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parse string for key, value pairs with a known key delimiter

How can I convert a string to a dict, if key strings are known substrings with definite delimiters? Example:

s = 'k1:text k2: more text k3:andk4: more yet'
key_list = ['k1','k2','k3']
(missing code)
# s_dict = {'k1':'text', 'k2':'more text', 'k3':'andk4: more yet'}  
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Text classification using Python

What is text classification?

Text classification is a well know task in the world of machine learning. It is useful for the application of assigning categories to products, sentiment analysis and much more. 1,417 more words


JAVA- Read integers from txt file and compute integers

I need some help with the code below.
What I’m trying to do is to write a program that reads in the file and computes the average grade and prints it out. 561 more words


How might parsing spoken data present greater challenges than parsing writing?

This is a very broad question, ultimately answered empirically by the performance of a particular parser.

However to predict performance, we might consider the types of structure that a parser is likely to find difficult and then examine a parsed corpus of speech and writing for key statistics. 1,104 more words


Two for the Road

Just when I thought it would take another lifetime to get published again, God, in His infinite mercy, smiled at me by way of my two chance encounters with 2 PhDs last December 2017. 105 more words

The Parsing Problem

I’m a poor parser.

Backstories, motives, technical facts, trivial what-nots are jampacked into a Cozy Mystery author’s head. Strategically parsing out this information to the reader is key. 43 more words


[UPDATE] Solving Tarkeeb

Re-published after being checked and approved by Mufti A.H. Elias:

Solving Tarkeeb