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Coming of Age

A few weeks back, we got an invitation to a Parsi Navjote, or coming of age ceremony. DiploDad and I know a number of Parsis and we were very, very honored to be invited. 2,554 more words

Unapologetically Bawa: SodaBottleOpenerWala

Before I go ahead and give you my review, we really need to get a few things cleared up.

You must be wondering about two words in the title. 1,110 more words


Britannia & Company Restaurant - Fort, Mumbai

My Rating 5/5

Over the years, I have eaten at this restaurant at least 20 times and given the level of whimsicality this place possesses, I sometimes feel surprised myself. 173 more words


Rustom's Parsi Bhonu (Delhi, January 2016)

Once upon a time Delhi had no Parsi restaurants (that I knew of or anyone talked about, at any rate), now we ate at two of them in the course of three days. 895 more words


Parsi Food Trail: February

When the Zoroastrians fled Persia and came to Indian shores, they approached King Jadhav Rana seeking asylum. Unconvinced at first, Rana called out for a vessel of milk filled to the brim to symbolise his already abundant kingdom. 167 more words


Sodabottleopenerwala (Delhi, January 2016)

Sodabottleopenerwala, which opened two years ago in Gurgaon and has since expanded to other locations in Delhi and elsewhere, may well have been named MaximumParsiSignifiers. Irani restaurant as theme park, it represents a weird yet representative moment in the packaging of regional cuisines for hyper-consumerist India in the early 21st century. 1,699 more words


Café Irani Chaii - Old world charm in current times

Rating: ****

The fact that it’s so close to home is just awesome! And if that wasn’t enough Café Irani Chaii is a foodie’s delight. Situated in Mahim, the place is small and cosy. 300 more words