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Parrot Mambo Mission

One drone, two accessories to test your skills

The Parrot MAMBO minidrone is not done surprising you! Whether you equip it with the Cannon or the Grabber, it will make the sky a surprising adventure ground. 32 more words


February 3, 2018 – Little Corella (Cacatua sanguinea)

These cockatoos are found in a small area of southern Indonesia and Papua New Guinea and in much of Australia, with gaps in the southwest and northeast of the country. 43 more words


Our friends' parrots - Les Perroquets de nos amis

Original playout date: 4 August 2007
Duration: 5:28

Thierry and Annie-Christine have two lovely parrots, an Amazonian Green and an African Grey. The African grey did a bunk a week ago, and after five days of liberty was fortunately retrieved. 92 more words

With Another Person

Polly wants a ticket? Driver with parrot charged after complaint of unusual driving

It’s an infraction some might say is for the birds.

A motorist in Perth County was charged with crowding the driver’s seat last week, after police say they observed a parrot perched on the driver’s shoulder. 141 more words


Curing a Parrot's Amnesia with BLEAH

recently wrote in to tell us how he managed to revive hisĀ Parrot Flower Power after the manufacturer told him it couldn’t be repaired. To save you the trouble of opening Google in another tab, the Parrot Flower Power is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) “smart” device for your flower pot. 249 more words

Home Hacks

How many tweeters in the tree?

Playing catch up here with what was on my Instagram. Remember to follow me there or Facebook to keep up to date with my adventures! 58 more words