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Parrot Unveils 13 New Minidrones to Tackle Air, Sea and Land | Engadget #drones

Well, here’s a fun surprise! Parrot has just revealed a pile of inexpensive new minidrones, 13 in all, including one that tackles a new medium: water. 91 more words


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Humm, Boat Drones! Cool! Underwater Photography here we come. #dronesforgood

Me and my parrots

Hello everyone,

I just finished this photo slideshow, hope you like it :) .

Background music — Little Bird by Kasey Chambers

Self Portrait Photography

A Nutty Update!

What a heartfelt and wonderful response we had from our supporters for our request for almonds and pelleted diet so loved by the flock and which are so very healthy for them.   50 more words

Bird Sanctuary

Key West Pet Parrot

This is my friend, Odie. He is a parrot who resides in Key West, Florida. He is hilarious!

Paul Gozzo

Master Gardener

When Rita’s Wax Myrtle tree leafed out this spring

She immediately set about expertly pruning it

As she does every spring.

She removed every twig of new growth… 51 more words


Barnyard Turns 30

Barnyard turns 30. There is no way to truly tell the age of a bird unless you were there when it hatched! All we can do is go by what the previous owner had told us. 245 more words

Wildlife Education By Bernie

Green Chicken & Pasta


If there is anything That-Green-Chicken (as Kelli calls her)

Loves more than little bits of chicken

It’s great gobs of pasta

She finished off her scant serving… 14 more words