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Dreaming Of Death: Murderous Odysseus and his Murderous Sons

Joannes Malalas, Chronographia, 5.21 6-7 (=Diktys BNJ 49 F 10)

“Some time passed and Odysseus began to see dreams which told of his death. After he woke, he summoned everyone who had experience in interpreting dreams—among whom was Kleitophon of Ithaka and Polyphemos of Argos. 276 more words


A Culpepperian Christmas (in January)

Last week we welcomed one of our most prolific authors, Richard Major, back to the UK. Richard is hard to pin down, teaching at universities in Italy, America, Australia, India, Slovenia and Hungary, and currently living in South Africa. 187 more words

Richard Major

Husband stabbed nearly 200 times after tied to bed

January 13, 2003
Houston, Texas
Susan Wright (26) ties her husband Jeff (34) to their bed and stabs him 193 times

Shortly before the murder, Jeff had dug a hole in the couple’s yard as part of a home improvement project. 182 more words


FLW: smart enough to not tell husband she had a child by another man

Famous Last Words
Matilda Carter
North Carolina
January 13, 1882

“Folks, hear me, as I’se to be hanged. I’se free from any guilt about Nash Carter. 94 more words


Manipulated to murder by animal spirits

August 31, 2010
Dallas, Oregon
The bodies of David Scott Jondle and Marilyn Jondle are found after they were murdered by their son Andrew at the behest of his girlfriend… 300 more words

Newspaper Clippings

Doctor kills parents after psychotic episode 

August 26, 2000
Chatham Township, New Jersey
Dr. Idella Kathleen Hagan calls police, confessing the murder of her parents after receiving messages to do so in traffic lights, TV commercials, and playing cards… 155 more words


Poena cullei was a type of death penalty imposed on Roman subjects who had been found guilty of parricide...

Poena cullei was a type of death penalty imposed on Roman subjects who had been found guilty of parricide (murder of relatives, in particular, the murder of one’s own parents). 33 more words