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Days 162-163: Playa Dorada, El Salvador

Spectacular whole fish at dinner

Beach view of the property

Our cabana

Included in the stay at Palapas Cabanas was a free ride to the beach with Juan’s father, Juan Senior. 149 more words


Chapter Six: Forgotten History (Part 2)

His eyes glanced at his crystal and were surprised to find it a murky purple color. It had never carried that color before and as his feelings turned more purple, the color in the crystal turned clearer and brighter, until the whole thing sparkled like an amethyst, the stone of hope. 673 more words

My Life

Dat Mask

Previously on timotheories… We continued to watch in anticipation as the Winchester brothers Dean and Sam were hot on their father John’s trail, travelling the back roads and small towns of the continental United States in in hopes of finding him and killing the demon responsible for all of their family troubles! 1,382 more words


Days 158-161: Juayua, El Salvador

Gearing up, we left Casa Verde for the bus station, with intention to head to Juayua, situated southwest of Santa Ana.  At this point we were well accustomed to the ubiquitous street vendors snaking through the bus, shouting the name of their goods above the loud music of the aftermarket car stereos on each bus.   437 more words


25th July 2015: Coeur Magique - Le Cocotier (Pt 1 & Pt 2)

Language – French

Translation – Coconut tree / coconut palm

Groovy!  Love this so much I put both parts up for y’all.  Enjoy :-)  It’s about a grain of sand.   10 more words

Part 2, Project 4, Exercise 2 Still Life in tone using colour,

For this exercise I had to concentrate on identifying the tone using a coloured pencil or pastel to sketch them in roughly using the side of the medium to create broad strokes. 228 more words

Part 2