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Bush, Blair and Howard - Three reckless adventurers in Iraq (Part 10) - » The Australian Independent Media Network

The Iraq Inquiry Report (2009-2016) documents how Tony Blair committed Great Britain to war early in 2002, lying to the United Nations, to Parliament, and to the British people, in order to follow George Bush, who had planned an aggression on Iraq well before September 2001. 25 more words


Buttons Part 10 - Mission Accomplished



(In human language this reads –  A Very Important Mission : Button Nose)

Buttons, the Woodland Elf,   has had many adventures during his Very Important Mission. 1,068 more words


Mixed Bag (Part 10): Cookies and Cups

For my birthday, I had asked for the book from blogger Cookies and Cups. I have liked reading through it, and have even made some of the recipes. 398 more words

Fudging Ahead

Project October Writing Journal - Part 10

Day 21

I’m just back from my job interview in the city. I was less nervous this time (not nervous at all, in fact) and I hope that was evident because the interviewer mentioned it to the recruiter last time like it might be some sort of deal breaker for this job. 1,585 more words

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Part 10 of 'She Who Wrote the World': Breakfast

Holly opened her eyes to the 0600 app chirping in her mind, slowly blinked away the sleep and turned her head.

“Ahh,” Holly screamed and jumped back, startled to see the Author standing above the bed, staring down at her. 1,174 more words

Science Fiction

Pulse Pulse Pulse (Part 10)

Okay, so I just got back my credit card bill this past weekend. So of course, I immediately open it to see how much I own. 925 more words


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‘How long have you known Madeline wasn’t an only child?’

‘We decided it would be wise to keep that information on a need to know basis.’ 1,058 more words