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Filkin' Around: "Call Any Hireling"

My guildie Comic Relief made the most of his 100th blog post, which detailed 100 things he likes about DDO.

One of these days I should do something similar. 120 more words

Filkin' around: "Purple Worm"

I’m sure anyone who read my last blog will be very glad that Niituna has been forbidden to touch the computer again. Ever. The strain on my Caps Lock key was incredible. 379 more words

BollywoodGandu - Bench*d Sutta Parody - Funny Parody Song

You’ve heard and loved the original song. Here’s a completely unnecessary parody!

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Lyrics: Aadar Malik and Karan Talwar… 79 more words

Filkin' Around: Umber Hulk Eyes

Update 31 hits tomorrow! YAY!

To celebrate U31, aka “Gnomework,” and the fact that WE’RE GETTING UMBER HULKS!, I thought a filk might be in order. 116 more words

Supernatural parody( we gotta sort it out-

Demons- Imagine Dragons
Supernatural Parody When my eyes turned black
You kept me on track
And I know it’s hard
So we won’t look back… 331 more words
Parody Songs

Post-Exam Song-Reel: Three

33(%) – Britney Spears ft DP Certificate

one two three
Not just finals and me
Gotta get that DP but I’m stuck on 33
Countin’ one two three… 212 more words

Parody Songs

Song of the Day: White Trash Christmas by Bob Rivers

White Trash Christmas

I’m dreamin’ of a white trash Christmas
We’ll decorate the mobile home
There’ll be cousin’s kissin’
And front teeth missin’
And you’ll hear grandpa peein’ in the snow… 116 more words

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