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Assignment 3 prep ( Las Meninas)

The idea of role playing is important to both artists. Velasquez emphasis his role as an artist by appearing in the painting. However in order to depict each character in the painting he has to pretend to be them as well. 203 more words

Part 3

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Shanti talks, but things take an unexpected turn!…

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Dangerous machines in the world | Machines destroy everything awful Part 3

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Assign 3.Proj 2 Ex.3.4 Part 2

Ex 3.4 Part 2

Monochromatic study – Black and White


I read the information provided concerning this exercise and saw that patterned papers still fitted within the parameters of the task.   229 more words

The Great Jewish Rock’N’Roll Swindle (Part 3/3 – Act 1)

Diving in the poisoned waters of the Jew-owned rock music industry of yesterday and today

Part 3 (Act 1): The Masonic Goyim & The Occult in Album Cover Art… 3,902 more words

Exercise 4.6 Using image layers in Photoshop

1. Create a series of photographs that include deep shadow in much of the frame. You could achieve this by using a black backdrop or by exposing in high contrast light as in Part One Project 2 (Shadows).

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Part 3

Research & Reflection - Further Portraiture Research

In my tutor feedback for assignment 3, my tutor suggested that the artists looked at below may be of interest.

James Cowie

Cowie built up his paintings, like the example shown below, from many detailed studies – made both in pencil and in watercolour.   960 more words

Research & Reflection