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Part 3: Pastiche

 “The pastiche of the British wartime poster ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ has been employed to present a wide range of viewpoints, some political, others lifestyle-based. 645 more words


Visual communication

So, I’ve re-branded, again…  I must really enjoy creating an identity for my creativity through words and images, or I wouldn’t spend so much time doing it. 376 more words

Research And Reflection

Anime Randomizer Challenge - PART 3 - Claymore

I’ve heard mixed reactions to Claymore. Some compare it to the legendary Berserk, while others say it nosedives in quality over the course of the show so much that it turns into a unwatchable trainwreck. 1,587 more words

Explore a range of websites or other forms of new media (games, video, other interactive media, etc.) and identify examples of what you would consider cutting edge or inventive forms of visual communication. 345 more words

Part 3

Epilogue- some worries about structuralism…..

Whilst completing the previous projects, and reading the texts ‘Rhetoric of the Image and ‘Myth today’ (Barthes, 1999 a and b), I realised that I was having some misgivings about the nature of the structuralist arguments. 1,075 more words

Part 3 Picture Analysis: Sophie Calle

My initial reaction to Sophie Calle’s Suite Venitienne was somewhat sceptical. Her work is several steps removed from ‘street photography’ where individuals might be captured in a single shot. 676 more words


Exercise 3 Visual conventions for time and place

  1. Find examples of different visual conventions used to convey time and/or place/ space – frame-by-frame storytelling, handling of perspective, use of speech bubbles, etc. – from different historical periods…
669 more words

Part 3