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Exercise 2.6 and 2.7

These are a series of photographs I took some time ago on an introductory course.  I am using these as an example of how the depth of field, the f-stop setting, alters the focus of a photograph.  59 more words

Part 2

The American War of Aggression

This past week, I visited the War Remnants Museum, which is Vietnam’s historical presentation of what happened in armed conflict with France and the US during much of the 20th century. 1,607 more words

Since I've been gone

Since I last wrote I’ve left Belize and moved back home. That’s because I was living in Belize. A foreign country. A developing country, at that. 1,077 more words

Part 2

Exercise 2.4 painting on a painted surface

I have used my new inks to wash 4 sheets of A4 water colour paper red, yellow, blue and black.

I tried using water colour paint in tubes, which I have been enjoying using, on the thin black ground.  441 more words

Basil Leaves

The fog of the incense hung low in the room, the florescent lighting cutting through the vapors behind the altar. Four large statues—the Diamond Guardians, so named because their power is “as strong as diamond”—were staring at the flashing orb in the center. 1,498 more words