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Part 5 - Exercise 2: Question for seller

Question for Seller (1) is the work of artist Nicky Bird, who purchased lots of vintage, unwanted family images in eBay in auctions where there was no other bidder other than herself. 561 more words


Part 5 - Exercise 1: The Goodfellas scene

The first exercise of this section required us to watch a scene of Goodfellas, a movie by Martin Scorsese (1), and answer the following questions: 252 more words


Project Two Building a response

Colour palette

Can’t use the internet at present but reflecting on my drawings and their original source materials from the natural environment of Heron Island, I think I am going with: 458 more words


Dear Cleo 18 06 19

Dearest Cleo

Well I suppose first and foremost congraulations are in order on the imminent arrival of your new brother or sister, I know it will be a while yet but it is nice to have something good to look forward to. 787 more words

Drawing 2

Dear Cleo and Loz 18 06 18

Dearest Cleo and Loz

Thank you for your help in collaborating with me in completing Assignment 5.

As the collaborator I get to title the final pieces and to decide which way up they should be hung. 120 more words

Drawing 2

Ready Players Plays Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Part 5

Pip-pip, cheerio and keep an eye on the tail-end Charlie, what what! Ready Players first sequential series! That’s right, no one-offs this time, it’s one game, two dudes, and a whole lot of fucking up basic instructions. 29 more words


Research Point 1 Different Ways of Applying Paint

Look at a range of paintings paying particular attention to the way the paint has been applied:

Looking at Impressionists painter Monet’s paintings in books it appears that he uses a textured ground, with applications of washes to establish the overall colour harmony. 410 more words