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Exercise 2.9 - Using black and white

In this exercise it was asked to produce a line visual around one of the four words given by the course materials. Once created, it was then requested to scan the original drawing as usual, then scan it again using the invert function. 1,586 more words


Postmodernism - Calle and Rickett


Sophie Calle – Take Care of Yourself

Reading the email sent to Sophie Calle in an English translation (Slow Words, 2016) I thought I would write my own response, as a doctor who deals with many people with mental health problems. 1,638 more words


2.3 - Circles To Balls

Quite simply the most enjoyable exercise yet! There’s something very satisfying in trying to create a three dimensional ball from a 2D circle…

Although I was pretty pleased with these first efforts at shading using a 4B pencil, I was a little frustrated that there was some ‘banding’ and it wasn’t more smoothly graduated. 549 more words

Part 2

The role of chance in photography.

Chance in photography can mean either technical error or the unforeseen opportunity. The work of Julia Margaret Cameron has been criticised for irregularity of focus, or mistakes in the printing process, with no-one sure whether this sort of chance result was something she learned to cultivate since she regarded herself as an experimentalist. 329 more words

Part 2: Exercise: Successive contrast

(1) Find a large area of bright colour – stare at it for 30 seconds – close your eyes – a hazy shape of the complimentary colour should appear. 442 more words


Pewter Live 2018

School trip to see our work in the Pewterers Hall and also a trip to the Tate Modern.

Student’s work also detailed in P45 of the catalogue, Pewter Live 2018.


Believing Worth

Back in February I talked about being worth it in regards to Valentine’s day. Today I want to talk about believing in your worth through my story.  547 more words