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Nightcap - March 25

Radio Shack and FOIA requests are covered in The Nightcap – Radar


How to install Beautiful Soup 4 and Mechanize with Python 2.7 on Windows?

What is Beautiful Soup?

Well, as per wikipedia, it is a python library use for parsing the HTML documents. It creates a parse tree for parsed tags that can be used for extracting the data from HTML pages. 211 more words


Calling a REST service from Swift -- a quick example

I figured this would be a recurring theme, so thought I’d write it down for posterity, not least so I didn’t lose it. The scenario is a common one — we have a mobile app for iOS written in… 530 more words


Fun with string parsing in Python

Exercise 6.5 in Programming for Everyone (Charles Severance, U. Michigan, Coursera) asks to parse the following string by only printing the number portion as a floating-point value. 41 more words

Intro To CS

What the Word “State” States

One of the things I loved most about Bill Clinton was that, like any good diva, he was adept at telling his enemies to go fuck themselves. 468 more words

Bind variables vs. literals, a quiz and a surprise

The quiz

Recently, something I had intended to be a simple demo promoting the use of bind variables among Java developers turned out to be more interesting than expected. 1,365 more words


Project: Extracting Quotes from a Bible App

I have a friend who’s been using this app, and I wanted to store up the verses he was highlighting. At first, I did it by copying and pasting them in. 72 more words