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Project 5 Pets and other animals

Research point

(Refer to sketchbook for visual research)

Cave Art: Depiction of a horse on cave rock structure


Although the research point request that I need to look into contemporary artist work includes animals in their drawing, I cannot help but look at cave artworks such as the above one that depicts animals and perhaps question what the criteria for contemporary art is. 1,516 more words


Exercise 4 Monochrome

The first step to this exercise was to decide on the choice of monochrome color and the natural and man-made objects and contrasting material. I decided to go for the color white, choosing white still life objects and arranging them while documenting them through the use of my mobile camera as suggestions for the best compositional arrangement. 1,155 more words


Exercise 3 Experiment with mixed media


This exercise gave me a lot of opportunity to come up with different experimentations using traditional and especially nontraditional media, aiming for the unpredictable.  The challenge with using nontraditional media was how much of it was I able to keep it under control while trying to make the aesthetics of the composition work thus applying the basic principles of tone, line and color balance.   1,962 more words


Exercise 2 Still life in tone using colour

Reading through this exercise my general understanding was about understanding how you build up tone using colour. Before starting on a “final” I carried out some quick small preliminary sketches of different compositional arrangements.  620 more words


Exercise – Too much or not enough information – Ex4, part 2, GD1

Posters generally, have an image and one main line of text, most often the title, followed by additional essential information.  Look around locally and identify a coming event and design two posters to promote it.

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Graphic Design

Project 4: Exercise 2 - Still life in tone using colour

I wanted to try pastels for this exercise as I felt too comfortable using pencils and thought I would challenge myself.

I was struggling to find inspiration to create a pleasing still life, so I hunted for a natural scene with interesting colours and based this exercise on the kitchen windowsill. 343 more words

Part 2

Project 4: Exercise 1 - Still life using line

This exercise brief threw me a bit as there were lots of questions that I didn’t know how to answer. I set up a scene where the objects did connect naturally – sink taps, toothbrushes and soap dispenser with a bathroom tiled background and some of the shower curtain  peering through the left of the scene. 235 more words

Part 2