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Ways of seeing-chapter 1. John Berger

As an introduction to this powerful piece the dominance of  vision in our lives is suggested by the fact that seeing comes before words- both in the infant, and as we make sense of the world through seeing and thinking (Berger, 1972: 7). 2,301 more words

Part 2

The work of art in the age of mechanical production

Benjamin begins by suggesting that manual reproduction of art has always been possible and cites examples from roman times. Mechanical reproduction has progressed slowly, but in in leaps and bounds. 2,140 more words

Clare Strand - Gone Astray

This 2002-2003 work by Strand is actually comprised of two complimentary sets, Gone Astray Portraits and Gone Away Details.



Portraits juxtaposes contemporary portrait subjects against a 19th century mural backdrop.   236 more words

Part 2

23.419.Species Counter Challenge

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 419
“Species Counter Challenge”

The final class had ended for the day, and the students prepared to leave the school, starting to put away any school supplies they had out and chatting among each other once again. 1,553 more words

The La-Iin Series

Proj.2, Ex.1: Still life using line

This exercise is about line rather than tone.  I decided to continue with my theme on nature and the impact of man on the environment.  Whilst visiting Deal beach I had collected a range of inorganic (crushed beer can, boat rope, container top) and organic detritus (two types of seaweed, part of a crab shell, shell) so I thought I will set these up as a still life to show how litter gradually becomes part of the natural environment and as we become more used to it being there, people gradually stop seeing it; within the drawing I wanted people to look and question for some items – is that seaweed or plastic?.   470 more words


22.418.All the Helpful Experiments

The La-Iin Series
Chapter 418
“All the Helpful Experiments”

“Dad, do you have work today?” Fer-Shi asked.
“Yeah, I do. Why? Did you want to come with me?” 1,865 more words

The La-Iin Series

Image and Text Exercise 2

Choose a poem that resonates with you then interpret it through photographs.

Don’t attempt to describe the poem but instead give a sense of the feeling of the… 386 more words