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Part 5 Sketchbook images

Static Poses

These are some poses of standing / reclining figures where I am just experimenting with different materials. I was drawing these after my summer holidays and was really using these drawings to get back into the process of making an image. 272 more words


Part 5 - Flatholm - One island, two books

Before launching myself into designs for my final piece for this course, I have decided to research existing books that interest me, in order to identify which aspects of each appeal to me most.   814 more words

The French Hen: Exercise 7, part 5, GD1

Newton and Ridley, the brewers best known for their pub, The Rovers Return, are opening a cafe/wine bar nearer the city centre.

The bar is designed to appeal to younger women and sophisticated young men.  

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Level 1

Part 5. Summary of ideas so far.

Having thought about depicting fast movements for a long time and having looked at many drawings depicting dancers and other moving characters across different genre I have come to the following conclusions: 481 more words


Part 5 Human Movement: Research

The problem in Capturing Movement


Having decided to consider human movement I realised that I needed to define my area of interest in movement further. 1,344 more words


Part 5 My Personal Project: Choosing a project

Over the last 4 months I have been working on part 5: My personal project. I have struggled to maintain momentum through this period due to family and work commitments and thus have not posted my progress as I have gone along.  259 more words


Exercise 5, the estate agents.

In this exercise I am asked to do the branding for an estate agents, this predominately is the log that they will use but also the font and colour scheme. 466 more words