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Strachan's Sunday Spring Clean

Yesterday, I negated the aimless and unhelpful ponderings I awoke with by indulging in spring cleaning the dining area of la maison de Strachan.

I’m going to avoid the obvious gag the spring cleaning entailed me sitting on the Axminster removing excess oil from the springs of my motorbike.  583 more words


Ostrich Nostalgia Cordoba

I’m tired. I worked out 4 days in a row, and burned off lots of calories. Enough to lose 3 pounds this week. For me, it’s more about the calorie intake. 459 more words


The Clowns of the Moon

Langston grimly watched the sad-looking clowns go through their routines. The dire moon, with its grey valleys and thin ponds of aquamarine goo, had enough difficulties, the inhabitants eking out an existence from mined stones and subsisting on common dehydrated fruits and flat slabs of compressed meat simulations, without being reminded of the drearier side of life by downbeat performances. 6 more words


Spence's Song of the Week

You will never listen to the Justin Bieber, Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee collabo of “Despacito” the same way again. Spence parodied the remix with “Dos Burritos,” in this week’s Song of the Week… 503 more words


8-Bit Troll: Stage 20 "Big-Bit-Ballers"

Gremlik here.  It’s our 20th edition.  Clearly the biggest news of the century, but something just isn’t right. Angrily Browsing on oohay.com today I found out 2 Broke Girls had been cancelled by CBS! 469 more words


How It Should Have Ended: "Samurai Jack"

(The following is a shameless rip-off of HISHE . You should check them out on YouTube. They’re really funny and clever, and put a lot of work into their stuff…unlike me. 1,584 more words


Don’t give me the moon. I just asked for the night off.

Don’t give me your love, I just asked for a date.

Give me all your heart and I’ll give you a coronary- 119 more words

My Poetry