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Thoughts on Compiling, Part 2: Parsing

Inevitably when building a DIY Compiler, you’ll think about all that comes with it – from the tiniest nooks and crannies to the largest high-level considerations. 999 more words


Parsing JSON Output using JAVA


Use the JSONParser methods to parse a response that’s returned from a call to an external service that is in JSON format, such as a JSON-encoded response of a Web service callout. 105 more words


Data Parsing, Cleaning and Visualization (1)

0. About the Project

This project is about parsing, cleaning and visualizing data. We’ll go through the whole process using the followings:

Computer Science

A Simple Way to Extract Data From Traces - 'Parse'

There is a nifty little operator in Azure Log Analytics that has really simplified how I  work with regular expressions – It’s called “parse” and I’ll explain it through a little example. 186 more words

Cool Query

XML parsing made easy: is that podcast getting longer?

Sometime in 2009, I began listening to a science podcast titled This Week in Virology, or TWiV for short. I thought it was pretty good and listened regularly up until sometime in 2016, when it seemed that most episodes were approaching two hours in duration. 528 more words


F'Awk Yeah! Advanced sed and awk Usage (Parsing for Pentesters 3)


In a previous post, @bluscreenofjeff and I (@Sw4mp_f0x)discussed the importance of data parsing skills for penetration testers and detailed the basics of how to get started with it. 3,451 more words