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Donna Marie Seymour (48) was murdered by her daughter, Krystal Jade Seymour on the 24 November 2010, in GIraween, New South Wales.

Seymour shares a common parent with five siblings, of whom she is the third eldest. 771 more words



The term “femicide” is used to describe the killings of women and girls because of their gender. This term was first introduced by Jill Radford and Diane Russell in 1992. 439 more words


The Vindication of a Man's Honor.

Roming and Nenita (not their real names) are husband and wife.  Due to a series of arguments, they decided to live separately.  Roming retained custody of their two (2) children while Nenita stayed at her friend’s house for two (2) months. 1,133 more words

Criminal Law

Parricide - About Nothing

Para despertar de la somnolencia del mundial de fútbol. Aquí va About Nothing, un vídeo de Parricide (Pol) correspondiente al split con Squash Bowels. El split fue editado por Fat Ass Records el año pasado. Abran una cerveza y disfruten.


Making Sense of John's Brain, Take 43

When we accepted the fact that Cousin John was indeed guilty of killing his father (pushing him off a trail at Mt. Rainier) and his mother (gunshots), I tried to make sense of it.   464 more words

Entitled Teen Honor Roll Student Kills Parents Because They Took Away His iPod

This week, 16 year old Virginia resident Vincent Parker admitted to beating his mother to death with a baseball bat and crowbar after dousing her with pepper spray and stabbing her in the eye. 266 more words