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Stevieslaw: Cousin Myron Reflects

Stevieslaw: Cousin Myron Reflects

I don’t often hear from Myron’s wife Marsha. We decided, independently, that limiting our discussions to just the state of our respective children’s well-being would do much to promote world peace. 350 more words


Perfect Recipe for a South Indian Climax scene.

We south Indians are known for our great and unimaginable fight sequences. We freaking love Drama!

We’ve cooked up the perfect recipe for the best climax fight sequence. 552 more words


U.S. Beauty Queens Beg Putin to Rig Their Pageants.

Miss Russia 2016 Yana Dobrovolskaya won without President Putin’s help.

By C. Michael Forsyth

MOSCOW — Since November, thousands of ordinary Americans in all walks of life have been inundating Russian President Vladimir Putin with requests that he influence the outcome of everything from small-town beauty pageants to divorce cases, officials say. 388 more words


Door number 2 on the advent calendar in chez Strachan has just been opened. It was preceded by a formal ceremony, during which the band of the Coldstream Guards played a moving version of Jay-Z’s ’99 Problems’. 557 more words


Views Of Trump

A Dry Bones Cartoon ~

Is he a dangerous demagogue or the right guy at the right time in the right place?

Clearly America, the Jews (and possibly the whole rest of the world) is split on the question. 34 more words

Public Opinion

My Bad Poetry #23

In the country of the blind men, no one-eyed dogs are kings

except dogs that follow the men who are no longer blind

in the country where bled men wander among the mongrels… 73 more words


Fauxhasset Paroder, 11th Edition: Holy potholes, Batman!

By Thamanda Crompson
Fauxhasset Paroder Staff Reporter

BREAKING: Residents of Achey Cedars Way are being evacuated after reports came in that the street was “eating children.” 593 more words

Fauxhasset Paroder