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A significant place : Exercise 3.9

Think of a place that holds meaning to you. Note down the reasons why it matters.

Think about how you could photograph that place in a way and in a light that reflects its meaning to you.

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Documenting change : Exercise 3.4

Make a sequence of photographs that shows the same subject, but in different states i.e. changing. You can choose any subject you like, but clearly identify it and note down the conditions of change you want to show.

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A formal portrait : Exercise 3.10

How would you make a formal portrait of someone, that tells the viewer about that persons character, life and interests but remains subtle and restrained?

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Visual Communication - Interactive Design

New media where users / viewers can take part.

This is an image from the game Final Fantasy 7. I’m not sure games are considered as part of the art world, but if art is images that can make you feel something – this definitely fits the bill!

Part 3

Visual Communication - Authorial Content

New and engaging images to educate or satirise. I wonder if the Guernica could fit in this category?

Part 3

Visual Communication - Identity Design

When i thought of brand I thought of Chanel number 5. The colours, the bottle and the lettering are all iconic.

Part 3