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Nehemiah Asked God to be Attentive to His Prayer — Nehemiah 1:5-11

Nehemiah was the king’s cupbearer.  And since he was always busy serving the king, he had little contact with or news of his people in Israel.  447 more words

Prayer A To Z Excerpts

Project 2 - Photography as information - exercise 5.3


Look again at Henri Cartier-Bresson’s photograph Behind the Gare Saint-Lazare in Part Three. (If you can get to the Victoria & Albert Museum in London you can see an original print on permanent display in the Photography Gallery.) Is there a single element in the image that you could say is the pivotal ‘point’ to which the eye returns again and again? 313 more words

Part 5

Project 1 - the distance between us - exercise 5.2


Select an image by any photographer of your choice and take a photograph in response to it. You can respond in any way you like to the whole image or to just a part of it, but you must make explicit in your notes what it is that you’re responding to. 305 more words

Part 5

Death Is Not The End - Part 5

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Mother appeared to be doing well, reading books, watching TV, and talking on the phone like she normally would. 744 more words

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Yuri Kuma Arashi and the Effects of Symbolism, Part 5

If you haven’t already, I highly suggest you head back to Part 4 and peruse the symbolism from episode six. It not only aides in switching the thematic focus from sexual discrimination to racism but is also an extraordinary look at what symbolism is capable of doing. 2,319 more words

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Project 1 - the distance between us - exercise 5.1


Use your camera as a measuring device. This doesn’t refer to the distance scale on the focus ring(!). Rather, find a subject that you have an empathy with and take a sequence of shots to ‘explore the distance between you’. 363 more words

Part 5