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Part 5 Viewpoint - Context

As I have indicated before, I am not a huge fan of critical theory.  I know it is more than just a little unfair but tend to think of the line from George Bernard Shaw’s play Man and Superman in which he, even more unfairly, disparages teachers: 943 more words

Research & Reflection

Moving Forward

For various reasons I stripped my display boards and have started from a different point.


There are various thoughts that prompted this choice:-

  1. Looking back at the mind map the who scope of the investigation, particularly for the purposes of this assignment at this point in the course, seems immense.
  2. 302 more words
Learning Log

Martin Kollar - This Place

This caught my eye, so saving to my blog for reference.

Kollar’s This Place is an example of work that contains few people but says a lot about how and where they live. 99 more words

Part 5

Mindful photography

Part 5 develops a theme that I started to explore in Assignment 4, that of the concept of mindfullness in photography:

Whatever it is, begin to notice how where you are influences you” 304 more words

Part 5

Exercise 5.1

Exercise 5.1

Create a set of still-life pictures showing traces of life without using people.

You could do this with your camera phone to reflect the vernacular and transient nature of these moments or you could choose to use high-quality imagery to give these moments gravitas, like Nigel Shafran. 316 more words

Part 5

Assignment 5

Initially approaching this assignment I had been daunted by the very wide brief. As a starting point  I chose to look back, particularly at my sketchbook work.   1,861 more words

Part 5

5.3 A Finer Focus

Much of my work in this course has been verging on the abstract expressionist, and responding to the properties of my materials.  I have decided to challenge my observation and patience with a realistic detailed drawing of knitting. 705 more words

Drawing 2