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Live by '_grokparsefailure', die by it

Recently I was developing a Logstash script. As I needed to parse data into different documetns, I used the ‘_grokparsefailure’ feature of Logstash. With this feature, we can skip applying other patterns if a pattern has been successfully applied to the input string. 74 more words


Unix/Linux Vs Windows #2

Presently, I am exploring the ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) stack of tools. One of the Logstash scripts I am working on, is to parse a Java stack trace. 102 more words


You've waited long enough.

The wait is over!

I have to say that this release has been… exhausting. Correctly resolving identifier references has proven to be much, much more complicated than I had originally anticipated. 693 more words


Nightcap - March 25

Radio Shack and FOIA requests are covered in The Nightcap – Radar


Rubberduck 1.3: When the VBE becomes a real IDE

Parsing is hard!

Rubberduck parsing is being refined again. The first few releases used a hand-made, regex-based parser. That was not only unmaintainable and crippled¬†with bugs, it also had fairly limited capabilities – sure we could locate procedures, variables, parameters… but the task was daunting and, honestly, unachievable. 456 more words


How to install Beautiful Soup 4 and Mechanize with Python 2.7 on Windows?

What is Beautiful Soup?

Well, as per wikipedia, it is a python library use for parsing the HTML documents. It creates a parse tree for parsed tags that can be used for extracting the data from HTML pages. 211 more words


Calling a REST service from Swift -- a quick example

I figured this would be a recurring theme, so thought I’d write it down for posterity, not least so I didn’t lose it.¬†The scenario is a common one — we have a mobile app for iOS written in… 530 more words