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Part 10 of 'She Who Wrote the World': Breakfast

Holly opened her eyes to the 0600 app chirping in her mind, slowly blinked away the sleep and turned her head.

“Ahh,” Holly screamed and jumped back, startled to see the Author standing above the bed, staring down at her. 1,174 more words

Science Fiction

Pulse Pulse Pulse (Part 10)

Okay, so I just got back my credit card bill this past weekend. So of course, I immediately open it to see how much I own. 925 more words


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‘How long have you known Madeline wasn’t an only child?’

‘We decided it would be wise to keep that information on a need to know basis.’ 1,058 more words


Part 10 - Saved (?) By The Volvo

The rain fell harder and wetter as he dodged through traffic. Cars blared middle fingers at him and spewed mud-water all over him.

He wanted to yell curses at the drivers. 439 more words

Post - 10- Who is Anne?

What else do we learn?

That Anne is an aspiring feminist , and that she is  very proud of self proclaimed know it all and she is very proud of that trait – :) She also longs to be free of the Annex’s clutches so she can enjoy nature again. 117 more words


Karma - Part 10

If you think life can be crazy then let me show you crazier. This morning I headed to the building I had an interview in. It went well, they asked me questions, I had to write an essay on how I could safely entertain a disable kid for a day, they even submitted me to live testing by having me to take care of a kid for like 2 to 3 hours. 848 more words

Writing Series

Video - Quantum Break - Playthrough - Part 10

Some more Quantum Break coming at you with part 10 of our playthrough. Also, part 9 is available for your viewing pleasure. check it out!

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