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Bribes, Bias, and Blindspots -- By Ben

We all understand that judges and public officials probably shouldn’t take bribes. As the definitive example of corruption, it tilts the scales of justice towards the rich, clouds judgment, and in places where it’s wide spread, turns into a requirement when dealing with the system.  1,234 more words

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Kol Rabi Sedra Shoftim - Who Goes First

The command to prepare the Cities of Refuge is introduced with the following verse, “When Gd will cut down those nations whose land He is giving you and you will occupy their cities and their homes” … 118 more words



SHOFETIM: The Forty-eighth Sedra of the Torah
Deuteronomy 16:18-21:9

In this week’s Sedra Shofetim, the law, interpreted and applied by its judges and executives, provides the foundation for anticipated complexity in the future life of Israel in its Land.   3,975 more words

Eglah Arufah

Safe at Home - Parshat Re'eh 2018

Growing up in New York accustomed me to consider certain precautions necessary, certain fears justified. Children below a certain age can never play outside alone, even in the suburbs.  1,696 more words


Kol Rabi Sedra ReEih - Loyalty

Some Torah laws appear inconsistent. Wearing clothing which combines wool and linen is prohibited, and yet the Cohanim wear such clothing whilst serving in the Mikdash. 352 more words