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28/08/16 And Rain Stopped Play

I had planned to do assignment 5 today but rain prevented this from happening, difficult to take images of a picnic in the rain not impossible but no fun. 155 more words


Assignment five: People and Place on Assignment

For this assignment the choice is yours; the only proviso is that the subject should be one from the course – people and/or the places they inhabit. 1,133 more words


I thought that Motele Shlaya got lucky, not in the sense that he watched his family get killed, but that he got a job where he go to play his music, got payed, got fed, and completed his mission by killing Nazis with a bomb.

Part 5

I enjoyed reading about the Greek partisans. I especially liked the fact that there was an all girl group who fought alongside the male partisans. I think it was good that most Greeks stood be the Jewish Greeks.

Part 5

I wonder if the citizens who were not captured actually knew how the Jews were being treated, how many of them would allow this to go on without trying to stop it. 26 more words

Part 5

23/08/16 issues with assignment 5

It’s funny how an odd comment can throw a bit of a curve ball. This week I read that open art students don’t look at enough contemporary work in third particular medium. 57 more words


My response to Tutor Report 5

A Changing Scene

I agree I could have achieved a better outcome in this exercise.  I feel that time is against me as the assessment approaches,  so don’t think I will be able to go back to a busy shopping centre and sketch the figures, this time tracing the path they follow and perhaps trying a chalk drawing showing the movement and direction. 561 more words

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