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Part 3: Assignment 3 - Monotype portraits with paint


Now that you have more of a grasp of the monotype process, create three monotypes that encompass the techniques you feel work the best to create the kind of self-portrait or portrait images you want. 1,802 more words

Part 3

Part 3 review of work

Demonstration of visual skills: materials, techniques, observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skills

Materials and techniques –

I have learned a great deal about materials and techniques in Part 3. 1,275 more words

Selections That Help Transformation - Part 3

Praise the Lord !!! And Happy Sunday to Everyone. Beloved, in addition to choosing our thoughts and choosing to depend on the Holy Spirit we can also choose how we respond to the situations that come into our lives intelligently.



Choose one of the following concepts:

Danger     Movement     Love     Here

How does existing visual language represent these concepts? Research the different similes and metaphors that are in common use.

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Exercise 3.3: Seeing the Light

Using only an image of a light bulb, the word ‘light bulb’ and a block of colour, I created 20 different designs that explore visual dynamic. 32 more words


Project 4 - Re-Thinking Photojournalism 2: "Post Photojournalism"

Professional photojournalists are changing their practices due to the intrusion of citizen journalists. Many are changing to more sustained , investigative , documentary projects . Others are producing work in galleries, monographs and prints. 777 more words


Exercise 3.3 - Breaking the News

Read this blog about the New York Post’s image of a man about to be killed by a subway train. Read the details of the blog carefully and write up your own analysis of the event. 921 more words