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Research Point: Gregory Crewdson

Continuing our look at ‘setting the scene’ we are asked to watch a short video about Gregory Crewdson and his work and consider four questions. 930 more words

Research And Reflection

narrative and illustration # 4 - rain

“Imagine a magazine cover on one subject: rain. You have the entire cover space to work in, and you should produce a single, strong, attractive photograph that leaves no one in doubt about the subject.

442 more words
Part 5

Evidence of Action

Using photography as a means of illustrating abstract ideas is a new challenge put to me in this part of the course. Photography is regularly used in advertising to portray a subject that cannot be shown directly, some examples of this I can think of are. 244 more words


A Narrative Picture Essay

For this I am creating a page layout of images taken at the Rugby sevens even at Twickenham. I am not taking my best equipment for this, I am using the most simple equipment and trying to focus on naturally capturing the event throughout. 165 more words


Part 5

I’m now starting the fifth and final part of the course and have to say Im very excited to be doing so. This part of the course is Narrative and Illustration and the reason I am very keen to get started is that after studying rather intensively the technical and theory based elements of the course I am now looking at the balance between that and importance of subject matter. 121 more words



The aim of this exercise in the ‘Narrative and Illustration’ part of the ‘Art of Photography’ course, is to produce the photograph for a magazine cover on the subject of rain.   443 more words


PROJECT 2 - Developing your marks - Stages 4 - 5


As the course notes say through out I am becoming very much aware of textures in both my sketches and in life around me generally – I am taking more photos of texture and noticing smaller things such as the textures of a decaying log or the moss that grows in the grass etc and understand what the notes say about trying to recreate the qualities rather than just the image or sketch itself. 2,939 more words