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22.387.When the Mask Slips

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 387
“When the Mask Slips”

That day at school, La-Iin arrived utterly furious.
Fer-Shi walked alongside her on the way there, and while she looked happy enough, La-Iin couldn’t forget the look she had had on her face yesterday. 1,885 more words


On the matter of The Last of Us Part 2

No matter what, you keep finding something to fight for…

In a darkened room that is lit only by the glare of a TV and the light of a PS4, four figures are hunched in almost reverent silence. 1,448 more words


Exercise: the FSA

So, an ethical question arises: were the FSA photographers exploiting their subjects?

The FSA had a clear objective – to bring the plight of those suffering in the Great Depression to the notice of the US public.   485 more words

Part 2

To Our Youth that is Fading Away: Part 2, Chapter 10.2

Hey everyone! Hope you’re all keeping your new year’s resolutions (so far, at least).

This next chapter: lots of action; Zheng Wei encounters, A) Lin Jing or B) Chen Xiao Zheng, outside of her apartment…. 1,290 more words

To Our Youth That Is Fading Away

21.386.Best Friends as Best Friends

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 386
“Best Friends as Best Friends”

Fer-Shi had found that lately, there was someone who was on her mind often.
At school that day, she glanced in his direction. 1,889 more words

The La-Iin Series

Project 1 - Exercise 1

Exercise 1

What happens to a story when you take it from its source, make it permanent in print, and disseminate it to a wide audience? 116 more words


Week 3 Summary and Q's Part.2

If you have completed this weeks bible challenge:

  • Genesis: 16-27
  • Proverbs: 10-12
  • Psalms 2
  • Mark 2-3

then here are your statistics:

***You are***

Bible Study