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3.3 Rebecca Horn - Research

When Rebecca Horn was around twenty, she was hospitalised for a year. She had been making sculpture out of fibreglass, not understanding the need for safety precautions, and became dangerously ill. 550 more words


Angels and demons.

25 September, 2016.

    It’s been a week now and we knew each other well, more like we started talking about us and our likes apart from work or studies, We had planned to go out that night;Dinner and then movie. 1,427 more words


Landscape painting- brief history

Here  I want to take a brief look at the history, or rather a lineage, of landscape painters chronologically, without going to much into detail or biography of the artists, to gain a better understanding of the development of the genre. 1,211 more words

Part Three Expanse - Project 1 Trees - Exercise 3 "Study of several trees"

The weather had turned even colder so I decided against working outside as this would have been uncomfortable. My approach was to find a composition that I could make mental notes about and take a photograph to record the image and then to work on this inside. 311 more words

Part 3

Part Three Expanse - Part 1 Trees - Exercise 2 "Larger observational study of an individual tree"

I started this exercise by making some drawings in my sketchbook. I had four different compositions in mind and I wanted to see how these worked out. 164 more words

Part 3

David Hockney

Some facts about one the most influential artist of  Great Britain.


The Tate has a exhibition in varied form of his work currently there until 2017 please see the link. 10 more words

Research & Reflection

Part Three Expanse -Sketchbook trees and other research drawings

As I mentioned in my last blog I decided to have a look on the internet at some techniques and instruction for drawing trees. I first looked at some simple tree shapes and followed some step by step guides. 109 more words

Part 3