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Making A Mock-up

“For this exercise you are going to mock-up a book cover…Choose a book title that appeals to you. Examine the design of the cover to identify what the brief would be for the illustration and establish the function you want your image to perform. 541 more words

Part 3

Science and postmodern rejection of phenomenology

According to Ken Wilber, science rejects phenomenology because it is subjective, and postmodernism rejects claims of the spiritual experience because it usually claims to be the one truth. 41 more words


Today I was listening to a podcast. The Enneagram, according to Helen Palmer, is not a psychological system.

There was a point during the Parallel Project in Drawing 2 that I decided the Mill Race could be interpreted as a psychological state of mind, and I rejected that. 130 more words

Client Visuals

“Pick two illustrations you like, measure the image and draw a box at least two and a half times bigger than the original size. Make a clear simplified line drawing of the content, but with enough detail to be clearly understood.” 170 more words

Part 3

Part 3 Research Mark Hearld and Clare Curtis

One of the joyful things about studying for this course is, finding artists who you haven’t heard of before and enjoying their work. Two such artists are the ones we are asked to research in part 3. 1,426 more words

Research And Reflection

Part 3, project 3, exercise 1: Landscape - developing your studies, final stage

28 July, 2015. Again I found that fixing pastel crayons with the spray I use causes most of the lighter tints and darker tones to be lost. 133 more words


Exercise 2 Angular perspective

In this 40° C weather I had to think where I could go, somewhere in a cool shade, find a corner building and draw this angular perspective. 717 more words