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Andrej Babiš is the new leader of the Czech Republic

The light at the end of the tunnel for European Union is still far away: there is no reason to breathe a sigh of relief. 616 more words

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Iceland’s Election, Take Two — Over the Circle

For the second time in less than a year, Icelanders will be voting in parliamentary elections on 28 October, after another period of political upheaval which saw the unstable centre-right coalition government collapse last month.

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A warning shot, not yet a crisis for German democracy

Dr Philipp Köker explains why the success of the far-right ‘Alternative for Germany (AfD)’ in Sunday’s election is cause for concern, but far from heralding a crisis for German democracy. 442 more words


Norway tightens IT security, vote count procedures in run-up to election


OSLO (Reuters) – Norway is tightening security procedures ahead of parliamentary elections on Sept. 11 to prevent possible vote tampering, the government said on Friday. 59 more words

A month is an eternity in politics

Vive la différence. She’s in office (fingertip-clingingly) but scarcely in power

A month is about the time it took Theresa May to forfeit every vestige of Prime Ministerial credibility. 1,176 more words

Parliamentary Elections

Smaller tsunami than forecast ... The Nation had second thoughts


It’s probably as high as 57% (Historic All-Time High) which will have contributed to the over-estimation (by the opinion polls) of the LREM success. This after several rounds of voting when the polls were spot on. 224 more words

Parliamentary Elections

Substantial overall majority forecast for ... the stay-aways

‘Right and Left try to survive against Macron’ (Le Figaro front page lead)

At midday, 17.75% of the electorate had voted in Round 2 of the Legislative Elections – the lowest midday turnout for over 20 years … and the first time in 20 years the turnout dropped in Round 2 compared to Round 1 (down 1.5 points). 146 more words

Parliamentary Elections