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Everyday Issues in Democratic Parliamentary Politics ... Now in Sri Lanka

ONE. Michael Roberts: Democratic procedures in plural societies, whether in the West or the East, invariably seem to spawn a proliferation of parties and/or factions. These factions and minute parties can imperil the democratic process by generating instability and even rendering instability into a permanent feature of the political order during some moments in a country’s history. 1,186 more words

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Lebanese Politics - 2015 In Review

2015 will probably be remembered as the first year in Lebanon’s history that was entirely spent without a president. But for what it’s worth, there was a lot more than that to it, which is why this post is a summary/compilation of all of Lebanon’s events for this year. 3,660 more words


Sri Lanka as an Investment Frontier -- Mark Mobius

Mark Mobius, 18 December 2015, with title Sri Lanka could be the next big investment frontier …. http://mobius.blog.franklintempleton.com/2015/12/17/travels-in-sri-lanka-the-political-and-investment-climate/

My team and I recently traveled to Sri Lanka and saw firsthand its great appeal as a tourist draw. 2,480 more words

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#FollowFriday to Venezuela / Sigan a Venezuela

Versión en Español

I know, today is not Friday. I was meant to publish this post last Friday but was unable to for several reasons. 887 more words



It is 11:55 EST time (12:25 AM Caracas time). The Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE) has yet to officially announce the results of today’s parliamentary election.  893 more words

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Elections in Venezuela: How are ballots cast? How are votes safeguarded?

Next December 6th, 19,496,296 Venezuelans will exert their right to vote to elect 167 deputies to the National Assembly. Although voters in this country already have 12 years of experience in e-voting, it’s always a good idea to become familiar with the voting process and electoral guarantees for this occasion. 745 more words