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Subject pronouns

Persian is a null-subject, or pro-drop, language so personal pronouns (e.g. ‘I’, ‘he’, ‘she’) are optional. Pronouns add rā when they are used as the object but otherwise stay the same. 448 more words



Persian nouns and pronouns have no grammatical gender. Arabic loanwords with the feminine ending ة- reduce to a genderless Persian ه-, which is pronounced -e. 1,018 more words



In the literary language, no definite article (the) is used; rather, it is implied by the absence of the indefinite article (a, an). However, in the spoken language, the stressed suffix -e is often used as a definite article. 75 more words


The Curator #21

In the last few issues we have discussed about various curators and understood how they have used artworks to create new narratives about our past, present and future. 1,071 more words


@tparsi and his goons at @NIACouncil should be sanctioned by the US government and their operations ceased. A lobby for the so-called “reformists” of the…

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My name’s Tricky Trita Parsi. I have a bad haircut, an ugly goatee. Perhaps more importantly I’m the preeminent shill for Iran’s ruling mullahs in DC.

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Me: Many in #Iran unhappy with corruption/patronage & money spent on militias in #Iraq, #Syria & #Lebanon. Chanting death to Khamenei, not USA. …

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