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Shallow Parsing for Entity Recognition with NLTK and Machine Learning

Getting Useful Information Out of Unstructured Text

Let’s say that you’re interested in performing a basic analysis of the US M&A market over the last five years. 3,453 more words

Taking steps (in XML)

So the votes are in:

Your established blog is mostly about your work. Your work changes. Do you continue at the current blog or start a new one?

920 more words

Use Advanced Search Wildcards to Format Names: Last, First Middle

Reformatting a list of names is challenging when some of the names have middle names and others do not. Using Word’s Advanced Replace dialog and  283 more words


Powershell Tip : Parsing HTML from a local File or a String


If you are familiar with Invoke-WebRequest cmdlet then you must be aware that you get a parsed HTML from the requested Web URL. … 159 more words


XML parsing in Python

Note: This article has also featured on geeksforgeeks.org .

This article focuses on how one can parse a given XML file and extract some useful data out of it in a structured way. 1,362 more words


Hackerrank Day 16: Exceptions - String to Integer

My solution in Ruby:

This was a nice break from all the classes and inheritance stuff.  Basically did a brief overview of raising errors in this challenge.   38 more words


Top 30 Free Web Scraping Software

@tachyeonz : Web scraping (also termed web data extraction, screen scraping, or web harvesting) is a web technique of extracting data from the web, and turning unstructured data on the web  into structured data that can stored to your local computer or a database. 22 more words