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Harry Potter Fix of the Day

Does anyone else miss the Wizarding World Harry Potter? For example, any time a movie comes on TV, I turn it on. Or something pops up in my news feed about the franchise and I have to read the article.  38 more words


Style Frames, Storyboard, Scenario

My base/reason/inspiration for this animation comes from were I live, the internet. And as of lately I started to notice that unimportant stuff, like celeb news, news about objects (The Dress) are more well known, more discussed and more cared about than real life happenings. 540 more words


Notes on It Follows

1. David Robert Mitchell cites John Carpenter and Halloween, as is respectable to do, but It Follows is more in the vein of Wes Craven’s… 643 more words


One From The Vaults: Tenacious D

We watched Spinal Tap for the umpteenth time the other night. what a film! what. a. FILM. It’s marvelous on so many levels, right from the observational aspects of being in a band, the people around the band (and believe me, as a journo for many years, I’ve met all versions of these characters – from bands that ‘show off’ during an interview to fakely friendly PRs – although some have been totally cool and into what they are promoting – to even getting lost myself whilst in a band performing at the Brixton Academy – definitely a ‘Hello Cleveland’ moment. 827 more words


Study shows toddlers act like little drunk adults, even when not intoxicated

A recent study demonstrated that toddlers act like little drunk adults, despite whether or not they are intoxicated. Dr. Scott Moore and colleagues from the Alcohol and Drug Research Institution had children, ages 2-6, play by themselves in a room. 82 more words