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Exercise 3.4 - Documenting Change

Everything changes, weathers, grows or otherwise shows signs of transformation. Changes in the weather can create a drastic change in the appearance of a place. Cooking something changes it.

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Part 3

Eadweard Muybridge and others

Go online and research the work of Eadweard Muybridge, Duane Michals, Keith Arnatt, John Hilliard and Ed Ruscha’s Every Building on Sunset Strip.


Part 3

Brief notes on Rhetoric of the Image

Crucial phrases/sentences/ideas from essay:

  • Linguists refuse the status of language to all communication by analogy, linguists not the only ones to be suspicious of linguistic nature of the image…
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Sarah-Jane Field

MMT Part 3 Molding & Casting - Paper Pulp


Moving on from papier mâché but before exploring paper clay, paper making and couching sheets to capture texture seemed a logical step, all helping to familiarise me with some of the properties of paper. 389 more words


Exercise 3.2

“Start by doing your own research into some of the artists discussed.

Then, using slow shutter speeds, the multiple exposure function, or another technique inspired by the examples, try to record the trace of movement within the frame. 1,485 more words


MMT Part 3 Molding & Casting - Papier Mache

Materials – Papier mâché

Papier mâché can be made by pulping or layering paper with adhesive.  Consider materials for different effects.

  • Use mulberry tissue, lokta or other long fibres to make more distinctive papier mâché.
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