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Jackson Pollock , Abstract Expressionists

Jackson Pollock 1912- 1956








action painting pioneer- dribbles paint form cans, manipulated with sticks, moves large canvas to the floor, used impasto, added other things to the paint like sand and glass, digressed from traditional ideas of composition,  cut up canvas to refocus, quasi figurative black and white works, painted unconscious moods, influenced by surrealist ideas and native American sand painting, pioneered abstraction and action painting for other artists, used car paint, radiator paint, painted in a trance or zone, painted in the air above the canvas then paint fell on it it…no one spot for eye to rest, lines not defining anything, broke with European tradition and made the Americans the leaders of the new art world.. 11 more words


Exercise 5.3: Print-on-demand mock-up

Whether or not you intend to produce a book to present your photographs for Assignment 5, suppose for this exercise that you will. During this exercise you’ll familiarise yourself with a print-on-demand application and experiment with a book design.  390 more words

Research & Reflection

Painting 1, part 5 page 127, Exercise- dripping, dribbling and splattering.

Painting 1, part 5 page 127, Exercise- dripping, dribbling and splattering.

For this exercise, prepare a large sheet of paper or cardboard and spread around plenty of newspaper. 834 more words


Painting 1 - Page 126- Exercise- Impasto

Painting 1 – Page 126- Exercise- Impasto

‘Work on prepared surfaces to produce several experimental paintings in which you try out the following effects.’

Using a brush… 1,144 more words


Part 5: Personal project - preliminary thoughts

All websites mentioned in this post were accessed between 25 and 28 November 2015. All images shown are in the public domain.

25 November, 2015. Ever since I first came across the wonderful charcoal animations William Kentridge is famous for I knew that this particular medium would not only be part of an in-course assignment, but I would also try and produce my personal project using a modification of this technique. 515 more words


Exercise: Your own work

This exercise asked to revise my own work and select the images containing elements I like, watching them from a pure aesthetic point of view. 195 more words


Rise of the Tomb Raider Playthrough Journal: Part 5

Journal Entry Five: Base Camp Cistern Cavern

Completion: 14%        Total Time Played: 9 hrs. 11 mins.         Times I Killed Lara: This Level (1) Total (9)

1,279 more words
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