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“I said, scratch, scratch, motherf***er”

So if you read Mouseshank Redemption, and heavily judged my sensibilities, then boy-oh-boy you’re definitely not going to like what I did after I realized the… 183 more words

Part 2

Assignment 2


For this short composition for solo clarinet, I followed the basic structure I had prepared in the Assignment 2 plan.  In the opening section I kept the rhythm quite simple to evoke the feeling of a rocking boat on the ocean.   470 more words

Level 1 Composition

Research still life and flower painters

For this research we are asked to look at 17th century Dutch still life and flower painters, to make notes on paintings I like and find out about techniques used at the time. 672 more words

Painting 1 Practice Of Painting

Phase 2: TS8 Report Form

During PP2, there were very few opportunities available to me therefore this would be the standard that I would improve on the most as in other schools and as an NQT; starting after-school clubs and having an involvement with parents is necessary.

Part 2

Phase 1a: Wider Professional Responsibilities

A process which I saw which was effective when I was on Practice was the use of Mentoring for the children which were put on Cause for Concern. 101 more words

Part 2

Phase 1a: Assessment reflection

The marking policy at the school was particularly strict as they believed in making it clear enough for the children to read themselves. All of the children had targets which they had written on a sunflower with their picture on and stuck it in the front of every subject book they had. 60 more words