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The Charade - Chapter 10

Catch up on the website. The story is up to date there. Thanks to Carol Taylor for this chapter just click the link to find her. 567 more words


Avoiding the Road Less Travelled

“Is that my nickname now?” I winced as Marion scrubbed my wounds.

The queen crossed her arms. “I’ll consider changing it when you get us back safely.” … 561 more words

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He kissed and I couldn’t but to accept, he started to kiss me so passionately, I couldn’t resist it than moan. He brought out my boobs from my nightgown and started sucking and squeezing it, he kept on kissing me, squeezing my ass, I was loving it. 825 more words


The Freshman Fifteen, Part X

January 26, 2017: The One I Almost Forgot Because School, Wow

Hey! I’m not necessarily drowning in homework at the moment, but I’m also not happily tanning aboard a yacht drifting listlessly through my sea of thorough, completed assignments. 299 more words

Freshman Fifteen

Bush, Blair and Howard - Three reckless adventurers in Iraq (Part 10) - » The Australian Independent Media Network

The Iraq Inquiry Report (2009-2016) documents how Tony Blair committed Great Britain to war early in 2002, lying to the United Nations, to Parliament, and to the British people, in order to follow George Bush, who had planned an aggression on Iraq well before September 2001. 25 more words


Buttons Part 10 - Mission Accomplished



(In human language this reads –  A Very Important Mission : Button Nose)

Buttons, the Woodland Elf,   has had many adventures during his Very Important Mission. 1,068 more words

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