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Creating mood and atmosphere

This will be a self portrait. I have been thinking what to do and I have decided I would like to try and express how I feel about my encroaching deafness. 351 more words

Researching portraits that convey a mood or atmosphere

Picasso’s blue period started when his friend, Casagemas,  tried to kill his lover and then commits suicide. This understandably affected Picasso and looking at Picasso’s work from this time blue is the dominant colour and the subjects are dark with the bodies deformed or stretched.  474 more words

Exercise 3.1

For this exercise I selected ten photographs taken this calendar year for social purposes, not associated with my work on Identity and Place.  They were selected for no other reason than I like them  (personal or aesthetic) without any initial regard to whether they might be viewed as either a mirror or a window. 343 more words

Part 3

Sketchbook for Part 4 (to be continuously added to)


Covering pieces of corrugated card from old boxes with gesso then acrylics to be used for experimenting.

Took the view that I did for the exercise on aerial perspective and had another go, this time using large piece of sugar paper and oil applied with a credit card and glue spreader, scratched into with my wok brush.   72 more words

Part 3

Evangelion 2.22 Part 3: You Can (not) Adapt Correctly

The final way that this movie screws over it’s general audience is with it’s incredibly nonsensically written and structured plot. This movie features so many moments and methods of taking the viewer out of an intense moment of action and make them ask themselves why something happened the way it did or how it was decided that a particular scene even needed to exist in the first place. 1,480 more words

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Part 3 - Project 1 Autobiographical self-portraiture


Reflect on the pieces of work discussed in this project in your learning log and do
some further research of your own.

Francesca Woodman… 1,328 more words

Part 3

Research point 3.1

This research point requires me explore the work of other artists and make links between their work and my own which is something I am yet to start to do.   5,277 more words