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The Pink Ham Steak: NaPoWriMo 2015, Day 24

so much depends

a pink ham

glazed with apricot

beside the green

Be Our Guest: An Ode To People Who Just Don't Get It

If you don’t have a chronic illness, you Will. Not. Understand.

That’s not to say that people don’t care or that they aren’t trying their hardest to understand what we’re experiencing–it’s just that even the most well-meaning people are just incapable of fully grasping what it’s like to live with a really mean, unpredictable roommate that you share a body with instead of a house. 798 more words


Perry Slaughter and the Preposterous Pwn

Perry Slaughter lay in the leaves behind Badrid’s hut, agitated by the wet ground. He was wearing his favourite hush blue sweater, though now it was marred by streaks of dirt. 1,837 more words


Parody Alert (Variation on the) Variation on the Word Sleep (Wrestle) Parody Alert

I would like to watch you wrestle,
with your sheets so white.
I would like to watch you
wrestle. I would like to wrestle
with you, stand above… 194 more words

you will hear thunder

a sardonic satire of self

“You Will Hear Thunder”

The clamor of my storm is the fetter
of days. The hull of my being has… 1,097 more words


3 More Messages We Would Write For Free For An Invisible Boyfriend Service

Yesterday, we wrote about the service “Invisible Boyfriend” which sends you text messages for a monthly fee, so that you can apparently show the messages to other people to prove you have a boyfriend. 115 more words