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A Closer Look...

…to this Beautiful – Colorful Parrot.

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Making Budgie Playground

Making simple Budgie Playground for Cookie, Biscuit and Mr. Snowflake. It is really easy to make. I was using wooden sticks from hardware store and a couple of screws.

Budgie, Budgerigar/Parakeet

The culinary delights of the anchovy.

When we went for our daily walk along the river’s edge I noticed a man sitting on a bench. Sitting on a bench in our neck of the woods is popular. 605 more words

Gerard Oosterman

A Prominent American Hate Group Just Collapsed Because of an Affair - VICE

This is SO PWT!! Yup, Poor White Trash, tearin’ down the trailer park…. reminds me of that “Daddy, yer crushin my smokes” joke…

Interesting thought here…. 135 more words

Geo-politics, Socio-economics

2 Years

I’ve given this site a well needed revamp, as I haven’t used it in years, as you will notice I no longer have custom made uploads, but instead this site will serve as reference to what I’ve made and showcase them. 117 more words

Bad bird

Bad bird decided to drink bubbles from my chai