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Episode #6

The second of a two-part podcast discussing Unpopular Opinions.

~Smith & Vaughan~

James Patrick Vaughan

Project: Meaning in Imagery

These images show my findings for the titled project;

My moodboard of visual metaphors, these were taken from pinterest, google images and The Daily Mail newspaper. 161 more words


Project: Choosing Content

As per previous posts, the below images show my findings from my sketchbook, these images show my thoughts and notes on the Project; Choosing Content and the associated exercise.


Exercise: A Subjective Drawing

The second part of the Project: Creative thinking and problem solving was to draw subjectively. The below images are photographs of my sketchbook showing my findings;


Project: Creative thinking and problem solving and Exercise: An objective drawing

These pages show my reflection and notes on the project; creative thinking and problem solving. The below pages show my response to the exercise; An objective drawing; 98 more words


Exercise: Exploring drawing and painting

The below images show my exploration with painting, drawing and a range of mediums, I have noted the mediums and techniques on the pieces of paper in pen for reference.