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Day 41 - It's dirty out there. [Warning. BUMPER LONG READ EDITION]

Le Monde (25/03) editorial: The ‘Trumpisation’ of the campaign

‘For two months, the Presidential campaign has been crazy. The expected normal confrontation between candidates and their programmes, the national debate allowing the French to make their electoral choice has been replaced by a soap opera of scandals. 2,952 more words


The expat dilemma: voting from abroad

With Erdogan and his referendum campaign creating headlines all over the world, one would almost forget that a political event of note also took place in the Netherlands. 607 more words


Day 57 - Six weeks to Round One ... still disappointingly vacuous

Such ‘charming’ people running Fillon’s campaign 

Fillon’s team tweeted Friday midday: ‘The truth about Macron’s galaxy ’.

The cartoon they’d used had all the delicate stench of Thirties anti-semitic propaganda. 1,455 more words


21 January 1790: "...one has to be the strongest or to shut up" - a deputy on the Assembly's mechanics

La séance de ce matin a donné… lieu à deux observations importantes : on a lu la liste des personnes qui composent le comité d’imposition : je ne les crois pas bien choisies, et, à la réserve de M. 471 more words


German Inefficiency - By Guido Steinberg January 19, 2017

On December 19, 2016, Germany was hit by its first major Islamist terrorist attack, when Anis Amri, a Tunisian supporter of the Islamic State (ISIS), drove a trailer truck into a Berlin Christmas market, killing 12 and wounding 53. 157 more words

Point Of Interest

The politically unstable past of Africa's fastest-growing economy is threatening its future

From the fancy French-style cafes to the fancy malls of capital city Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire has been a picture of economic stability and rapid growth in recent years. 442 more words

Lebanese Politics - 2016 In Review

Lebanon ends 2016 with a Lebanese Forces minister as the official spokesman of a March 8-dominated cabinet led by President Michel Aoun and his Prime Minister, Saad Hariri. 6,272 more words