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Android: GSON (Part 5)

If you remember from a few posts ago, we made one giant weather object, WeatherData, which encompasses all of the weather information objects and variables. Here is where we will use that object. 277 more words


Power Query and SSRS Metadata

If you have ever tried to parse XML using SSIS and/or SQL Server, and found it to be a little tedious, then you may want to try using ‘Power Query’ for your XML parsing. 492 more words

SQL Server

Fantastical adds Mail-like multitasking drafts to iPhone, Japanese localization

Following Fantastical’s recent debut on the Apple Watch, which includes the full iCloud Reminders experience and more, Flexibits is delivering a neat new drafts feature to the intelligent calendar app and newly added support for another language. 197 more words


Python low-level AOP using AST rewriting - part II

In the previous post we started modifying functions body for AOP purposes. So far we’ve transformed a function to an AST node with extended code. In this post we will transform it to bytecode and replace the original method code with the new one. 1,100 more words


Python low-level AOP using AST rewriting - part I

This post and the next post will address AOP in Python. In general AOP in Python is very simple thanks to Python’s decorators. The aspects which we would like to apply in this post are low-level, meaning they’ll be applied on in-body instructions and not just on method level.  1,621 more words


'message' is important

In Logstash, each log line is termed a ‘message’. For some reason that I am not able to recollect (as I did the change on a Friday and ‘today’ was Monday), I changed the name to ‘errorText’. 43 more words