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The Blind Girl - Chapter 3 - The Old Man Part 5

There were no time to think only do as soon two new soldiers were right in front of her and even she could not see them, she could feel their present so she just raised the sword from the soldier from before and felt the blood run down her arms fueling her rage even more and in the next second she was already next to the two soldiers who just stood like stones and before they were able to move Ling Wang had already made them lose their breath and made them kneel in front of her. 207 more words


Assignment 5: Final Submission: El Abuelo.

What is it about?

I was almost 30 when I saw him for the last time. I think I knew. I remember looking back for a second or two while leaving him behind at his table, sitting on his chair, the place were he was always meant to be. 320 more words


Project - Towards Abstraction

Exercise – Abstraction from study of natural forms

I have always loved butterflies, their colour and their fragility. I did fleetingly wonder whether to look at shells or seeds or even fruit but to be absolutely honest my mind was already set. 977 more words


Oils (Turner & Thompson)

This is an essay on oil paint and it use by William Turner and Mimei Thompson.   I will be looking at how they use oils and how I find it appealing and effective.    602 more words

Research & Reflection

Part 5 review

What is my personal voice and my motivation? 

I am certainly learning and developing and will continue to do so.  I am motivated by drama and the ephemeral moments in nature and man made. 130 more words

Research & Reflection

Exercise 5.4 Rubbish

Giorgio Morandi painted still life of ceramics with very simple subtle shapes and limited colours.    In this particular painting (Tate, 1946) the colour comes from hints thats part of the ceramic.    876 more words


Song of Desperation

I will scream until

I hear your voice telling me

“It’s gonna be okay.”

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