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Monday List: RuPaul Parodies That Should Be Done

In honour of the Season 10 final four (#TeamAsia), enjoy these five suggestions for the future seasons. Got better ones? Leave a comment below!

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Let Me Take You By The Hand

Monday 18th June – I had an unexpected experience overnight when I was refused entry into my dream for adorning unsuitable footwear. According to the doormen vetting access to the portal providing my illusions of slumber, my wearing of moccasins exhibited overly pretentious hipster overtones. 502 more words


Falz's "This is Nigeria," Davido's "Mind," and the Ubiquity of Copyright Infringement in Nigeria

By now everyone and their mother must have heard the song “This is Nigeria” by Nigerian rapper, Falz the bahd guy.

The song, a take on “This is America” by his American counterpart – Childish Gambino, has generated quite a bit of controversy in academic and non-academic circles, thus the need for this article. 2,993 more words

Things you learn as a young adult

  1. Sleepless nights aren’t cool: why? you wake up late – it feels like you’ve lost your entire day – headaches
  2. Hangovers exist and they hurt the Hell out of you…
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Mister Right Now

After Shakespeare and Mullen

My Grindr hookup’s eyes are kind of dark,

but mostly red from smoking too much weed.

If manscaped chests are smooth, he’s a grassy park; 110 more words

A letter to my 32.7071 year old self

I hope you are done with your absurd ritual of updating carefully curated instances of a feigned happy birthday out there. And I also hope you are bored of the gratitude you’ve had to express to the ones who wished you so religiously because Facebook sent them a reminder mail to wish this loser and also partly because they themselves are anyway useless and idle.I never really wanted to write this post. 1,216 more words