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Introductory Blog Post - Parrot Ownership

Interacting with a parrot is great…owning one? That’s a whole different story. I work a pet store and we, unfortunately, sell parrots. I often see little kids and even young adults ooing and awing at the pretty birds and expecting them to mimic what they say and saying how much they wish they could afford one. 1,354 more words


"Parrot with Plums" Spiral Notebooks by Sarah Vernon | Redbubble

Featured in Beautiful Blends 4 July 2013. / Featured in Layered Up 2 July 2013. / Background from EKDuncan-My Fanciful Muse, plums from Vintage Art Download and parrot from Birds from The Natural History of Carolina, Florida, and The Bahama Islands by Mark Catesby and George Edwards, published in 1754, and found on Public Domain Review. 28 more words

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(Wild) Life in the suburbs!

One of the great things about living in Sydney is that even quite close to the centre of the city, there is a lot of greenery and wildlife. 117 more words

Drone aerial photography: looking at Bath and Bristol cities in new ways

The Bury is a hill between Bath and Bristol found beside the A38 heading out towards Weston-Super-Mare/Wells. The weather conditions on this particular day were ideal so I was able to take the drone up really high to get some fantastic panorama views. 17 more words

Corston Fields Festival 2017

Marksbury Village School and Corston Fields Farm organised a village festival for June 2017. Luckily the weather was scorching and it made for perfect drone filming conditions. 44 more words

Advice on flying a drone from Bath Drone Boy

A quick blog with some hints and tips for flying a drone. This has been written as advice for flying a Parrot Bebop Drone (V.1) but it can be adapted to other drones of a similar size and camera resolution. 272 more words