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May 9, 2017 – Guaiabero (Bolbopsittacus lunulatus)

Found in the Philippines, these small parrots are named for their fondness for guavas. In addition to guavas, they eat other fruits, including figs and their seeds. 37 more words


DJI's New Drone Is as Small as a Soda Can and Costs $500

There’s a new drone on the market that’s the size of a can of Coca-Cola and can be controlled using one’s hand’s gestures.

China-based DJI, the world’s biggest drone manufacturer, unveiled Wednesday its new Spark drone, a small flying quadcopter that weighs a little less than one pound and costs $500. 619 more words


Video Wednesday: "Broccoli Plus Plastic Bag"

It is a big responsibility to be feathery and famous and have flocks of fans (both feathered and featherless).

You have so much to do – preening, showering, chowing, nesting, napping….. 63 more words

Shannon Cutts

President Parrot

Jason walked up to the house, feeling a bit nervous, if he was being completely honest. Sure, they were his friends from high school, but until recently they hadn’t had any more contact than liking each other’s Facebook photos. 448 more words

Short Story

Absent Friends

A dear friend died suddenly last week.  A kind, gentle man with a keen intellect, life hadn’t always been kind to him.  He struggled with his weight, his sexuality, and a singing career that didn’t go the way we’d all predicted when we’d first heard his glorious voice. 155 more words

Monday Happys: The Bathroom (Kitchen) Clock

There are so many great reasons to include a feathered being in your life.

For instance, feathered beings are very cute and pretty.

Once they are your friend, they are your friend for life. 141 more words

Shannon Cutts

Corona Beer Parrot Large 28 Inch Neon Light Sign

Corona Beer Parrot Large 28 Inch Neon Light Sign
Corona Beer Extra Parrot LARGE 28 INCH NEON LIGHT SIGN Real Glass Neon, Excellent Condition, 28 Inches By 22 Inches. 67 more words