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This is what it looks like to crash a brand new $1,300 plane-like drone

When most of us think of consumer drones, what comes to mind are the buzzing quadcopters currently ushering in a new era of aerial photography (and… 891 more words

Parrot Disco Drone

De asa fixa e com uma visão em primeira pessoa, este drone vai deixar-te surpreendido.

Isto parece um drone normal mas com uma diferença. Enquanto a maioria dos drones costuma usar pás de rotor para dsecolar, o Disco Drone sobe através dos céus como um avião, graças às suas asas fixas. 290 more words


What size cage is best for my bird?

I often get asked about the correct size of cages for parrots, and other small birds, for breeding.

Many years ago, when parrots weren’t hand reared in such great numbers, it was said that the biggest cage you could get would be the best thing for the parrot. 290 more words

Bird Information

August 10, 2016 – Orange-Breasted Fig Parrot, Blue-fronted Fig-parrot, William’s Fig Parrot, or King of Holland’s Fig Parrot (Cyclopsitta gulielmitertii)

These small parrots are found in forests and savannas of New Guinea and Indonesia. 48 more words


Crystal parrot t-shirt 

Omg so i was just browsing on some random websites and then i remember i blogged about this website fizzytees.com a while ago ,so i just went on there and found this awesome crystal parrot t-shirt .I really like this as it is an amazing price at £8.99 and super eye catchy the quality is amazing and so is the design i really reccomend this site not only for… 9 more words