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Healesville, our sanctuary

We arrived in Healesville to stay with Sheryl. We last saw her when we stayed as guests in her beautiful home 7 yrs ago. She is now running it as an Airbnb. 600 more words


parrot from heaven

boredom sets in like jaw lock,
it lands on a runway of doom,
like a broken parrot from heaven,
a mess of feathers, blood and beak, 27 more words

Instant Poem

Lighthouse Pets!

A faint meow distracted me. I glanced up anxiously. Mattie? Yes, there, a calico cat poked her nose curiously into the watchroom. After my days of searching, she had appeared when she was ready. 1,043 more words


The Story of the Husband and the Parrot

Tales within more tales
hidden lies concealed by truths
words reveal outcomes

©Vivian Zems

Carpe Diem #1344

Another story told by Scheherazade. She has the talent of telling stories and she uses it to save her life.

153 more words


The Cathedral of Quito in Ecuador is the home to numerous gargoyles identified as animals and bird life specifically from the regions of Ecuador. Upon close inspection of what appears to be a flock of birds on the verge of flight they are actually different species:  (I’mAlbatross, Blue-footed Boobie refraining from childish comment) Frigatebird, Pelican, Eagle, Parrot, and the Condor which is the national symbol of Ecuador.