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Aeson Revisited

As many of you know, the documentation situation in Haskell leaves something to be desired. Sure, if you are enlightened, and can read the types, you’re supposedly good. 232 more words


VBA Rubberducking (Part 1)

The VBE editor was last updated in 1998 – back when VB6 was all the rage, and the .NET framework was probably just a little more than a nice idea. 1,041 more words


Configure Loggin for vsftp (FTP)

You may need to configure logging for your FTP server vsftp (very secure FTP ) in order to get more trace about its the behavior for troubleshoot or files transferts analyses. 147 more words

Intense but Strong.

I visited the Heritage Museum, in Ballinode, today.  Within the museum, I found an old sign.

As I wrote, before, on this blog, it is an – admittedly eccentric! 263 more words

How we solved the most annoying COM Interop issue

I first noticed this strange behavior when I refactored Rubberduck’s menu system last summer: although I was 100% certain that there only ever was a single instance of a given menu item, in the… 674 more words


v2.0: 75% there

At least according to our issues list.

I’ve been working on quite a lot of things these past few weeks, things that open up new horizons and help stabilize the foundations – the identifier reference resolver. 975 more words


JSON parsing

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation.

It is data interchange format that can be easily read and write by human and can be easily parse by machine. 1,029 more words