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Web Scraping 5: Parsing HTML

Now that we can download our test page we need to parse the HTML so that it can be read easily by our program. This tutorial will give you a basic overview of the python module Beautiful Soup. 501 more words


Cooking big Excel files with Python and Openpyxl

At least once in life, every computer user has to handle some spreadsheets or, excel files. Sometimes to put formulas in for accounting stuff, sometimes to store data from Google forms or other surveys and etc. 651 more words


7 Ways to Protect Website from Scraping and How to Bypass this Protection

In this article I’d love to revise few well-known methods of protecting website content from automatic scraping. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, so you need to make your choice basing on the particular situation. 942 more words



Recently I asked on Twitter what the next RD News post should be about.

Seems you want to hear about upcoming new features, so… here it goes! 1,595 more words


Web Scraping with Java

What is Web Scraping?

Everyday a lot of time is wasted when you visit the same website again and again. What if you could write a few lines of code and get all the information you need instantly? 1,584 more words


SQL Tips: Parsing special characters in Queries

Recently I was working on some SSIS reports. Everything was working fine up till my queries ran on testing server where it failed during parsing of special characters in the query. 211 more words


Common steps in the working of Compilers and Interpreters

Compilers and interpreters in essence are the same things. They both have to make sense of your code, execute the instructions as well as finding ways to detect errors. 782 more words