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SSIS: Removing HTML from a field using Script Component

Let’s say you are transferring data from the database of one program to the database of another program. The problem is that one of the fields, say it’s a field called “usedescription” that is a data type of DT_NTEXT, has HTML in it because the program used that HTML formatting to display the text a certain way on it’s screen. 310 more words

SQL Server

Do MMOs Need Parsers?

The other night in a low level dungeon roulette, I had a DPS player pulling very low numbers attempt to tell me how to heal. The tank, clearly new, was losing aggro to me, and this guy seemed to think it was my fault. 783 more words

Video Games

Parse Apache | Icecast logs

gawk 'BEGIN { FPAT="([^ ]+)|(\"[^\"]+\")|(\\[[^\\]]+\\])" } { print $9 }'


My Android Third Party Gang

These are some kick-ass third party libraries that I almost, for now, start every new project with. I think for the time being, everyone should use them to save time and get high performance. 534 more words


Generate parse tree

To test the parser, I would like to have a parse tree. But the tree should not be generated, when I do code generation for 8086. 456 more words

Code Generation



A program should be able to get some input. Dartmouth BASIC uses READ and DATA stements for this. The program text was on punch cards and the data DATA was added to the end of the punch card stack. 262 more words