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Video - Quantum Break - Playthrough - Part 10

Some more Quantum Break coming at you with part 10 of our playthrough. Also, part 9 is available for your viewing pleasure. check it out!

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Just a Small Town Girl: 10 - So It Begins

Daisy could not immediately answer Chris because she was couldn’t wipe the smile off of her face.  She knew it was killing him because she wasn’t answering but she was utterly giddy with what he had said.  2,502 more words


Back to Greatness #10 - Clausura Results and Season Reviews

Here we are back with an update to this Chivas career save. I just know that you are all very anxious to find out how we did in the playoffs, so take a look down below to find out! 1,067 more words

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Recap: The Journey So Far

I decided to do a recap on the most recent events since leaving Bogenhafen that may help freshen the mind:

After leaving Bogenhafen in good haste, and doing so while being wanted men for the murder of the merchant families and wanted for ‘questioning’ by the Witch Hunters, the party journeyed up the River Bogen, heading north. 2,148 more words

Eckhardt's Shadow...

On both sides of the Weissbruck canal, the two elements of the party make progress to Altdorf, the capital of the Empire.

Now that Ulrico and Finja have the assistance of the roadwardens, they arrive roughly around the same time as Borri, Eckhardt and Johann, albeit from different gates. 2,425 more words

An Evening With Horst...

Kall Horst is heading back the way they came, in an attempt to find Belvar.

After what seems like hours, he finally comes across the barge. 2,163 more words

An Analysis On Splitting Up - Multiple Times!

With more than a few faces in Weissbruck wishing to do harm to the party – a seemingly regular occurrence now – the party make haste in making arrangements to leave Wissbruck. 2,391 more words