confused and confusing Presidential Election campaign. We began with Fillon-Le Pen-Macron, transmuted into Fillon-Le Pen-Macron-Hamon-Melenchon, followed by a long series of stone bonker certain Le Pen-Macron. 992 more words

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