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November 1912 - Eighth Grade Examination for Bullitt County Schools

This one looks more legit than the ones asking “Do You Know As Much As A Capuchin Monkey Embryo Did In 1846?” type quizzes. Note that you may not check “B” for every answer and hope to get a passing grade. 63 more words


Human-readable ranges of integers or dates

This is a real-world problem that I came across the other day. In a reporting scenario, I wanted to output a number of values in an easy, human-readable way for a report. 941 more words


South African ID Numbers Suck and working with Dates are weird

South African Id’s

South african ID numbers are formatted like this:

YYMMDD represents the date of birth (DoB);
SSSS is a sequence number registered with the same birth date (where females are assigned sequential numbers in the range 0000 to 4999 and males from 5000 to 9999); 552 more words

Nightcap - July 7

Parsing data and amino acids are discussed in The Nightcap – Radar


Analysing WhatsApp messages with Python and Tableau

I was scrolling through the WhatsApp messages sitting in my phone while trying to recollect the things I did over the last 2 years. Now why was I trying to scroll though WhatsApp, that too to recollect what I had done??  1,263 more words

Extracting relations, or (subject, predicate, object) triples.

(subject, predicate, object) triple is the simplest form of a sentence, and can describe a fact about the subject (which can be an entity we are trying to know more about), or the relationship between the subject and the object (which can also be an entity we need to discover). 696 more words

Information Extraction