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11-18 Adar I 5779


KI TISA: The Twenty-first Sedra of the Torah
Exodus 30:11-34:35

On Mount Sinai, Moses has been receiving instructions from the Eternal for the central sacred institutions of Israel.  6,322 more words


Parshat Tetzaveh

By: Bailey Spitz (9th Grade)

In this week’s Torah portion, Parshat Tetzaveh, Hashem gives Bnei Yisroel many commandments regarding the clothing of the Kohanim. When Hashem dictated how the Kohen Gadol’s clothing should be made He explained how it was to be made by “…the wise-hearted people whom I have invested with… wisdom.” (Exodus 28:3) 120 more words

Dvar Torah

Tetzaveh - Moses Redacted -- By Ben

Tetzaveh may be considered a bit of a dry parsha as it mostly details the clothing and duties of the Kohanim (Priests of the Temple). But there’s an interesting oddity in the text. 905 more words

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Sacred Spaces

This past week’s Torah portion, Parshat T’rumah, describes the building of the mishkan, the first central place of prayer in Jewish life. It is not one of my favorite readings, as I tend to zone out when the subject matter is instruction-based, as the bible is so often fond of being. 337 more words


Sometimes a Tzaddik - Parshat Terumah 2019

In the early 17th century, there was a very wealthy man who lived in the Jewish quarter of the Polish city of Krakow. His name was Yossele but he was labeled by his fellow townspeople as Yossele that Miser.  1,402 more words


Parshat Terumah

By: Mary Berkowitz (10th Grade)

In this week’s Torah portion, Parashat Terumah, Moshe is commanded by Hashem to make a menorah out of just one block of gold. 200 more words

Dvar Torah



17-Feb-2018,”Terumah”,1,”Exodus 25:1 – 25:16″,16
17-Feb-2018,”Terumah”,2,”Exodus 25:17 – 25:30″,14
17-Feb-2018,”Terumah”,3,”Exodus 25:31 – 26:14″,24
17-Feb-2018,”Terumah”,4,”Exodus 26:15 – 26:30″,16
17-Feb-2018,”Terumah”,5,”Exodus 26:31 – 26:37″,7
17-Feb-2018,”Terumah”,6,”Exodus 27:1 – 27:8″,8… 1,177 more words

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