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Nigel Shafran 01/05/16

This is a link to Nigel Shafran website


I have looked through all of the images he has posted there. The ones we are specifically looking at are Washing up… 222 more words

Part 3

Thinking about Assignment 3 01/05/16

Idle thoughts about self portraits in general.

“selfies” for want of a better description and as short notation. are images of

  1. The image maker.
  2. exploration of issues and subjects that either use the image maker directly or as a representation.
  3. 244 more words
Part 3

Days 312-314: Bolaven Plateau, Laos

organic goods from Katu homestay

Katu homestay with Mr Vieng

balcony view from Tad Lo village

the lower Tad Lo waterfall

coffee sun drying

traffic jam… 344 more words

Southeast Asia

Assignment 3, Assessment criteria points

Demonstration of technical and visual skills – materials, techniques, observational skills, visual awareness, design and computational skills

Through Part 3 I have shown my continuing of development in skills and techniques. 454 more words

Hayley Morris-Cafiero

Morris-Cafiero was highlighted in a very timely way for my studies in Part 3.

I’ve been reflecting in a previous post on how it might be easier for female photographers in the modern world, with men tending to attract more suspicion from the public in certain situations following recent high-profile court cases and how this made me apprehensive about photographing strangers. 251 more words

Research And Reflection

Aysem (I did not know you) - OCA composition assignment 3 descant treated as makam microtonal study

The following was set as Exercise 39D requesting a descant.  After studying Anatolian folk music I decided this should be monodic, accompanied only by a drone and small two-sided hand-drum. 312 more words

hang in there!

part 3 is on the way, I promise! But I’m back at uni now and my time is being taken up with other things, so it’s taking me much longer to write something I think is good enough. 18 more words

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