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Exercise: Using black and white

This exercise asked to play with black and white. The theme I chose from the list has been sea and in particular I draw a lighthouse, inspired by a picture I found of the abandoned Aniva lighthouse. 280 more words

Part 2

Project CARS Career Mode Part 2: Renault Clio Cup

Just to pick up where we I left off from Part 1 of my Career mode. I just finished both Kart One and SuperKart championships, winning both championships. 1,535 more words


I'm hunted... save me? (Part 2)

Linked – Imogen Howson


They are also perceive as the same. People assume they are like one. They favour similar types of clothing. Music. They act the same. 396 more words

Part 2, project 5, exercise 3: Live animals using line and tone

For this exercise I managed to take a photo of two young goats playing king of the castle, just down from the river here in Jimena, and I worked from this. 171 more words


Part 2, project 6, exercise 1: At home - quick sketches around the house - first round

21 May, 2015. The last three days I have been travelling the rooms of our house with my sketchbook and several drawing utensils. What I am looking for is not just a corner worth developing into an interesting finished piece, I am looking for a place radiating emotion. 409 more words


Getting Started. Part 2.

Our garage is attached to our house, and since up until a year ago, we’d been apartment living for years, we didn’t really have a lot stored in it. 1,496 more words


Exercise: Turning words into pictures

In this exercise, I have to think of as many words as I can related to a chosen word and then sketch each of the objects that comes to mind. 130 more words

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