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Getting Started. Part 3.

Why did I include that lengthy, perhaps self pretentious bit about giving pot to people with cancer? Off the top of my head, I can name five people I know well who think people who smoke pot (even though we don’t smoke it, we’re still lumped in this category) have no morals or loose morals.  1,875 more words


Assignment 3: Colour me... pt1, GD1

The Brief

To produce a poster that celebrates a colour of your choice.  Choose a colour that has a meaning that you want to explore and celebrate.

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Graphic Design

Fairy Tail fanfiction : Mavis and Zeref Part 3 (Zervis)

-Note : please read the latest Fairy Tail Manga chapter 436 before reading this-

It was another day on Tenrou island and Mavis had just awoken from her sleep. 272 more words

The story begins in a hotel Pt. 3

Welcome back! I’m not really sure where this is headed, so I guess we’ll find out together.  I guess that’s just a warning so if half-way through this you’re like WTF is happening (in an negative way) I can just say I warned you I didn’t know either.   2,675 more words

Exercise 3.2 Series.

As I had Some time away to relax with my Wife, I decided to attempted this exercise at the same time. We visited Wales for a few days and I really wanted to capture some of the amazing scenery on offer. 239 more words

Part 3

Exercise: How space changes with light

Take one or two locations where you can conveniently return a number of times in
different lighting, and photograph on each occasion. To get full value from this exercise,
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