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Night photography reading - Weegee (1899-1968)

Weegee (Arthur Fellig) moved to New York from Austria aged 10. He fell in love with photography after having a portrait taken, and hired a pony to take photographs of children at the weekends, selling the photos to their parents. 321 more words

Part 2

Part 2, Project 4, Exercise 1, Still life using line

For this Exercise I was to set up a Still Life and select objects that are either naturally connected in some way – shape, height, pattern, texture, function, storytelling. 332 more words

Part 2

Project 5 Pets and other animals Research point

Important note: This blog post forms only part of this research task. It accompanies research and notes on contemporary works recorded manually in a paper learning-log. 355 more words

Part 2

Exercise 2.4 The two-dimensional plane

I chose a photo that I took at last year’s Bath Christmas Fair. It is a photo with issues – it’s crooked and off-centre. It has many subjects at approximately the same distance from the camera and also has the stall acting as a frame within the frame. 336 more words

Part 2

[Anime] Hunter x Hunter (Part 2)

Nối tiếp part 1 (Review) – Tình bạn trường tồn theo năm tháng!


Part 2 sẽ là những mẩu cảm nhận nho nhỏ của mình về các chi tiết hay trong phim. 1,239 more words


Book review: William Shakespeare - Henry VI, Part 2

Having lost France in its entirety, England is in turmoil. The people’s discontent is brewing, and the peers of the realm pounce upon the weakness of their king Henry VI, plotting against him and each other to further their own agendas. 849 more words